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All her life men fell at her feet, whether she wanted them to or not. Blessing or curse?

This is going to be a Romeo and Juliet trope. You do not have to know anything about the original story as I will explain everything necessary to know, here! You will be playing the role of Romeo and I will be playing Juliet. In the original story, there is of course the infamous feud between both families. I believe it is written off as a grudge but for out plot, we are going to say that long ago when before our characters were even born, Romeo's father and Juliet's both fell in love with Juliet's mother. At the time, Juliet's mother was known for making men fall in love with nothing in return and both men offered her their hand in marriage. In the end, she of course married Juliet's father and this created a life long hatred and dispute between both bloodlines. When Romeo and Juliet were born, strict rules and guidelines were set to keep the two from ever crossing paths.. These boundaries set in place only lasted a short while before the two children found ways around them, curiosity too sweet to resist. Romeo in particular, was quickly becoming infatuated and it became painfully apparent to his mother and father who made the decision to send him off to live with relatives where he changed dramatically as a person. Living so far away without his family was already rough, but the conditions and labor he was forced to endure hardened him. Here you can decide what he went through exactly, whatever it was, caused him to become colder, meaner, antisocial and kind of twisted in a way. He's cocky and seems to have little care for anyone but himself. Meanwhile, Juliet grew out of her childhood within the city of Verona Italy where they both had been born. She was growing into a gorgeous young lady and beginning to venture out of her families villa much more as she was at the age of courting now. With maturity.. it seemed however, a curse was unlocked. Like her mother, Juliet was beginning to make a name for herself. Men would fall at her feet even if she paid them no mind. She tried desperately to avoid disappointing the men who courted her, but each date ended with the same emptiness she felt when it had began and with that she would cut them off. Because of her inability to fall in love but make others love her, Juliet was referred to as Lilith among the young rich men. Word quickly spread and talk of this "Lilith" creature would reach Romeo. His cold heart flinched at the sound of her, she made out to be this devious, sexual being that dripped and oozed lust that no man could resist. It was tempting and it brought back a familiar feeling within Romeo that he hadn't felt since he was a boy. Obsession. With this information, Romeo travels back to Verona where Juliet is and seeks out Lilith.. only to find that Lilith is Juliet. Romeo is met with conflicted feelings, he hates Juliet because to him she is the reason he was sent away and endured what he did.. but another portion of him feels an almost animal like urge to run to her. Juliet is entirely unaware of who Romeo is now and when he approaches her in a manner much different from the men who normally court her, she is intrigued. Romeo, unlike the other suitors, would stalk about like a wolf. He would catch Juliet when she was all alone, most times at night as if he were hunting her like prey. His charm attracted her and that emptiness shifted each time he appeared.

Setting the mood, click me! I promise it isn't Taylor Swift's version.. this is much better!
Closing first plot, Love Alarm is still open!
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B a s i c s

Writing: I would like for my partner to write at a similar level to me. I will try to match what you post and will make a conscious effort to review my writing as best I can to clean up any errors. I tend to write a few paragraphs each post, I love detail and sometimes enjoy a poetic style of writing.

Posting: My posting schedule is likely going to change so I will give a loose estimate of twice weekly and a maximum of a post daily. Sometimes I have a lot of time and energy and will be able to pump a few posts out during the day/night and am willing to do some back and forth when available if my partner also has the time! Please be able to post twice a week minimum, if something changes I will let you know and would love for you to do the same... that brings me to..

Communication: I want there to be open communication between us, I love to chat about our plot and characters and develop more ideas together that we can implement into the story. I also like when my partners are open about when they will be silent for some time or will be taking longer to shoot over a post.

Character(s): I only play female leads, I don't particularly like writing my main character as a male, it is just a personal preference. I prefer for my stories to be female and male pairings, as I said with me playing the female and my partner playing a male character. I am willing and will most likely play side roles (of any gender) and expect my partner to be willing to do the same! I love character sheets and would like a partner who is willing to put some effort into a sheet for their character with images, gifs, and descriptions. I also prefer real face claims, you can include art in your character sheet for aesthetic purposes but I would also like some sort of real image face claim.

Boundaries: I have minimal limits/boundaries when it comes to my stories. They will all include adult themes so you must be 18+ to write with me. I don't fade to black for violence, smut, or any other adult themes.






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