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"I would die for a night of emotion. I would give anything for that look in your eyes. I would gladly jump into the fire, scream I am a liar. Yes, I am a liar." The Bunny The Bear: Lonely
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"I can't believe. That when I breathe. There's something good inside of me. Just one good thing inside of me." Hollywood Undead: Believe
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"This cannot be, it must be a dream. More like a corrupted nightmare. Can't bare this harsh reality. This can't be the end of my story. She's my only destiny." FLW: Voices
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Woodswick (Survival-Horror RP)

Character Name: Joshua "Destiny" Harmon

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Height: 70"

Weight: 195


Career/Job: Ex-Firefighter

Joshua Harmon, also known as Destiny, was a large city turned small town firefighter. After moving away from the city to a small town in the countryside, with his wife and young child, he lived a rather boring life. He responded to medical emergencies more so than anything else. A small town with a lack of fires to fight, made Destiny feel that his title of hero was at stake.

Feeling the flame of fire in his heart and the need to become a hero once again, he set his own house on fire with his family still inside. He rushed to their aid but inadvertently lost control of the situation by not having any of the equipment he required to be able to extinguish the ever growing fire. Separated from his family by a wall of fire, he received severe burns on his hands and face. Before losing consciousness, he could hear his wife and child scream as the fire consumed them just as he was pulled out from the team of responding firefighters.

When he awoken, he found himself handcuffed to a hospital bed and a police officer monitoring him closely. A detective questioned him and told him the fire inspectors found evidence linking him to setting his house on fire and he was being charged for Arsony and Second Degree Murder.

Through a long hospital stay, Destiny studied his surroundings and the police officers that patrolled the halls. He waited until the officer in the room with him fell asleep where he used his still healing skin on his hand to pull his hand free causing him severe pain. He used the telephone cord to strangle and kill the sleeping officer and made his escape out of a window. He has been on the run ever since and being sought out in the news and other local channels on the radio and television.

Strengths: Endurable, High Lung Capacity, and Above-Average Fitness

Weaknesses: Low Stamina and Tunnel Vision (Mental Weakness).

RP Sample:
Will we be getting an IC/OOC/CS thread after the characters are posted here?
@Mister Thirteen Yes, sometime today. What kind of appearance would you be looking for? Realistic or Anime?
I have mine completed minus an appearance and RP example.
Ready as ever.
@Bishop That’s plausible.
On a side note, everyone here is a ghost haha
@Bishop That’s what I thought as well. I thought those were separate plot lines that just crossed paths.
@Bishop So aggressive.
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