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In orbit of Ullanor Secundus

Sitting upon his command throne in the Strategium Prometheus watches the few remaining ork warbands being crushed in turn by the Knights or Sentinel forces. The war over Ullanor secundus had been won this was merely clean-up detail, burying the dead and uprooting small but stubborn ork forces, tedious and pointless for a Primarch to oversee. Prometheus stood and stepped down to the holographic display studying it closer as he thought on his options.

As he stared he came to a decision "Prepare to make way" he ordered in a clipped tone catching the entire room off guard "All forces on the ground have one hour to return to the fleet or will stay to support the Sentinels"

Lord Strategos Arghan was the first to recover from the surprise "my lord?" he said in confusion, however several Imperial Army Generals and Astartes captains moved to carry out the orders.

Prometheus looked up with an uncharacteristic hint of impatience though it dissipated almost instantly, smoothed over by his calm bearing. "Arghan, your input is always welcome however time is pressing, if we do not leave now the Knights of Awe can not arrive for the assault on Ullanor prime. The war for Secundus is over, I have achieved victory here and this clean-up duty ill suits me. The army and Usriel can manage what is left on this planet with ease. Nor will we be a footnote of the Ullanor crusade, the Knights of Awe will be at the invasion of Ullanor prime leading the spear. We will be at the Emperor's side amassing glory for the legion!" says the Primarch raising in passion as he speaks.

Arghan, the old veteran, knows this has as much to do with his beloved Primarch's glory as the legions but... the lord Strategos felt the same. He longed to be on Ullanor prime fighting along side the Emperor and his Custodes. "Of course lord, I will see to it. A captain should stay behind however, we will be leaving a not insubstantial amount of our forces here and they should have a commanding authority."

Prometheus nods and waves the Lord Strategos off "Yes, see to it" says the Primarch distractedly. Within the hour the mighty fleet fired its engines on a heading for Ullanor prime.
Cape of New Hope: Trade Alliance colony

Administrator Meeting

Joseph Black finally takes his seat at the head of the meeting. "Ladies and gentlemen. It has been six months since our arrival, I know there have been many meetings between each of you and myself but I think it is a time to get an assessment of our overall progress." he says casting his eyes around the assembly. "Security, lets begin."

The Security administrator, and head of the Trade Alliance Infantry clears his throat, "mmm, Yes. Construction of the base fortification is nearly complete and we have had little trouble with the... locals." Says the administrator in a gruff an military bearing. "However the, well, I don't think we have an official name for them yet. Anyway we have been calling them goblins, are little more than a nuisance. Every night we have been finding a few flint tipped spears imbedded into the walls no injuries or deaths yet."

The flight Commander of the Reaver wing speaks up "We did some recon in the hills north of us, seems like there are tribes of the goblins up there. I'm not sure on the structure, if they are one tribe or several separate groups, but there are a dozen groups of them each several hundred strong. Oh, and we noticed many more campfires further north as the sun went down. There are thousands of the little buggers."

One of the elected officials spoke up, "Are they a concern?"

"No, not really. if they came in force we may have trouble with them but the wooden palisade is enough to keep them out. Once concrete is an option they won't have the technology to get through the walls."

the meeting falls quiet a moment absorbing the information. "very good" says Joseph, "How about agriculture?"

The elderly woman glances down at her notes for a brief moment checking that the figures she has been working with every day for months are still correct "It seems we are at 80% to sustainably feeding the population on shore based farms but people are getting upset, they expected land to begin their own cultivation and trade."

Joseph nods, "Well that takes us to Economics, How is the plan on that front?"

Several people begin to shift to speak before most of them realize their version of economics was not being addressed. The local economics admin adjusted his glasses and recited the plan "we should parcel out land totaling an equal to the state controlled land to people and allow them to clear and cultivate it, once that harvest is rolling in the current state land should be parceled out to those who want land but did not get any in the first round. Probably months before this is complete and will require monitoring but should keep most citizens happy."

Joseph smiles, things are going well on all fronts so far, but there remained one that was critical. "Foreign administrator?"

The woman simply nodded, "No news on that front, all vessels except the survey ship, have been in the cape. we are awaiting the colony to be well established and an internal economy in motion before establishing any concrete relationships. However the possibility of trade deals are being discussed but there have been no formal arrangements."

again the congregation nods absorbing the information "Speaking of, How are the surveys going?"

The bookish lady frowns slightly, "In terms of base resources such as Iron, various components of concrete, copper, even some coal, we have enough to start a simple but robust economy in manufactured goods, building materials and simple fuel. However some of the more precious resources have not been found yet such as gold, uranium or oil. The survey ship has been gone about a week now, so they may have found something new but we will not know until their return"

"Alight, Industry?"

A man covered in grit and grime smiles "Yeah, like the lady said, plenty of base materials to work with, and that Gaea corp tech is pretty awesome. We almost have a full industrial base, if we play our cards right we should have a large scale industrial forge by the end of the month, and some machine shops making various small parts. All by hand unfortunately, don't have the population to support large scale mass production of much of anything.. except bullets you know, just in case. But I Think these should stay state operated and people can build out that level of infrastructure as our economy can support it. Especially once trade with the others begins in earnest. Oh, and some of the lads are talking about getting another A-1R plane together probably take a few months doing it by hand though."

"This is all sounding very promising" he says looking at the clock "I think its time for a little break, thank you lets all return after lunch"
Ullanor Secundus

Prometheus & Usriel

Sophrus & Lauder Colab

The time for the assault had come, the two companies of the Steel Sentinels had been prepped, standing behind their Rhinos which had been loaded with Aegis defenses. The neophytes had said their prayers to the machine spirits that resided within the plasma rifles that they proudly held, their astartes teachers standing on their flanks. Very few Wolfram Freki Plasma tanks could be seen within the position the company had taken, each positioned deliberately behind the Rhinos to provide supporting fire.

Usriel looked over his lines once more, making sure that everything was in place before looking to the other Steel Sentinel company who had been ready erecting rearguard defenses in case something in the assault went awry. Skiitari were lightly present, making sure mechanicum interests were being furthered, though it seemed they were not as interested in the assault itself. The primarch took a deep breath in his helmet as he turned to his honour guard, “Steel yourselves, be prepared for anything these xenos may throw at you.”

“We will not disappoint you, my primarch,” the standard beared, Maren, stated as he brought up his plasma repeater.

Usriel merely nodded before turning to a Skitarii ranger, “Send this message to Light Bringer, the Steel Sentinels are ready for the assault on his orders. Remind him to be wary of whatever these xenos may have at their disposal.”

“Understood, Lord-Primarch. Message being relayed to nearby Tech-Priest... Complete.” the skitarii responded robotically before returning its gaze to the front.

“Shall we lead from the front, my primarch,” Maren inquired, a silent nod from Usriel was the only indication for the Honor Guard to begin moving forwards, alongside Usriel. The neophytes immediately dropped to a singular knee as their primarch passed them, honoring him before returning to their readied positions. The honor guard turned to the readied line as Usriel stopped behind them.

“Let them die upon unbreakable walls!” Usriel called out to his men.

“And let us hold until the Eagle’s death!” they cried in unison.

Prometheus thanked the Techpriest as the message came acknowledging the partner legion ready for the assault. He turned and looked around the command center, dozens of generals and Astartes company captains coordinating the final pieces of the huge combined assault. Thousands of Astartes and hundreds of thousands of Imperial army stand ready to raze the ork fortress. “Engineseer, would you patch my vox into the general channel.” he said as he left the tent.

He exited into a huge muster area where the sledge hammer of the Imperium stood poised super heavy tanks and various Wolfram tanks idle noisily beside rows of land-raiders and chimera transports, white and bronze glittering in the sun. Prometheus climbed his personal command land-raider, making it rock clad in his terminator bulk.

He looked out at the amassed forces grinning in pride and anticipation. “Vox link open Lord Primarch” said the techpriest in their cold monotone as he stepped from the tent to join the assembly.

“Sons and Daughters of the Imperium! Hear me! We go into battle against this foul xenos yet again, Fear not the xenos! Hold the line and follow me! Now for wrath!” the Primarch shouts over the vox

“Now for wrath!” shouts the entire assault force in unison

“Now for ruin!”

“Now for ruin!”

“For the Imperium!” Both primarch and troopers shout as the ramps drop to load the forces. At the same time the general vox link dies. Moments later the very earth begins to rumble as the full weight of the Imperial army’s artillery flatten no-mans-land rolling steadily back and into the fortress, making a fiery shield.

“Usriel,” says Prometheus on his vox again, “Two minutes” In exactly two minutes the assault column of the Knights of Awe and Imperial army retainers roll forward exiting the safety of the extensive trench network and into the blasted wastes of no-man's-land.

When the time had come, Usriel spoke into his general vox to address his soldiers, “Forwards! For the Imperium!” With that the forces of the Steel Sentinels began to move forwards, the neophytes clinging to the rear of their Rhinos as they entered no-man’s-land behind the Knights of Awe, being less armored than their full-blooded mentors which stayed with them.
The imperial column rolled forward as the ork hordes braved the punishing artillery and rocket detonations decimating their numbers, but the green tide was merely thinned if not slowed. Moments later the armored divisions loosed their fury, battle cannons, bolts of plasma and torrents of bolter shells scythed through the ork horde slaughtering ever more. The tide pressed ever forwards.

As the orks came into range where the transports might become threatened Prometheus called into the vox “Assault ramps down! Charge!”

Transports ground to a halt and threw open their ramps, Astartes and Imperial Army charged forward unleashing a new hail of bolter fire and streaks of las fire. The forces quickly came together into a sawtooth formation, Astartes squads leading companies ever deeper into the ork lines while the center was held by Prometheus, his Terminator guard and the most elite Imperial army forces. Baneblades and Shadow Swords dispersed themselves through the front adding their considerable fire to the advancing infantry while the Wolfram tanks held the flanks with Imperial army reinforcements.

Prometheus at the center of the chaos swung his power glaive in sweeping arcs cleaving through orks several at a time, his Terminator elite cleaving their own bloody path through the horde while grenades arced over their heads to explode just beyond the front line. Gouts of flame bloomed between the hulking terminators as troopers found openings.

The plasma of the Wolfram Freki tanks arced over the advancing Knights, rending groups of Orks into nothing more than piles of gore as the Rhinos pushed forwards. Unlike the transports of the Knights of Awe, those of the Steel Sentinels continued to advance further until they were closer to the imperial troops who clung to the dirt, making their profiles smaller to avoid being hit. When their ramps lowered, it only revealed the defenses that had been loaded into them and then the neophytes went to work, rapidly unloading the Aegis and erecting them next to the Rhino which acted as a mere starting point to the defensive Steel Sentinel line.

Their plasma rang past as they covered the advancing soldiers, covering their own men as they brought forward Aegis lines to large groups of soldiers so they would not have to hide in dirt and craters. The rounds of the ork weaponry bounced off those hasty defensive works as neophytes began to connect their tanks through these defensive networks, building a wall for soldiers to stage they’re charges in more coordinated fashions. However, in the front was where Usriel would be found, firing off his plasma pistol in deliberate, timed shots, each hitting ork after ork.

“Take dis space marine!” an ork called an jumped into the open power fist of the primarch, only to be crushed and tossed to the side as if it were nothing but useless trash. His honor guard unleashed further punishment into the ork’s corpse before moving back to gun down the orks indiscriminately with their fast-firing plasma weaponry.

Usriel fought his way to Prometheus, another orks body vaporizing as a result of a plasma shot. “We must keep advancing Prometheus, the orks will only muster more soldiers at this pace,” he called to his sibling as he stepped to the other Primarch’s side. However, Usriel stopped for a moment before tackling his brother to the ground just before something as large as an artillery shell flew above the two and collided with a Rhino. As Usriel looked up, he saw the ramshackled construction of some ork vehicle, towering into the air as it stepped out from behind the fortress and teeming with orks. It was clear even from a glance that it was incomplete, but it was an orkish titan nonetheless.

Prometheus grunted as he hit the ground, the bulk of his brother and armor knocking some wind from his lungs, he stood quickly acknowledging Usriel with a nod of thanks. He then quickly drank in the details of the battle surrounding him. The strategy his generals had planned was grinding slower than was expected, and there were more orks than expected. There was a titan, a ramshackle thing raining bits of scrap metal and orks as it walked. He stepped away from the front line which closed ranks with practiced ease. He closed his eyes for a moment, processing through the entire battle in moments, it wasn’t good but he could fix it... “I must have victory” he said to himself quietly, the words drowned beneath the fury of battle.

“Usriel!” Prometheus shouted over the din of warfare “I need your Legion on the flanks! They can not envelop us!” He didn’t wait for a reply, something he was certainly going to hear about later, he continued on a vox channel bouncing between generals, captains, and commanders shifting the shape of the battle to his advantage. As he spoke a lance of plasma streaked above him reducing a land-raider to glowing slag. “The titan must fall” he said as he pulled officers onto his command channel. “Super heavies, Artillery on the titan, bring it down now.” Prometheus said in an unnaturally clipped tone frustration bleeding through his calm demeanor.

As the battle shifted slowly as orders filtered through the first impacts fell onto the titan, whirlwind rockets and heavy earthshaker shells detonated on the ork titan’s bulk cleaving away unfinished structures. The thing didn’t even have void shields, the might of the armored vehicles should make short work of it. Finally he called on the general vox “Forward! Forward! Bring them ruin!” Prometheus started forward again rushing past his Terminator elite carving a swathe single handedly through the horde, his Astartes following his example and rushing deep into the ork lines while the Imperial army followed but had to absorb more of the Orkish counter attack. Thousands were being cut down but the advance regained some of its steam.

The titan began rocking from the beating it was receiving from the titan slaying weapons of the super heavy tanks. It stubbornly stayed standing continually pelting the assault with brutal firepower, tanks and transports lay burning dotted throughout the front line. Whole companies reduced to ash along with the horde it was fighting. The Imperial war machine ground ever onwards accepting the casualties as necessary sacrifices for victory.

An Astartes fel-blade tank broke free of the ork hordes, it was soon flanked by a pair of Stormhammers who closed within nearly suicidal range of the Ork titan and began hammering it with their myriad of heavy cannons. The leg they fired upon crumpled sending the titan to the ground crushing the majority of it beneath its own bulk. The tanks however were swarmed, the crews dragged out and butchered by the greenskins.

The Primarchs both cleaved their way at the head of the vanguard through the horde of orks, lances of plasma or a stream of storm bolter fire punctuating the fluid melee. The assault’s momentum grew as the titan fell and the Primarchs lead the charge. Orks fell in breathtaking numbers as the assault finally drove into the citadel of the ork stronghold itself.

The defensive lines of the Steel Sentinels had moved to the flanks, attaching their makeshift walls to what surviving transports they had and using that as further moving cover. Their plasma fell orks, though the orks came in such numbers that it became difficult to control the machine spirits within them. Neophytes who ignored their precautionary teachings earned superheated steam to their face, often killing them outright. Those that did survive the ordeal were hastily loaded into the safety of the transport by their squad members. However, the company of the Steel Sentinels seemed to be faring much better than the spearhead of the Imperial Army, their own dead being far less present than the others.

As they reached the citadel, the Sentinels used the primitive orkish walls as a basis to extend their defenses, quickly shifting the Aegis to form a position that could be defended from all angles, turning the outside of the walls against the orks who dared charge them. Usriel oversaw this to the best of his ability but it grew harder as the horde of orks seemed to be never ending, and it seemed that the battle was growing more costly every second that past. However, it quickly became clear that the Sentinels had established a nominal safezone just outside the ork fortress.

“The time to take the fortress has come!” Usriel stated into his vox, looking to Prometheus as his guard took up positions at the ‘gate’ of the fortress.

Prometheus agreed broadcasting to make the final push across the vox network which was answered by a roaring cry “And the ground shall tremble!” both primarchs, honor guard and the Knights Terminators streamed through the gate leveling all that remained of orkish resistance. Even the warlord who held the keep was no match for the forces arrayed against him being brought low by a hail of plasma fire from Usriel while distracted fighting Prometheus.

The cacophony of battle slowly began to fade when the warlord lay dead at the Primarch’s feet. Many thousands lay dead or dying in the battlefield each a tale of bravery and heroism. Slowly the front line began falling into the fortress to prepare defenses and rest after the long siege and final assault.

Prometheus made a very formal salute to Usriel “Thank you brother, This battle would have taken many more lives to see it through had you not been here. I know you care not for the lives of mortal men but they are precious to me and thousands more would have had to die taking this fortress. Oh, and please send me the record of your fallen this day. They will be added to the names of the honored fallen, watched over by the Ancient Deckard and his Knights of Mourning.” he said as the pair slowly made their way back to the courtyard, such as it was, of the citadel.

“Very well, Light Bringer. Those who have not had the machine spirits turned upon them will have their names sent to you, the others would only bring shame,” Usriel said coldly as the two walked. “However, the arrival of that abomination was… surprising to say the least, but you seemed to be able to adapt to the situation well enough,” he commented as his gaze went to the collapsed corpse of the orkish titan, barely able to be seen over the walls of the fortress.

“That it was... “ Prometheus said quietly “it was fortunate the machine was unfinished, It may have stalled the assault if it was like those destroyed by our friends in the Legio Titanicus.” Prometheus watched as dead and wounded were dragged into the safety of the fortress, one scene caught his eye as a whole squad of Auxilia troopers carried a dead Knight through the gate an ork Choppa still embedded in the breastplate. “Still a costly assault, I will be happy when the ork is finally obliterated from our galaxy.”

“And I will be happy when we do not need to rely on the weakness of man to carry us to victory,” Usriel stated as his own gaze turned to the scores of dead mortals that littered the pathway to the fortress. The soldiers of the Steel Sentinels only carried in Astartes and other neophytes who had fallen honorable in battle, however, the fallen men were otherwise brought in by the scruff of their necks and dropped into a pile unceremoniously.

Prometheus frowns at Usriel “Weakness? They are our strength brother, if not for them your legion would not exist, nor mine. Their strength is the Imperium. We Primarchs and the Emperor are immensely powerful but our dreams of a united galaxy do not depend on our strength, but theirs.” he says gesturing to the hundreds of mortals tending to the wounded and filling sandbags for temporary defenses. “You should have at least some respect for them. They charged with us today, fought with the same resolve and fury as our Astartes, without battle plate or augmetics. That is proof of their bravery.”

“If that is what you chose to believe, Light Bringer. These men have shown that they can follow orders, yes. They have shown that they may be brave, but do not let that sight fool you,” Usriel said, his voice cold and emotionless behind his helmet. He looked to those men who still lived, “Anyone of them could be a dissident, a traitor waiting for his chance to strike,” he turned the Prometheus, “It is not their lack of bravery that is their weakness, but it is the lack of loyalty. That is what has reduced my legion to using Neophytes as foot soldiers and it was that lack of loyalty I have had to put down before.” His powerfist clenched as he spoke, perhaps the only sign of proper emotion from him at that moment.

“I would watch the mortals closely, brother,” Usriel advised, the final word from him echoing hints of antipathy before the primarch stalked away.
Ullanor Secundus

Prometheus & Usriel

Prometheus nodded to his Astartes Captains and Generals of the Imperial Army, this plan would work. It would be bloody and thousands would perish in the next days fighting but another Ork fortress would fall. Its outer walls were already burning rubble from furious and sustained artillery fire that even now roared behind the trench lines. Random streaks of las-fire and heavy bolter cut through the darkness in no-mans-land as adventurous Orks tried to close with the defenders. He catches Strategos Arlym before the briefing ends, “Strategos, send word to Ancient Deckard. See if Usriel and his Legion wish to assault this fortress with us. There are few left on this world and The Emperor will be razing Ullanor prime soon enough.”

The Commander bows “At once my lord”

Prometheus returns to the map scrutinizing the plan once again. Mastadon assault vehicles followed by Gorgon assault vehicles delivering 5,000 marines and 50,000 Imperial Storm Troopers supported by heavy armor is a strong vanguard to lead the full infantry assault. Finally The Primarch exits the command bunker and gazes out into the night watching the Ork hordes being cut down and listening to the hammering of artillery. Something was off, he couldn’t place it, he felt that the Orks were up to something but his analytical mind and gifts of insight couldn’t give him an answer.

Usriel’s Command bunker:

The dreadnaught that carried Ancient Deckard stepped to the entrance of the bunker and examined the guard standing at the door. He spoke in a booming mechanical monotone “I bring word from the Knights of Awe, I must see your Primarch.”

The guard looked at the dreadnaught, a moment of silence coming between the two before the guard stepped aside. After another moment, the doors to the command bunker slid open and a tech-priest wandered out, only stopping to acknowledge the dreadnaught with a light bow before skirting past Ancient Deckard. As the tech-priest moved away from the bunker, out came the form of Usriel. The Primarch looked at the dreadnaught before motioning to the guard, who bowed his head and walked away from the two.

“I heard that you have brought word from the Knights?” Usriel asked, his voice coming through his helmet.
“I have my lord” Says Ancient Deckard, making a motion approximating a bow for his hulking machine. “Prometheus asks if you would join in his assault on Fortress BM-9 tomorrow. If so he will send the details of the assault. I know he and his elite guard will be the vanguard.”

Usriel thought for a moment before he spoke again, “Fortress BM-9 would prove to be an advantageous place for another outpost, eventually a proper fortress would be of good use.” The Primarch nodded to Ancient Deckard before confirming, “Very well, I will join the assault. Once I have the details of the assault, I will coordinate what forces to pull from Arx Ferrum now that it is not in the direct path of an Ork attack. However, he must be quick, I do not wish to give these xenos a chance to rally before we strike.”

Ancient Deckard rotated one of his claws back and forth as though it were an unconscious motion while he thought. “Of course, The fortress will be razed by nightfall I expect. I will bring your reply to my legion” the dreadnaught says with another bow but staying in his place until dismissed.

“Thank you,” Usriel stated before turning away from the dreadnaught to re-enter the bunker, to leave Ancient Deckard with his task. As the doors closed behind him, he looked to the guard that had been outside, standing in silence before the voice of the Primarch cut through the air. “Prepare Maren and the rest of the Honor Guard, we will be striking Fortress BM-9 soon, and send word to Chapter Two at the ready for any company requisition for the assault.”

The guard bowed his head before speaking, “At once, my lord,” before marching out of the command structure to leave Usriel’s presence. The Primarch moved towards a wall, seeing the data that the tech-priest had relayed to him, however, something did not feel correct about the projections and while the Cult Mechanicus’ priests were confident that the Orks would be subdued with enough time to allow a week for the planet to prepare for Ork reinforcements, but he did not feel the same. He had little evidence to dispute their claims other than a feeling of paranoia tugging at the back of his mind, a feeling that he disliked.

Prometheus Command Bunker:

The Primarch dispatched orders for the strategic plan and the timeline of the assault to be sent to Usriel. Along with dozens of others to move imperial army artillery batteries or to begin preparations for the Terran 46th Super-Heavy Tank regiment and the Mastodon transports. Between each dispatch the thought of subtle wrongness nagged at him. Hundreds of scenarios played through his mind as minor details were dealt with, none however held that kernel of fact he could build from.

“General Haen, What do you think of the assault strategy?” says the Primarch to the now astonished Army General

“I.. uh, My lord it is as perfect a plan as any I have seen.” he replies

Prometheus nods “I know, you, the Generals and Strategos did well. After some changes it is a perfect assault and yet...” he trails off

The General studies the map confused “Well, you know I feel that the Amn 2nd Infantry should be with you in the vanguard, they are tough storm troopers tha-”

The Primarch smiles and cuts off the general “Thank you general, we discussed that, they are the lead element of the infantry assault following the armor. You know full well Strategos Arlym is right. Anyway General, could you handle these dispatches? The Phalanx and the little Raven’s assault corps need to be prepared.”

With that Prometheus leaves the bunker into the night air, scented with cordite and prometheum fumes. Before finding his vanguard the Primarch spends some time walking the trenches, speaking to Astartes and the Imperial Army alike. His mere presence bolsters morale showing each trooper that the Primarch fights with them.

Overhead, a thunderhawk could be heard, bearing the marks of the Steel Sentinels, which could just faintly be seen against the night sky of Ullanor Secundus. Quickly, it found it would land and almost just as quickly, word of Usriel’s arrival would be spread to Prometheus as a mortal soldier ran up to the Primarch to deliver the news, “My lord, Primarch Usriel has arrived with his honor guard. He is requesting to see you.”

“Very good Sergeant” he says and dismisses the officers he had been speaking with. He starts towards the landing site Commander Gaalus and the mortal Baroness Flavia falling in on his heels as an honor guard of sorts.

“Brother Usriel!” Prometheus shouts over the engine of the Thunderhawk “I was almost afraid you would be late and miss the battle!” he says with a chuckle “I trust you have had a chance to review the strategy?”

“Indeed,” Usriel answered quickly, “I have sent for companies four and five of the Second Chapter!” The Primarch of the Steel Sentinels turned back to look at the Thunderhawk as it was powering down until the time of the assault. Usriel turned back to his brother before continuing to speak, “Company Four will be acting as rearguard while Company Five will secure whatever the xenos call walls on their fortress so that once it is fully secured, proper defenses will be able to be erected. That said, both companies are bringing Aegis barricades to allow for cover on our rear and to set as we advance.”

Prometheus processes the addition to the strategy for a brief moment, “Excellent that will do nicely. Ah, where are my manners, this is Commander Gaalus, he will be leading the Phalanx Terminators. This is Commander Flavia, she is the leader of the Astarte Auxilia storm troopers” he gestures to each of them, Gaalus bowing deeply showing respect to the Primarch. Flavia however bows but noticeably less than the Astartes captain.

“I was unaware you kept mortals with your guard, Prometheus,” Usriel stated, looking at the human before commenting, “Especially one less dedicated than our Astartes.” He looked back to the other Primarch, “Regardless, the Mechanicus priests believe that we should make enough time to prepare for Ork reinforcements but…” Usriel trailed off before looking back at his guard and motioning for them to leave, his gaze returning to his brother, but remaining silent.

Prometheus follows suit waving his guard away “Think nothing of little Flavia, she spends too much time in the presence of Primarchs and Astartes I fear it has made her arrogant on our behalf, but that is not what troubles you. The assault is flawless near as I can tell, is there some flaw we have overlooked?” he says with his demeanor becoming gravely serious.

“No, the assault is not what I am worried about. Rather, it is the projections the priests came to me with, they did not seem correct and even when I made them check again, it did not seem right. I do not know, Prometheus, something does not feel right to me,” Usriel stated in an equally dire tone, before he looked back at the Thunderhawk. The glowing green eyes of a tech-priest became apparent as he exited the ship, a small unit of skiitari behind him.

“Apologies for the interruption, my lords,” the robotic voice chimed, as he bowed to the both of them, “I felt the need to interject due to the worry our calculations have caused. We believe there is an eighty-six percent chance that our projections are correct.” The tech-priest took a moment to form new data, “Eighty-seven point three percent. The only unaccounted variable is that of a contingent from outside the system, but due to scale of the Imperial fleet, it was deemed that any logical organic would deem it suicide and change course.”

Prometheus nods “That sounds accurate. There were some reports from orbit of a few asteroids near the planet, are they in an orbit that would interfere with fleet activity?” he asks the Tech-priest.

“No, my lord” he replies, “The orbits of the asteroids are well outside the operational area of the fleet, however they will be between the fleet and planet briefly during the assault and may obstruct orbital fire for a few moments.”

“Very well, apart from any surprises the green skins have inside that fortress of theirs I’m confident in this assault” says Prometheus with a smile “What about you brother?”

“I do not know, I feel as if the calculations are not right and there is something that has yet to be accounted for. After all, these things have proven to be… less than logical when it comes to conventional warfare,” Usriel commented, before a sigh could be heard through his helmet. “Perhaps, I am just being paranoid,” the Primarch said, looking to the tech-priest, “Foton, you are dismissed. Begin working with the other mortals so that the Cult Mechanicus’ interests on this world are met.”

The tech-priest bowed once more before leaving the two primarchs to their conversation, the skitarii marching in unison behind him.

“I will prepare myself for the assault, Prometheus. Clear my thoughts, and make sure that the machine spirits in my weapons are appeased. I will see you on the battlefield,” Usriel stated, turning away from his brother and marching back onto the Thunderhawk.

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