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4 yrs ago
Busy as all hell right now. Working hard to get responses up!
4 yrs ago
Home from vacation, should be catching up on all my roleplays over the next few days :)
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4 yrs ago
Gonna be gone camping until tomorrow evening. I'll try to keep up with things via phone, but I definitely won't have any posts up until tomorrow
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4 yrs ago
Don't read through old stuff you wrote, just don't
4 yrs ago
Should have a post up for all my RPs today :)


Heya! I'm Smarty and I'm just a dude who likes to write. That's really about it. I'll pretty much join anything and everything if I'm being honest, as long as it looks interesting. Don't hesitate to PM me if you wanna chat or something :) I promise I don't bite, I'm just very awkward that's all :D

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TootsiePop 2 yrs ago
You're one of my favorites. Xoxo. Lovely Complex
Ken 4 yrs ago
Hiya Smarty! I love your new signature and avi. A Series of Unfortunate Events is one of my favorite Netflix shows! I was hesitant to watch it because I was scared that it wouldn't be as good as the movie, but it definitely exceeded my expectations. Anyways, cool gifs.
Joshua Tamashii 4 yrs ago
it's still trying to get started and could use some more active players, but here is a Harry Potter RP: http://www.roleplayerguild.com/topics/126877-hogwarts/ic
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