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Current Fans of DICE! Get discord and go to this link =>
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UnOrdinary anyone?…
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Hope everyone is doing okay through quarantine
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Hey tokyo ghoul fans!…
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Hey y’all! Hope quarantine is treating everyone ok! *cue random Wookiee noises*


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Jono crosses a bar, and hears about Tanner. Cursing herself in a sigh, she walks in to hear what the commotion is about.
Marin sighs softly when he breaks the kiss. “So it’s... okay for me to sleep here?”
Marin’s eyes widen and she blushes, but she kisses him back slowly, tentatively. When she relaxes, she closes her eyes.
Marin gasps softly and turns red, looking away. "Of course I would. I just didn't want to make you uncomfortable. I..." she sighs softly.
Marin pauses when he grabs her hand. She blushes and tilts her head. "What? What didn't you think?"
Marin blushes. "I-sorry. I didn't want to come in here... I mean it's not an issue, and it's not bothering me... but I don't want to make you uncomfortable either!" She covers her face with her hands as she rambles. "I... I just saw you had trouble sleeping so I sang. It's the first thing that popped into my head, I suppose it's what put me to sleep when I was a child. I'm not calling you a child, I... I wanted to help you but I didn't know how. I'll go now." She gets up.
Marin continues to sleep until several hours later she blinks awake. "Mm?"
Cesidia shrugs. "I know. It's hard to explain."
Cesidia smiles. "It's a strange thing, hope. It can build armies, or it can destroy nations."
Cesidia looks at him with a confused frown. "What do I do to change your perception of my world?"
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