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Current Do You Swear to Protect and Uphold the Warrior Code, Even at the Cost of Your Life?: The Rise of WillowClan
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Looking for fantasy RP's to play in!
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Maplestream: WillowClan Territory

Maplestream watched the small patrol turn back towards camp, the small skinny stray at their heels, looking about anxiously. She flicked her tail in amusement at the skinny tom's behavior. It was evident that he was not accustomed to wild territory; given away by the shiny kittypet tag hanging from his neck. Fernstar is going to throw that thing into the rapids when she sees it! That's if she thinks he can cut it as a Clan cat. . . Fernstar was very receptive to accepting new cats into WillowClan, especially in this harsh of a leaf bare; but Maplestream knew her selection wasn't at all random or unconditional. Accepting a cat into the Clan who could not pull their own weight could be just as damaging as not having enough cats. The last thing the Clan needed right now was another mouth to feed who wasn't helping to feed other mouths.

Looking down as the patrol left, she wondered if she should follow them back to camp and see how Fernstar was going to deal with the newcomer. But she quickly jerked her thoughts away from the newcomer; her task was more important. It was important that she completed her task; not just to spare herself the anxiety, but for Fernstar's safety as well. Her Clanmates would wonder where she had gone, but she couldn't be concerned about that now. It would only be a day or two; and she needed to keep her friend safe. Making sure the patrol was out of sight and noticing the direction of the wind, she quietly jumped down from the tree she was in and looked around. She could see where the glade of tall trees thinned out onto flatter land and approached the rapid nearest to camp. She would make her way in that direction. When Fernstar leaves with Blackpelt at dawn, they will almost certainly follow the rapids. It's the easiest way to explore territory and makes it harder to get lost. I need to make sure not to let my scent linger for too long. . . Padding sideways into a cluster of bushes, she found a pile of wet leaves. Much to her disgust, she knew the musty smell of the damp dirt would be an excellent way to hide her scent. She flopped down and rolled over on the pile a few times making sure to dampen all her fur. Shaking her pelt and cringing at the scent, she broke into a run following the edges of the rapid. She would be back before anyone noticed she was gone. . . she hoped.
@Ambra Not gonna lie, kind of intimidated by how long everyone else's posts are xD
@sassy1085 That's sad to hear considering I just posted the beginning of the main plot point tonight. It was just about to get exciting
Somewhere on WillowClan Territory. . .

Folding his ears back and squinting his eyes against the wind, the skinny black tom snaked quietly over the short grass and stopped quickly by the roots of a large tree, lashing his tail in frustration. He glanced behind him to make sure his patrol was close behind. A strong brown tom and a pure white she-cat crested the slope and stopped alongside the black tom. Opening his jaws to taste the air around him, his ears perked at the scent of cats nearby. They were close. "Why do the winds never blow in one direction on this strange land?!" he hissed. The many rapids and tall trees provided very strong and unpredictable winds that changed direction frequently. How do these cats catch any prey here? he thought irritably. Every piece of prey in the forest would scent you before you could get a paw close! I can't imagine how they're hunting enough to feed themselves in THIS leafbare.

He snapped his head back in the direction of his patrol as the white she-cat raised her voice. "I hear voices from over there!" The she-cat pointed with her muzzle in the direction of a row of large cedar trees that faded into more dense bushes and longer grass. The tom growled with satisfaction and began quietly padding in the direction of the cluster of voices. The white she-cat and the brown tom followed close at his heels. None of them had eaten for sunrises. They were exhausted. But they knew why they were here. We found them. . . He smirked.
@sassy1085 Are you still here?
Hey everyone! Keep a close eye on the IC in the next couple days. This entire time has just been character development. . . The REAL fun is about to begin ;)
Fernstar: WillowClan Camp

Fernstar's fur lifted along her spine and her eyes widened. Her thoughts raced as she got to her feet and began pacing back and forth in front of Blackpelt, trying to think of how this could be possible. My Mother told me the Dark Forest was destroyed in the Great Battle. . . How could it be resurfacing? The Dark Forest can't exist without StarClan; so why wouldn't they have prevented it? Are they powerful enough to stop it? She tried to smooth her fur and sat down to address the medicine cat. "How did you hurt yourself? What were you doing there?" In her anxiety, she began to wonder if Blackpelt truly WAS being followed by the cats of the Dark Forest, or if he was CHOOSING to be there. . . Medicine cats were the only ones who could visit the Dark Forest in their dreams as well as when the journeyed to the Moonpool; but she wondered why Blackpelt would have any reason to be going to the Dark Forest willingly? Shaking herself free of her thoughts, she gazed at Blackpelt, waiting for his response. Her journey to the Moonpool might be even more important than she had originally thought. . .

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