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<Snipped quote by Spiritblitz>

Alright, I'm following your lead.

*we enter the next floor and our hud blinks, stating that the integrity is at 47%*
We have to be careful.
*holds my hand out and clenches my fist, my hand glows and when I open it, a large ping is emitted and our minimap updates, little blips ahead of the wall of rubble and it gives notice that the floors above are covered in rubble*
Well, this is our last floor, but it seems the buildings have connected from falling on each other*
<Snipped quote by Spiritblitz>

I appreciate it... That means a lot.
*Checks the scanner*

*there is nothing so far*
Lets check the next floor out more.
<Snipped quote by Spiritblitz>

...I will... I will.
*Continues walking*

...Just know that you are doing a great job.
<Snipped quote by Spiritblitz>

Is everything okay?

Look, I just want to let ya know that not everyone may be alive. And I don’t want it to be a surprise to you. So if you do see someone dead...let me know. I’ll take care of it. Okay?
<Snipped quote by Spiritblitz>

*Moves up to the next floor*

*follows you*
<Snipped quote by Spiritblitz>

Fine so far. Nobody in critical condition.

*sighs in relief*
Good. Let’s keep going.
<Snipped quote by Spiritblitz>

*Heads to the left and begins taking care of survivors in the room*

How is it going?
*looks around the room and moves some rubble around*
<Snipped quote by Spiritblitz>

I go left and you go right?

*nods and I move some rubble and open the doors, the people behind are huddled together and I help them out, sending the on their way*
<Snipped quote by Spiritblitz>

Are there weak points we might be able to tear down without reducing the integrity?

Yes. Though, we have to find them when we confront that problem.
*we see multiple blips in different rooms*
<Snipped quote by Spiritblitz>

Got it. If it gets to really low integrity, will we still be able to help them?

Yes, We have to. We can’t leave these people, especially of they are alive. We will have to make the area into an optimal integrity.
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