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Current @Candlelitsoul. I don't think I've ever seen someone so terrified of some guy in a wheelchair.
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I would rather have never loved at all. You can't miss what you never had.


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Bloodborne, Darkest Dungeon, and Warhammer Fantasy?

Considering how much I thoroughly enjoy these three things, you may consider me interested.
Why would they not? Harlequins are different and unusual, but not completely out there. They have no issue working alongside their Craftworld brethren.
They have been known to join the Eldar in battle from time to time.
Eldar adventure, you say?

I am intrigued.
I may just so happen to be interested.
Wow. This filled up super fast. Guess I miss out.
Bastian Felstead

Bastian wasn't entirely satisfied with the old man's answer, but if that tower was the only way out then he really didn't have much of a choice. As for the Wolfborn being from another realm, he didn't quite know what to make of that. Bastian had always been the skeptical sort. He never gave much thought to anything like magic or other worlds, but it seemed like both of those subjects were about to become much more prevalent. With nothing else to say, Bastian simply moved with the group and followed behind the man.

As they drew ever closer to the tower the sound of wind whistling in the distance could be heard. This was odd for someplace that had been so deathly silent up until now. Gardevoir then shouted at them to start running. Not long after the warning, Bastian felt the same chilling wind he had felt in that field. Unable to contain his curiosity, Bastian turned around instead of running to see exactly what they were supposed to be fleeing from. He immediately regretted it.

Bastian had been in battle before. He had experienced combat with both man and wolfborn. There were many times in his life where he had been afraid, but this... That thing. For the first time in his life, he felt true fear. Pure, incomprehensible, suffocating fear. Every instinct, every fiber of his being began screaming at him to be anywhere else but here.

Not needing any further convincing than what was before him, Bastian nearly mounted the giant hound in a single adrenaline-fueled leap. With a bit of extra climbing, he joined his comrades atop the unnaturally large canine. Though he had been skeptical at first, that mysterious glowing tower suddenly seemed like a great place to be. Hopefully whatever that thing was wouldn't be able to match pace with their unusual mount.

Devrin easily finished off the Remobra that was on the floor before turning to face the other two. With Luna already swinging at one of them, he simply swung at the other. He had no doubt that the fight would be over quickly now. The Remobra didn't stand a chance against such massive weapons built to take on monsters many times their puny size.

With the Pink Rathian distracted, Swiper decided it was now or never. While the wyvern was distracted with the Duramboros, Swiper made his way down the slope as quickly and quietly as he could before making a hasty getaway.
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