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24 year old, thoroughly average guy who enjoys RP'ing not-average people.

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Hello, one and all, and welcome to my humble... well, I wouldn't really call it an interest check, as I'm somewhat lacking in solid, actual ideas. Meaning I have none. So, what right do I have to be posting here, you ask? Well I do, as a matter of fact, have vague ideas! Lovely, flexible things that are perfect for collaborative efforts!

So, what I am really looking for is an RP partner. An. As in singular. Only one. You see, I'm neck-deep in my second semester of college, and that has left me with much less free time than I would like. To ensure that I don't overburden myself, I am setting my RP limit ridiculously low, so it is basically impossible to take on more than I can handle. How can you tell if that one singular person has already been found? Well, if you happened to see a blaring string of the word 'CLOSED' up above, there you go. I'll be editing that in once I've got 'em.

So what am I looking for in this partner I'm seeking? Well, I feel like making a list, so here's a list:

  • Someone who is able to consistently give two decently bulky paragraphs per post, with good grammar, spelling, etc.

  • Someone who will at the very least not turn into some silent puppet master the moment the RP starts. A lack of an active OOC is just kinda eerie to me.

  • Someone who will post at least once a day, or give OOC notification if they cannot.

  • Someone who isn't squeamish about mature themes and mature scenes, but also doesn't center the whole RP around them.

  • Considering that I play male main characters, and am a childish sucker for romantic subplots, someone who plays female main characters. Side characters are whatever.

  • Not a very impressive list, I suppose. Well, anyways, on to what sort of RP's I'd be looking for, in descending order of likelihood I'd enjoy them (i.e. The higher the better).

  • Adventure

  • Romance

  • Fantasy

  • Pok√©mon (OC's only)

  • Sci-Fi

Once again, not the greatest list. So, if you have an idea that fits one or more of those parameters, or are at least interested in one or more of those themes, then please, shoot me a PM and we can start discussing the details!
Hey everybody! I'm Sotiras (Or if you prefer real names, Kyle), and I was pretty into RPing on the OldGuild for a while, perhaps... a year-ish ago? Of course, then college happened, and those of you who've been through it probably know what that meant for my free time. Anyways, lately I feel like I've been getting better at handling the workload, so I got to reminiscing about my RP days and figured now was as good a time as any to get back on the horse!

...Come to think of it, Spring break may have actually been a better time.

...Well, too late for that now! I'm back, and ready to start getting back into the swing of things! I'll see you all around!
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