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He nods, and begins walking down the long pathway. He whispers to Dij and Herm, "It's nothing against your group personally. I like you, six armed one, and you seem like a nice enough fellow. But I do not trust the Lightbringer. He once destroyed much of our land in a fight with our king, and we're still recovering from it." He glances at Prisom, and growls slightly.
You there @unicorgi?
He growls under his breath, and sighs. "Very well."
Aw ok.
He can lift them around at will, and use them to fly.
He can make glowing, paper thin sheets of energy. They are impenetrable, and he can move them around at will. He can bend and twist them to his will. Think Green Lantern, but paper.
Sounds interesting. Can my guy make sheets of impenetrable energy? Forcefield/forcewall kinda thing?
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