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I have been role playing for a good fifteen or so years, and am very open to everything. 1x1, casual, advanced. I usually don't make the posts, but I am very active in them. Role playing is my outlet.

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@HeloOn a totally unrelated note...I went to high school with Colton Haynes and I'm super thrilled to see his picture on here!!
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Everything was happening too quickly. One second, they were continuing on their journey. The next, fog obscured their vision and large creatures approached them. Vita's heart pounded within her chest as she looked up at the beasts. Her body curled around Chaka's back, hugging her familiar tighter as she rode atop her. She was just about to open her mouth to suggest staying in hiding when Ka'ora took off after the figures. Holding back a whimper, she held tightly to Chaka as they followed behind the group.

Soon they were allowed into a land of magic. The woman's eyes slowly widened as she sat up, her grip loosening on Chaka. A gentle smile pulled at her lips as she looked over her shoulders at the retreating creatures. Vita returned her attention to the landscape around them and she let out a sigh of relief. Maybe they would be able to finally get a decent amount of rest before once more continuing on.

Sliding off of Chaka's back, she stepped down into the water and rose her brow. Their environment was definitely suited for Jonah and Lach. She turned her attention to the men when a shadow moved in her peripheral. Turning to fully see the person, a gasp escaped her throat as her eyes widened. Ka'ora reacted first, soon followed by the others. Vita watched as the others began to form a circle around her to keep her from harm. The fact they had to do so highly unnerved her. She wasn't the best fighter, nor did she like the violence, but she had a great defense.

Her fingers on her left hand clutched at the locket around her neck before her other hand reached for her staff in the saddlebag alongside Chaka. She tightened her grip on the staff as the crystal flickered at the top. Vita took a step forward, only to be stopped by a zombie rushing towards her. A scream broke from her throat and she quickly lifted her hand in response. A flash of blue shown in front of her. Once the creature hit the blue light, he bounced back and hit the ground. Her life force had created a plate of armor at her side. She gulped and moved farther back towards Chaka, who was soon joined by Mia.

The girl's body shook with fright as she watched the rest of the Chosens fighting off the vile creatures. Her eyes darted over each individual person before landing on Lach and Sam. They were the two people she wouldn't be able to bounce back from if something happened to them. As she continued to panic, she felt a weight at her side. Raising a brow, she glanced over to see Mia nudging against her. She opened her mouth to protest when the giant fox moved her behind towards her, effectively knocking her down and sitting on top of her.

Landing with a thud on the ground, she gasped and reached over, pressing her hands into the fox's fur. "Mia! Now is not the time for this! I need-" Her voice was muffled by the familiar rubbing her nose against her own. Vita huffed out a breath and raised her palms up in defeat. "Okay, okay! I'm fine- see? Fine. I need up to help. I need to help Lach. Want me to help Lach? Mia, come on! Please? Please let me up. I'm calm now."

The fox eyed her, but then finally relented. Taking in a deep breath of air as the animal removed her weight, Vita pushed herself back up into a standing position and growned at her now soaked body. "Well...I guess that's one way to cool off. Thank you, Mia." She shook her head and returned her attention to the scene around her.

Vita hesitantly closed her eyes. She slowly inhaled, pulling in a large breath. After a few seconds, her eyes flew open and she reached out with her staff. Sudden flashes of blue decorated each Chosen, giving them a layer of life force armor to protect from oncoming attacks. She squeezed the staff tightly as her eyes turned white, her focus solely on keeping her life force in place.


One look at the gun in Nine's hand made his brow raise at her statement. Had the woman participated in the gun fire from earlier? He would most definitely have to keep an eye on her. Though, in all honesty, the thought of a woman in control piqued his interest even more. The smirk on his lips broadened as he raised his palms to her in a mock surrender. "My apologies, sweetheart. I'll be sure to watch my tongue next time."

With a deep chuckle, he followed the group to another room. His eyes wandered over the cabinets and he could feel a tickling sensation at his temples. Something resonated within the man as they stood among the medical supplies. Ten had a feeling of familiarity- his fingers itched to get his hands on various equipment. When Nine mentioned the supply was useless, he folded his arms across his chest as he continued to wander among the contents. His brows furrowed in thought before looking back over at Nine, studying her wound from afar.

Ten cleared his throat as he turned to the man, addressing him directly. "I just need some thread, a needle, alcohol- Jameson if you've got some. Goes down real smooth. Oh, and something to pry out the bullet." He tilted his head in thought. "Like tweezers, or something of the sort."

Once the words left his mouth, his mind began to process what he had just said. He raised a brow and let his arms drop from his chest. "How the hell do I know this shit? Who am I?"

"However far away
I will always love you
However long I stay
I will always love you
Whatever words I say
I will always love you
I will always love you..."

A head full of bright red hair bounced along in time to the music, a pair of large purple headphones resting delicately against humbled ears. A soft tone drifted from heart shaped lips. It was a rare day when Harper had a day free of classes, clinicals and work. The sun seemed to shine even brighter as the young woman strolled along the streets of La Purisima. As she continued to walk, her arms flailed wildly about in time to the rhythm entering her soul. The sun's rays kissed at the thin strip of pale skin showing between a basic white tee and blue jeans, the strip becoming larger as her body danced with exuberance. Nothing could bring her down today.


The sound of metal clashing together was close enough to break through the haunting love song playing in her ears. Her head whipped around quickly to eye the crash behind her, causing her ginger hair to twist about her neck. Bringing a hand up, she pulled the headphones away and slid them down to rest around the base of her throat. Blue eyes darted around to the witnesses scrambling to help the victims, several yelling out to dial for emergency services. Panicked voices cried out with agony from the wreckage. The scene caused the breath to become strangled in Harper's throat. She knew she should help- everything within her screamed to put her medical knowledge to use. Yet, the thought of having to touch a person in this condition...

With a muffled whimper, Harper's fingers rushed to her jean pockets and frantically pulled out a pair of latex gloves. The material was enough to keep the contact minimal, yet not allow her grasp to become compromised. It was the best she could do with the situation. Once her armor was fully in place, the woman's thin legs took off in a sprint towards the disaster zone. It only took her mere moments to assess the worse of the crash. Her voice cut through the screams as she tried to hold back the bile rising in her throat. "I'm a nurse! Well, sort of...Going to be one day, I mean- I'm here to help!" She sucked in a breath as she studied each victim.

Elderly woman, late sixties to early seventies, blunt force trauma to the head, most likely due to the airbag deploying.. Her gloved hands reached out to the woman's throat, her index and middle finger joining together at the junction. Pulse faint but steady, just knocked unconscious, will survive..

Her eyes sought out the next victim. Young male, under ten years of age, no obvious sign of injury.. Harper moved her hands to check his pulse. She shoved down the panic nipping at her chest. No pulse, no pulse...Okay, don't freak out. Just like you've been taught. No sign of external injury, must be internal...Look for...Aha! Her eyes glanced over the bruised abdomen that she had only moments ago bared to the light. She worried the inside of her lip with her teeth and she nodded to herself. Okay, okay...Internal bleeding...What have you learned? Could be a ruptured spleen, liver, bowel...Holy hell, why did there have to be so many organs in the stomach?!

Dread crossed her face when she knew what she had to do. Inhaling deeply through her nose, she pulled her hand back before slowly easing off the glove from her left hand. As the material freed her skin, she kept sight of her trembling fingers as they hesitantly made her way back to the little boy. His life could hang in the balance. This was exactly the type of moment she had wanted to save her power for. She would just have to find a way to explain herself later.

With a final glitch of hesitation, Harper brought her hand closer to the boy before gently brushing her fingertips across the injury. A strangled cry escaped her lips as her eyes glazed over. Her body trembled with the invasion of emotion- fright, anguish, fear, all exploded throughout her body at once. A bright pixelated ball appeared over the boy's abdomen, the edges fraying and sputtering with broken energy. In what seemed like hours, in truth just a few seconds, Harper could see the lining of the child's digestive system. She could see the mangled spleen nearly torn to shreds, causing blood to pool within his belly. With a gasp she quickly pulled away, causing herself to fall to the ground on her backside. Soon the world went black.

The sound of sirens tore through her fog. Harper's eyes shot open, taking in the harsh color of the blue sky. She groaned in exhaustion before bringing her left hand up to rest against her temple. Black spots clouded her vision as her mind tried to remember what had transpired. Shadows rushed past her. Pushing herself up onto her elbows, she rose a brow at seeing paramedics. Her eyes widened with the memory. "The boy!"

Pressing the palms of her hands against the ground, she pushed herself up onto all fours. She scrambled the rest of the way to her feet before reaching the men. Her rapid breathing caught the attention of one of the paramedics and he turned to address her. "I'm a-a n-nurse...Boy-boy, spleen...Internal.." Harper furrowed her brows together and shoved the heel of her hand into her cramping side. "Internal bleeding...spleen, boy...Hospital.."

The man nodded in understanding before returning his attention to the victims. Distancing herself from the wreckage, Harper desperately gasped for clean, fresh air. She could still feel the little boy's pain along her nerves. Needing a distraction, she pulled the headphones once more onto the top of her head and turned the volume all the way on high. The sound of The Cure muted everything else around her. Tears fell from the pools in her eyes as she took off in a run, praying that the adrenaline would help to burn the rest of the emotions away.
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As the fog cleared, he was able to view the people around him. He rose a brow as he took in the others, quickly noticing the numbers on the womens' arms. So they were like him. A slow smirk tugged at the corners of his lips as he realized he was the only male of the group. Even though there were obviously bodies and blood pooled around his feet, it was looking to be a relatively good day for him. Only rooster in the hen house.

His eyes went straight to the green haired woman who had responded to his statement. Ten's smirk broadened as he looked her over, but his eyes landed on her bleeding wound. Raising a brow, he inspected it and tilted his head. "Well, I know what has been done to you, baby. Seems as though you have a bullet stuck in your flesh."

Before he could say another word, his eyes went to the man in the center of everyone's attention. Ten studied the man's face and tilted his head. Something inside his gut told him not to fully trust the man, yet he could tell that he was, at least for the moment, being truthful. Nothing about this situation made sense to him. Where the hell were they? And more importantly- who the hell was he?
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