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Placing this down to come back later to work on something.

The travelling lasted forever. At least, for Russell, it did. He was not fond of the long travel time, of the airship deciding to land at Beacon first, rather than last. What genius had decided not to make Beacon the last destination on the list, and forced the Beacon candidates to wait the longest on the craft? Russell didn’t know, and so in his room was kicking about all over the place. On the bed, on the chair, trying to remove himself from boredom. Even the meals bored him, despite being the only interesting thing about the flight. Sometimes, he picked up Cinders and Ashes, making sure that she was clean and properly maintained. Of course, after the first time, it was already properly maintained each other time he looked.

Relief came in the form of a surprise for Russell. He jumped in alarm as the loudspeaker in his room began to crackle. After calming down, he almost thought it had broken for a moment before the pilot, or who he assumed to be the pilot, told the passengers that they were arriving and that they were free to exit the rooms. Russell couldn’t have been any happier, and picked up Cinders, leaving his room as fast as he could to peer outside through the viewing gallery.

He could not have been any happier with the sight of Beacon Academy in the distance, slowly growing closer and surrounded by a blanket of green, from the treetops and the grass. He also got a good look at everyone else around him, everyone else joining him on the journey. If there was one thing that shot out at him, it was that everyone looked older than him in one way or another. He tried to spot someone that looked his age, and was somewhat surprised to find nothing.

It wasn’t truly surprise that entered Russell’s mind, but there was definitely a little shocker. If he was right, still looking over the faces of others, he appeared to be the youngest. He wouldn’t know others’ ages until he asked, but he knew the age limit was seventeen. He expected others like him to get a waiver, others to manage to get into Beacon at his age, at least one other. It didn’t look like that was the case, however. It felt just a little odd.

Tinu was rather content with the flight. Partially because they were on the last stop before Beacon, but also because the flight calmed them rather than boring them. They'd never flown before, so it was a new experience. For the majority of the flight, they sat in their room and meditated. While not the most fun thing to do, it was far from being the worst. Tinu's contentment didn't stop them from being excited once the pilot said they could exit their rooms, though. The chance to meet new people was more than welcome.

Stepping outside of the rooms (making sure to keep their weapons in hand), Tinu quickly noticed two things. One, the view of Beacon was amazing. It brought them a sense of joy when thinking about becoming a hunter. Some parts would probably be boring, but it would be outweighed by the opportunity to travel everywhere and talk to everyone. Most likely both exaggerations, but Tinu would try their hardest to see as many new things as was possible. Two, there was someone! Another cat faunus, who was at Tinu's height but visibly younger. Filled with curiosity, Tinu stepped behind the other faunus, tapping their shoulder.


The scares for the day were apparently not over for Russell. He jumped in surprise, turning on his heels to look toward the newcomer that had scared him. He took a moments to quickly just look over the Faunus that now stood before him, a few moments that helped calm him down a little. The tapping of his shoulder had startled him, both from the surprise of it and his own shyness-induced reactions to the beginning of a new interaction with a person. It took him another moment just to formulate a response.

“H-Hi,” Russell responded, though with a slight stutter and a lot less enthusiasm that had been given to him. He struggled to think of anything else to say, just allowed himself a tiny shy smile.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you," Tinu said, noticing the jump, "What's your name?" They asked, making sure to put on a smile that made them seem friendly enough.

“It’s okay. I just get startled easily when meeting someone new. My name is Russell,” The cat Faunus explains. He gave a shy little flutter of his tail, his head tilting a little to the side as he peered at her. “Russell Vermillion. And what about yours?” He asks.

"Tinu Si Heuong! Russell," They repeated. In their head they began to form a question, although it wasn't one that was normally asked. Would it make Tinu seem strange? Probably, but it's not like most people didn't think of them to be that way in the first place. Would Tinu like to be asked that? Yes, but would Russell take offense to being asked—"Are you a he?"

Russell was surprised by the question. Any other boy would have responded with an acknowledgement that he was male, but Russell and his innocent mind thought differently. Having been called a girl by bullies in the past, he automatically assumed that this was another negative comment on his masculinity. His tail stopped the little flutters it was giving, and his ears folded down a little. “Um… Yes, I’m a he,” the Cat Faunus replies, a little quietly.

Sometimes, Tinu's unfortunate habit of thinking out loud would benefit them. Other times, it worked out horribly. Judging by the tail and ears, this situation was one that fit under the latter. "I'm sorry," They looked down in regret. "I didn't mean anything by it, I was just making sure. Not that it's hard to tell! I just..." They sighed, looking away from Russell. Any moment where Tinu didn't make eye contact with someone was incredibly rare. "It's a long story. But," A sudden burst of energy and optimism shot through Tinu. Looking back at Russell, their tail stretched up to the sky. "I am sorry! How can I make you feel better?"

Russell gives a little shrug. Judging by Tinu’s reaction, the other Faunus was genuinely apologetic, a striking contrast and difference to those that Russell knew from the past. In a way, it was almost enlightening to find someone genuinely sorry. “It’s… It’s fine,” Russell responds slowly. “And, well… I don’t know. People don’t usually ask me what they can do to help me,” he says. It wasn’t just that, however - Russell didn’t want to make himself look weak, or rather, weaker, by asking anything from Tinu.

"Hmm..." Tinu came to be lost in deep thought. What would make them feel better and what would make Russell feel better are probably two completely different things. But what would be the most fun for both of them in whatever little time they had before the airship landed? There wasn't much on it, so... "I know," They said, pointing towards the pale, short-looking person with tall boots. "You can meet someone new. And they look so cool, too!"

Russell looks over to the girl that Tinu pointed out, before looking back to Tinu and shaking his head. “Sorry, I just sort of… Clam up, get shy, meeting new people. I don’t know…” He replies, his smile slowly vanishing. It took a lot of strength just for him to meet Tinu, meeting someone else was probably going to make him a little more antsy. Maybe he could, slightly later, but for now, he was content with his new friend.

“What about your team?” Tinu pointed out. “You have to meet them eventually, don’t you?”

“I don’t think I have a team yet,” Russell replies, twiddling his fingers. “Do you?”

“I meant the future,” Tinu walked to look at the view. “But no.” They started to notice the ground coming closer and gasped. “It’s landing! We should get towards the exit, I think.”

“Yeah, let’s go,” Russell says, a smile growing on his face. He walks with his new friend to the exit, getting ready.
is there a discord?

Aeira Ketsueki
Azure City, Streets
Interacting With: @Cryptek12
Mentioned: @Moyai

The last two days were... interesting. If the festival was an example of how carefree and relaxed everyone could be, the last two days were an example of how tense everyone could be. For Aeira, it didn’t matter. She was more annoyed than scared by the attack. She barelu got to have fun that day. If it wasn’t angry people in the festival, it was angry people from outside shooting wverybody. She wondered if everyone in the mob was dead. Probably.

As much as the attack didn’t faze her, other things did. She hadn’t slept at all in the past two days, and she wasn’t planning to. Just getting in her bed made her feel incredibly unsafe. It was a feeling of impending doom, and one that only went away when she occupied herself with other things, as unhealthy as they were for her. She hadn’t gone outside the house either. She had no energy. Maybe it had to do with the fact that she didn’t sleep at all?

‘Whatever,’ she thought. She opened the door to her room as quietly as she could. Walking through the kitchen, she tried not to make a sound, but the creaking floorboards had other plans.

“Going somewhere?” A voice with a hint of surprise asked. Aeira turned around towards the source, facing her mother. Rui tilted her head. “Are those... my clothes?” She asked, even more surprised than before.

"Uh..." Aeira looked down at her clothes, "The jeans are mine?" She replied sheepishly. She couldn’t lie about the sweater she was wearing. It was black (Rui’s favorite color) and it was too big for her. Her shoes fit her, but again they were a color she normally wouldn’t wear.

“Nevermind,” Rui laughed, “Where are you headed, then?”

Aeira was visibly caught off guard by the question. Following a series of incoherent babbling and stuttering, she found an answer. "I’m meeting up, with... a friend." Rui raised an eyebrow.


‘No,’ she thought. "Yeah!" She said.

“No contacts?”



Aeira checked her pockets. The right held her knife rather than it being in her hair, while the left had her phone. "Yup!"

“Hm.” Rui began thinking. Aeira started becoming worried. She looked around the room nervously, waiting for a response. Realistically, Rui wouldn’t care what she did, but she would likely be more opposed to the idea of Aeira leaving the house now. Her own fear of Aeira getting hurt trumped Aeira’s confidence in not getting hurt. Fatally. She started leaning towards the door, waiting for her opportunity to bolt out.

“Okay.” Rui decided, walking away to her room. “Don’t die.”

"I won’t!"

Aeira would be lying if she wasn’t surprised by what Rui said. Maybe she was confident in the fact that Aeira wouldn’t get hurt after all? It would make sense. She was a trouble magnet, and no matter what injuries she got she would always recover and go back for more. It was an unhealthy trait of hers, she knew. But it hadn’t come back to bite her in the ass, so it can’t hurt to keep it.

She was moving from rooftop to rooftop, dropping down to a windowsill to climb onto the next roof when she needed. This reminded her of when she did this everyday, hunting for her targets. She loved that feeling, especially when she fought them. ‘Maybe I’ll ask Rui if I could start again today,’ she thought.

Before she had time to think about how that conversation would go, she heard something. Or someone. She turned around to see a woman. A black dress that barred her shoulders, red gloves with a skull woven into them, and red tattoos on her shoulders were the first things Aeira noticed about her. The second was the umbrella, but she couldn’t see enough of it to truly describe it. She was smiling.

"...Hi?" Aeira said, hoping to prompt a response out of the mysterious woman in front of her. When the woman's face did not change, Aeira began walking towards the end of the rooftop. She didn’t want people to see two randoms on their roof. However, she was stopped by a small knife whizzing right past her ear. She saw it fly onto the next roof. At first, she didn't move. She slowly began to turn around, a look of extreme annoyance on her face. "What?"

The woman only smiled again.

Walking up to her, Aeira began to notice the clear height difference between the two. Despite Aeira barely being 5’6”, the black-haired woman’s head seemed to only come up to her chest. It was a rare occurrence for her to need to look down on someone, and even rarer for the person shorter than her to appear like a fully grown woman. Despite Aeira’s slow walk towards her, the other still had the same carefree grin on her face.

Aeira noticed the distance between the two and stopped. She began to run, but then opted to do a sideways kick, aiming for the woman in black’s head. The woman in black turned the canopy of her umbrella towards Aeira’s foot, using it as a shield. Aeira hesitated from the unexpected pain of her foot clashing against the umbrella. Noticing the opportunity, the woman in black spun her body around and swept Aeira’s other leg from beneath her. Aeira kept herself from falling on her back by turning and landing on her hand instead, using them to flip herself onto her feet. The woman had a puzzled look on her face, one that screamed ‘I know you can do better.’

It was a bad kick, one that was advertised and had no acrobatics implemented into it, unlike her usual attacks. Her ‘let me see if you’re actually good’ kick resulted in her being put into a situation where the woman in black could’ve easily taken the advantage further and potentially kill her. Aeira knew this. She also knew that the knife from before could’ve killed her. She was walking in a straight line, no efforts to make anything harder for someone to hit on her. It was meant to get her attention. Uncharacteristically, Aeira decided to not pull out her knife on the other. But a question was raised in her mind. If the woman in black wasn’t there to kill her, then what else was she here for?

The two stared at eachother. The woman in black ran forward to attack, but was interrupted by Aeira striking first. A jumping spin kick was blocked by the woman’s umbrella, yet she didn’t forsee Aeira’s speed. The block didn’t stop her momentum, and she quickly landed and sweeped at the woman’s legs. The woman jumped back, performing a flip. Aeira turned into another kick, but the woman’s flip dodged it perfectly. She followed the woman’s landing. Aeira ran up as she did for the side kick earlier. This time, she jumped instead of the kick. The woman, expecting the same attack, stuck out her umbrella to block it again. Aeira used the umbrella as a surface to hop off of. The woman turned around and repositioned her umbrella to go under Aeira’s foot. She used the umbrella to jump off it again, this time backflipping off it. The woman jumped away and disengaged, buying time for her to prepare herself for Aeira's next attack. A smile still remained on her face.

“Do I know you from somewhere?” Aeira asked. The woman looked up as if she was thinking, then shook her head. “Do you know me from somewhere?” Aeira rephrased her question. The woman nodded immediately. Aeira’s mind went back to the fight.

Aeira knew she didn’t have the opportunity to start being defensive. The woman had a shield, Aeira did not. She was also shown to have knives to throw. Who is to say she doesn’t have a gun? With this in mind, Aeira charged at the woman again. She feinted a kick towards the head. The woman pointed the canopy up to the right, allowing Aeira to go in for a punch. The woman sidestepped her punch and moved towards Aeira’s side. Aeira threw another punch as she wasn’t in kicking range. The woman backstepped and redirected it. Aeira took the momentum and spun around into a spinning backfist, making sure to be closer. The woman in black redirected her attack yet again. Aeira decided to use the momentum yet again, this time going for another leg sweep. The woman gracefully stepped outside of the sweep’s range. She then stepped back in, using her free hand to deliver a punch straight to Aeira’s cheek. A laugh could be heard from the woman, but she stopped it immediately as if it was on accident.

The blue-haired girl looked around. Nope, no people.

Aeira was put on her stomach. She rolled to the side, evading any other hits the woman would throw at her. Once on her back, she got herself up. She didn’t have time to wear the woman out, and she didn’t want to, either. She needed to end this, as quickly as possible. People had to have been coming soon, right?

The woman was able to either evade or block every attack, yet those were all with the intent of wearing her out. Aeira needed to disarm her. The center of the canopy was a darker color than the rest. It was also where the woman was aiming when blocking and redirecting attacks. Logically, it’d be the only part of any actual use in defense.

‘Aim for the outside.’ Aeira moved in, drop-stepping into a jab. The woman redirected it easily. ‘Too close,’ she thought. She moved in again. She jumped, spinning and kicking as she had done before. The woman redirected it, but the distance between her and Aeira made her require more precision than before. The redirection made Aeira spin several times mid-air, but she landed on her feet. She was getting closer to her ideal range. The woman then closed her umbrella, charging at Aeira. She started using it as a rapier, thrusting at Aeira’s head. Aeira sidestepped it. The woman thrusted again, several times, ending in a slash. Aeira continued to sidestep them, keeping her eyes on the woman’s hands. She ducked the slash and looked up. The woman had to have known that Aeira would dodge all of it; her moves were telegraphed. It felt like she was being played with.

They heard the sounds of a motorcycle, both of them looking away to see where it came from.

They had to move quick. Aeira presumed that the woman would have less time to think now. Aeira’s own gameplan didn’t change. She started a series of several kicks. The woman blocked the first and dodged the second, spinning into blocking the resulting barrage with her umbrella. She then threw the umbrella into the air. Aeira kicked before she could catch it. The woman slipped under it, catching her umbrella and charging towards Aeira with it. Aeira, caught off guard, put her right foot onto it. She spun into an axe kick. The woman stepped back and attempted to block it. She had miscalculated, however, and it resulted in the umbrella being knocked to the ground. In the moments before it landed, Aeira couldn’t see the woman. The canopy covered her face. With the element of surprise on her side, the woman punched Aeira in the gut. Aeira stepped back, disoriented from the force of the blow. The woman took the opportunity to run up and drop kick Aeira. The kick sent Aeira off the roof and down towards an alleyway. She managed to reorient herself, grabbing onto a staircase railing on the side of a building. She dropped down and landed, knowing the drop wasn’t too far to hurt her.

Curiously, the woman didn’t follow. She instead picked up her umbrella and fled, dropping a small piece of paper. She hit deceptively hard for someone of her size, stronger than Aeira ever had. A super strength mutant? Possibly. But if she had held back so many times in their short encounter, then surely the woman wouldn’t bring out her power then? What was her name?

So many questions, and none of them were answered when Aeira grabbed the paper out of the air. Before reading it, she took out her phone, texting the ‘cool girl’ contact ‘you wanna do that meet up thing?’ Looking back down to the piece of paper, she read:

‘ur cool, lol’

‘What the fuck.’

She also looked to see a man sitting on another man's back.

'What the fuck?'

"Why?" She asked, tilting her head.
still interested
"Don't worry. It took me a while, too." Tiki laughed. If she was honest, she expected Phann to ignore her and go with her own plan, so to have her listen was a surprise. Having someone from her class with her gave Tiki a pleasant feeling, one that was foreign to her. She happily began following Phann, but she felt a bit of guilt. It was likely that Phann had no idea who she was due to her name. Surely, it must feel weird having a stranger fall on you and then start following you around, right? Definitely not comforting, at the very least. Thinking that she shouldn't focus on things like that right now, she forced those thoughts out of her mind. She'll deal with it at a later time.

While walking, Tiki's mind went back to when she was chasing butterflies. Several questions appeared in her mind, like what exactly mana was and how else she could use it. Why was it so natural for her? Something she's never done before, with a feeling she's never felt. If she practiced more, how much of it could she use? How fast? Were there other types of magic, besides the wind she used earlier? Surely, there had to be, but perhaps it would be dangerous if she started experimenting right now. For one, Phann was right in front of her. Two, she didn't know how safe mana was. If using magic exhausted her so quickly before, then it could probably do something even worse. Tiki shuddered at the thought. She didn't want to risk dying for a second time, as absurd as that situation might've sounded.

Immediately after that thought, there was a flash of bright light, and the tingling sensation in her feet turned from a welcome feeling to a hostile one. It started from her lower body, then spread throughout in the blink of an eye. Tiki coughed mildly, but it escalated into a fit that left her exhausted. She felt like her airways were being blocked. Her breathing quickened to try and get more air, but it only helped to make the pain even worse. She managed to keep walking throughout the feeling, but it was unignorable once her entire body felt like she had sat on it for too long. Everything was numb, but at the same time hypersensitive. Tiki fell to the ground. She was surprised when she managed to look up and see Phann unphased by it. Tiki thought it was only affecting her, which made her somehow feel even worse. Like it was all in her head.

Regardless of if it truly was the mana or just her brain tricking her, she couldn't focus. Only when the pain faded to a dull throb for a split-second did Tiki realize that Phann was by her side, tugging on her arm. She tried telling the other elf that she couldn't move, but any attempts to speak were halted by a cough. When one started to come out, it was more of a squeak than any actual words. Tiki did the deepest breath she could muster (which wasn't even as good as a normal one) and looked up. Seeing a panicked look on Phann's face, she became saddened on top of the horrible feeling of every part of her body, inside and out, being bitten by insects. If Tiki didn't start to move soon, Phann would be stuck here with her. Something told her that if they stayed here, they would end up dead. She tried speaking again, to tell Phann to move on without her. Nothing came out.

Disappointed in herself, Tiki tried to ignore her pain as well as she could. She stood up, her legs shaking. It took too much focus to stand up. She knew that she could only do one thing at a time. If she took her mind off of walking, she would fall. She couldn't talk, turn her head, or do anything else, really. She relied on her subconscious to control her breathing and hertbeat as well as they could. Tiki began walking ahead, moving in the direction Phann was before. Whenever her mind faltered, even just a little from hearing sounds, she stumbled. She kept getting back up. She could only hope that her lack of response didn't offend Phann.

harnessed my inner techwear nerd for this one

Aeira Ketsueki
Festival Grounds
Interacting With: @Moyai

Maybe the festival isn't so bad after all.

Immediately after having the door shut (and locked) on her, Aeira felt a deep desire to move. For as long as it took her to reach the festival grounds, Aeira ran, jumped, and flipped on just about everything she could find. This resulted in the annoyance of several passers-by, and possibly the dismantling of a booth or two, but she didn't care. The booths were outside of the festival grounds anyways, it's not like many people were planning to go there. She did care about the large crowd that formed around the festival. She jumped up on top of a nearby streetlight to act as a vantage point. If she didn't want to wait (which she didn't), then it would make sense for her to try to get through the crowd faster. Then, she began to plan. She saw that quite a few of the people in the crowds had larger heads. Simple enough, she thought.

Her use of the poor goomba-headed fools as stepping stones were to their dismay, but again, she did it without a care in the world. Being able to move felt so nice. To others, it would be a bit strange that her mood had shifted so easily, but that was just commonplace for Aeira and her childish nature. Noticing that she was causing a tiny bit of an uproar in the crowd, she started moving faster. Looking down, she could've sworn one of them tried to grab her foot and take her down. It didn't matter now-- she was too quick for people to do anything unless they were already expecting it. Favorably for her, nobody bothered to say 'Look out!' or anything, letting her get the upper-hand on everyone else in line. As she neared the festival grounds, she kicked off of her last victim's head and performed a corkscrew, giving the angry festival-goers a smug grin. A few of them pointing at her with angry faces made her eyes widen.

Running time, she supposed. Aeira ran through the festival grounds with urgency, while still being able to dodge the occasional tomatoes and rocks the big-heads were throwing at her with grace. It was to the point where she started putting it in the back of her mind, rather opting to look at her surroundings. There wasn't much to see, at least for her. She recognized that one plant lady, Rui talked about her a lot. Probably because the plant was the one to sell her alcohol. Thinking about it further, that did seem like quite the mutation. Aeira assumed that the plant was able to grow other plants, meaning she could grow her own food. Why was she living in the city, then? She could just go anywhere she wanted without necessarily needing society, right? Interesting. She kept her desire to talk to that lady more in mind, but then remembered she had an angry mob chasing her.

The small flash-mob was full of iiidiots though, so she was easily able to fake them out by making a quick turn over to the food tables. Watching them run straight ahead like a scene out of a bad children's cartoon made her laugh. She doubted they'd even think to come back for her. Standing up from her stealth-like kneeling position, she dusted herself off and looked to her side to see a girl by herself. With food. A lot of food. Was this girl really going to eat it all by herself? Ooh, her outfit looked really pretty as well! Where did she get those clothes from? Where was she from? How large must her appetite be to order all that food for herself? So many questions! So, so interesting. Aeira had to talk to her!

"Hi! Are you waiting for anyone?" She asked.

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