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8 mos ago
Just found out my left kidney wasn't done and decided I needed to deal with a second stone before I even passed the first one.
9 mos ago
Kidney stone blocking the ureter...yay...thankfully only 4mm so it don't need surgery, just some meds. But that pain I felt is certainly not an ideal way to wake up.
2 yrs ago
Lightly fried fish fillets
3 yrs ago
And I was 'round when Jesus Christ, had his moment of doubt and pain
3 yrs ago
i.imgur.com/Zki6LEk.gif < Accurate depiction of me right now after getting on RPG today.


"Blessed" by the powers that be to potentially experience kidney stones for the rest of my life.

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Someone else made an Ochimusha.
Valeryia smirked at the dragon's remark about trying her seduction on her. "Is that a promise?" She asked in a bit of a seductive voice. She knew what the dragon was going for. But it didn't hurt to still put the invitation out there.

@Hammerman@Dark Cloud
But now that it seemed like the commotion caused by the Oja-clan noble had died down, and the noble himself was more relaxed than just moments ago. She sought to go around and introduce herself since now seemed as good a time as any. Plus maybe it was better to introduce herself first. Then go looking at plants. And since she already met Kerry on the way over, her first choice was the bunny. Because not only did she sense that she was a caster of some sort, but as a bonus she'd also get to meet one of the male monsters since he was near her.

Win-win in her book.

Upon getting closer to the pair, she spoke in a pleasant tone. "Hello, my name is Valeryia Harjula. Its a pleasure to finally get to speak with you since I know my appearance earlier was not ideal for greetings." And now that she was closer to the pair, she noted how cute they both were. Which had compelled her to hold them in her wings, but restrained herself from doing so. For now at least,
Valeryia was glad she arrived when she did, that cavalry was quite aggressive. They seemed very determined to break her barrier once it was up. Though maybe it was them being upset they were denied killing the group? Didn't matter now though, they had found relative safety here. And weren't pursued either, though that was unsettling as it didn't make much sense to her. Still though, she rested for a bit before going around camp to patches of flora that caught her eye. That was the first order of business as she'd not pass up any opportunity to find something unique. Next would be meeting everyone, and at the same time being nosey with the men she initially assumed to be human. She could tell now that they instead were Yokai.

And at first all was going well enough. As so far, she'd found no flora that was really unique. But it still interested her nonetheless. Being able to document what grew here would still be fun. Then it took a turn for the worse when she was run into by the man who had been yelling earlier, the same man she'd ignored earlier assuming he'd just keep yelling from in front of his tent.

What a wrong assumption to make.

Now she was face down on the ground as she was bent over a bit when the man crashed into her. Along with the fact that she was not at all expecting to be run into. So could not brace her fall in any meaningful way. But in this somewhat compromising position, she could still hear him yelling and threatening a fight, so Valeryia did the only thing she could. Rolled onto her ass and faced the man brandishing his sword, spreading her wings a bit in readiness for whatever he decided to do next.

Though after a bit, the group managed to calm him down enough to make him lower his sword. And also seemed more focused on the group than her as she'd initially thought. Causing her to become a bit more relaxed and start getting back onto her feet, which was a bit of a process for her. Easily could've taken flight from her position to get back on her feet. But not only would that kick up dust and small debris that could annoy the group as a whole, but also possibly agitate the already upset swordsman as he might see her taking flight as a threat.

She did join the conversation as she struggled to stand up again. "The hornet has a point. Trying what you did on an island native isn't going to help." She quipped, having watched how she approached and attempted to deescalate the situation with seduction. It was somewhat comical.
Bastard Saintess has my interest.
Well. There is Valeriya's first post. I'm hella rusty with RPing so it looks rather awful to me. But gotta get things working again somehow.
Valeryia was quite enjoying the sights from above during the fly over to help the others. And wondered what secrets the island held, hopefully she'd get some opportunities to collect some samples.

Her thoughts cut short by the sight and smell of battle. Smoke from fires, and the warm glow of said fires. Along with the accompanying acrid smell which stung her nose a bit. And once closer to the battlefield, she could see a few distinct skirmishes going on down below. All of which seemed to consist of, what she assumed to be, those they were sent to help. And the Hornet she had been flying with seemed to have made up her mind quicker than Valeryia had expected. Shouting to her to help the larger group in the town while she'd go help the smaller two person team. She felt the need to accompany the Hornet, but realized the element of surprise she'd have on the Varjans. So nodded and immediately darted off to the large group.

As she arrived above the group, the full scope of the situation was apparent. There was a lot of Varjan cavalry, and without help, the group was surely doomed. And thus decided on her course of action. Time was of the essence, so trying to get something like like lightning or a fireball off would be rather risky. It'd have to be things that didn't take time to cast. She swooped down to the group and landed just in front of everyone. No time for introductions or soft landings as her claws dug into the ground to give resistance to her remaining forward momentum. Valeriya first quickly shot off a few lightning bolts aimed at the charging cavalry, then powered a barrier in front of her. Spreading her wings wide enough to cover the group, the barrier expanded in unison to protect the group from Varjan projectiles. Her head turned briefly so she could just about see behind her "Stay behind me unless you want to take your chances with their weapons." Valeriya spoke firmly before directing her attention back to the oncoming cavalry.
I really need to keep track of the OOC better. Missed 3 pages and new applicants. x_x

*waves* Hi :D
<Snipped quote by Slypheed>

Unfortunately for her, Luna has her little lovable idiot Sam to worry about. It'll be interesting to say the least how another scholar will handle seeing three monster boys xD

I certainly can't wait for Valeriya to meet them :D
@Dark Cloud Val would love some company to nerd out with.
Ah man, my surprise entrance is no longer a surprise
@PaulHaynek Here is my character, ready to be reviewed.
Also just know something is gonna have to be changed.

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