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Current Whatever's happening to me is makin' me feel like hot ass. Replies... sometime. Sorry folks.
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When you want to pick up more roleplays but you can't because responsibilities ):
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When you’re on constant refresh for replies 😭😭😭
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I feel like a pile of steaming dog shit. Will get replies out when I’m feeling a little better.
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Valkyrie, it’s been hell for me it that evens it out


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Hey guys! Sorry for the ugly post in advance.

I've had the privilege of having a few partners that have given me some of the best roleplays of my life. However, life has happened and we've drifted apart. If for some reason you're one of them, I'm happy to pick things back up if you want!

Now, I want more. More reason to make my heart ache and my stomach twist in knots for our poor characters.

That being said, I'm happy to play a menagerie of genres. However, I'm not the biggest fan of high fantasy or sci-fi. Slice of life is my jam but there has to be an overarching plot. Mature themes, however, are much appreciated and expected; that is not to say I am looking for a smut- or kink-based roleplay.

I'm looking for someone who can write well. I would consider myself a high-casual or low-advanced writer, which honestly depends on my mood. I will provide a writing sample if you want one and hope that you can give one in return. There's nothing I hate more than plotting and figuring out we won't mesh style wise! As far as length is concerned, I'll mirror my partner, so the more you give, the more you'll get! I can be lengthy, though, and someone who can give me a few paragraphs per reply is right up my alley. I'd like to play over GDocs and PMs here but will entertain Discord and email.

I'm also searching for someone who can put our characters through the ringer. I'm a sucker for emotional roleplays where things just can't go right or our characters are thrown into a lose-lose situation. Tear out my heart, stomp on it, put it back together -- and do it all over again.

Here's the bad news: I am primarily looking to play the female in the below pairings which are mostly hetero. I'm not really looking to double at the moment, though that may change. It also does not mean that the side characters I introduce are of one orientation and one gender. I'll entertain any ideas or plots brought to me! I also have some plots, depending on the genre, that I'll happily share. Primarily, however, I'm looking for the things listed below.

I'm also a sucker for exchanging writing samples so that we can figure out if we mesh and GDocs for a medium.

I'm happy to include NSFW elements as long as it doesn't take over the plot; my limits are the usual including no scat, vore, pedophilia, also including age gaps (+10 years) and anthro things.

PM me if you're interested! And if not, I hope you find what you're looking for!
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I'm Callie, a 21+ female from EST.
Something about the holidays makes me want to do something slice of life-y, so I'm hoping to find that here.
I'm going to make this short and sweet, but here's a few things about me...

I'm ghost friendly
life gets crazy sometimes, and I hope the understanding goes both ways. With that being said, I'll try to communicate the best I can if something comes up.

I'm mature
I'm looking for 18+ partners - though preferably 21+ - that are comfortable with mature themes. I will say in advance that I am not looking for smut-centered roleplays

I'll give you detailed characters and posts.
I don't always go by word count, but I do write in a doc before I post. I usually give 500+ words and would only ask of the same quality of you... not exactly quantity. I'm currently looking to play the female in a mxf pairing, although I'm open to multiple characters of multiple orientations and genders with the hopes of making more relationships than just the one between our mains.

I can reply a few times a week
More if I'm in love with our roleplay.

Third person
Can write in first as well, but third is preferred.

I have a few generic plots and pairings, ultimately because I want to come up with something we're both attached with. Below are some cravings:

Barista x returning customer
I'm really not sure why this appeals to me, but it does. I'm not terrible attached to this pairing as I have no plot, but would be happy to figure something out.

Widow x brother-in-law
Maybe she was the cause of his accident, or maybe he died from some terminal illness. Regardless, I'd love to explore the dynamic between families in this one.

Nurse x injured vet
This is, likely, as straight-forward as it sounds.

Detective x informant
The world is our oyster. Want to add some fantasy in? Cool.

City girl x country guy
She's visiting her father who abandoned her when she was a child. Meanwhile, he's been taken in and treated like a son.

And a plotter I'm craving:
She's been the babysitter for a few months, taking care of a child whose parents seem a little too old to bear children. When a man appears on her wealthy employer's doorstep, it's hard for her to wrap her mind around the fact that he's the kid's much older brother.

I'm hoping to hear from y'all!
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TL;DR: Looking for someone who can consistently provide quality posts and will help move the plot along for a modern (light, light, light fantasy) pairing/adventure

Forgive the bare bones of this IC ):

Hey guys!
I'm Callie, a 28-year-old she/her in EST.
Kind of looking for something particular, so bear with me.

I've got a certain idea in mind thanks to a recent partner. However, due to our muses that were taken elsewhere, I find myself still in search of someone who can finish this with me. It would include a search for some sort of legendary relic such as the Philospher's Stone, the Holy Grail, or the Shroud of Turin. Finding it will be grueling, and who knows what - or who - is guarding it? I would like to include more mature characters and some themes that may cause some distress, such as grief and other darker themes.

A little bit about me as a partner:
  • I'm off for the next two weeks, so I'm excited to get something going. After that, I work an odd schedule with twelve hour shifts. I will not hassle you, but I do like to communicate OOC. Gushing about our characters, thinking about ways to get angsty and dramatic? sign me up!
  • I will always reply with at least 500 words per post with descriptions of my character's actions, emotions, and reactions.
  • I don't have many limits, and like to include mature content in my roleplays. I don't usually fade to black but, be convincing enough, and you may persuade me.
  • I like multiple characters. It doesn't matter to me if you have them or not.

As far as partners are concerned, I'm looking for someone who can be patient as we both go through life and offer replies that are engaging and - hopefully - full of both quality and quantity. I have some ideas regarding what kind of backstories our characters could have, but that's up to negotiation. Like everyone else on this goddamn site, I'm looking for a male main character to my female. Idgaf how you identify in life if you can give me a quality roleplay. There should be some opportunity to double - if you'd like - with LGBTQ+ options later in the roleplay <3 I wouldn't hate to receive a writing sample and I'll give you one in return so that we can ensure we will be compatible with each other's styles.

I hope to hear from y'all soon!
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