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The Wallenberg son was absent mindedly stroking the golden fur of his animal best friend Charlie letting out bored sighs. Max had come home from drinking some beers with his friends about an hour earlier had been bored ever since. Max was a resilient man and he could withstand a lot of things but being bored was not one of those things. He suddenly flipped his legs over the side of his bed and stood up. Making Charlie jump up excitedly. Max stood at the door leading out to the balcony as his dog circled his feet. The breeze flowing through the trees filled the young man with inspiration to go on a run.

“You want to come with me on run boy?” He asked happily as he bent down petting the dog on the side of his body. Charlie barked excitedly jumping up and putting his paws on Max’s chest as an answer. “Alright buddy! Let me just get ready!” he said as he removed his buttoned down shirt and replacing it with a more workout friendly t-shirt. Soon he had put on his running shorts and he and Charlie were bounding downstairs.

“You going out again Max?” His father asked from the living room where he and his wife were curled up together watching a movie.

“Yeah I’m going for a run! I’ve been a lazy bastard this weekend.” Max called out as he got on his running shoes the signature Wallenberg booming laugh could be heard from the other room. “I’m taking Charlie with me!” he yelled as he opened the door and exited his dog running ahead of him.

“Be back before eleven!” his mother's voice could be heard through the closing door.

Max started of down his street towards Ocean boulevard so he could run with the ocean as a backdrop. His music was pumping through his airpods and getting him into his usual rhythm. Max smile widened as he saw how excited Charlie was as he ran in front of him sitting down and waiting for his friend to catch up.

Before he knew it Max had been running for an hour. He had not really payed attention to where he had been going. Charlie barking louder and more frequent made Max snap back to reality. He reached up and paused his music to find out what got Charlie so riled up.

“Hey, hey, hey what’s up buddy? Huh? Why are you so…” he hunched down trying to get his friend to calm down. He looked around and saw that his subconscious had brought him to a very familiar place. The Nicholson home.

After standing looking up at the hose he had spent the better part of the summer in. Max turned around and left the same way he came. “Come on buddy.”

Archer’s finger traced the curves of Kavans chest absentmindedly as they both still lay in his bed. They hadn’t moved for a couple of hours just staying in bed talking and laughing, in utter paradise. Suddenly they were pulled back to reality by the sound of the front door opening and the murmur of voices. Archer could feel his friend tense up under his hand he looked up at his eyes seeing them widen… was that panic?

“Maa, daddy you’re home early!” you could hear Amoli saying from downstairs almost as a warning.

Kavan shot out of bed scrambling to get his clothing on at the same time he was running his hands through his hair making it more presentable. “Is…” Archer started a feeble attempt to get Kavan’s attention.

His friend looked around his room before he looked back up at Archer’s worried face. “I think you better go home for now…”

The words smacked him hard in the face. His eyes rose and fell slowly “Oh… oh yeah sure… of course.” He said as he quickly got dressed a million thoughts running through his head as he did. As Archer passed him in the doorway to his room Kavan gave him a strange look that seemed to be a mixture of regret and apology.

As they reached the first floor Kavan’s parents warmly greeted them as they usually did when Archer was over at their house. “You’re going already Archer? Not staying for dinner?” Mrs. Varma asked.

Archer struggled to plaster a smile on his face “Oh… Uhm no I need to get back home. I’ve been gone way to long… you know my mother will worry Mrs. Varma. But thank you for the offer.” he stuttered out. He turned around to face Kavan again “I… Well thanks for the study session dude. I guess I’ll see you tomorrow” he said not knowing what to do with his hand so he settled with an awkward shoulder pat before rushing out of the front door.

When he reached his car he sat in it tightly gripping the steering wheel for a few minutes breathing heavy. He tried to shake of the feeling he had ruined something before he drove away towards his house.

His finger tapped nervously on the side of his phone as he stared at the screen. Archer let out a puff of smoke through the open window. He had sat there since he had arrived home trying to get his thoughts straight. He killed his sixth cigarette before flicking it out of the window as he closed it. Archer’s thumbs now flowed over his phone typing the text that he had ran through his head a thousand time since he had arrived home. He erased and retyped it a few times before he sent it with a huge sigh.

His green eyes stayed on his message bubble to see if Kavan would open the text immediately. He did not. Obviously he is busy. He has a lot to do. And it’s not like he thinks about me all the time. He doesn’t have his phone glued to his hands like I do. Archer reasoned as he threw his phone on the small table beside his bed and connected it to the charging cord.

A small grown escaped him as he flopped onto his bed staring up at the ceiling. What should he do? Maybe call Marisol? No she would not get it… he could hear her now “Well you got laid! Be fucking happy!”. No that wasn’t going to help. He decided to process this on his own before talking to his friend about this tomorrow.

Deciding to push this to the back of his mind for now he grabbed his current reading book and tried to busy himself with immersing himself in the world of the book. This was a feat proving to be to hard for him because every two minutes or so he checked his phone to see if a reply had been received.

Even a twitter video of Ariel punching King's resident douchebag Kavi couldn't keep him from worrying about the text. He commented a few cryinglauhging emojis and tagged Marisol. Then went back to staring at blue bubble. After a while he could at least see that the message had been read. Which made it even harder to concentrate on anything else. A faint gasp left him as he checked for the last time before deciding to go to sleep, the dreaded gray monster.

He flipped his phone upside down and turned his back to it forcing himself to shit his eyes and drift of to sleep.

Location | The RV kitchen table
Time | 12:08 PM
Interacting with |Sami@BrutalBx Kim@Stanifly Val@Dirty Pretty Lies Em@NeoAC

Nathan whooped as Sami exclaimed that they were going to be on their way. Slapping his friend on the back as he hoisted his bags back on to his shoulders as getting ready to haul it all in to the RV. His eyes followed Valeria’s petite figure as she announced that she was changing in to dry clothes. His gaze lingered a little to long for his own comfort and he shoved his sunglasses on his face and hope no one had noticed his indiscretion. Thankfully the rest of the misfits were all busy with pestering Sami about the stolenness of their ride.
Rolling his eyes at the commotion he began dragging his belongings through the small entrance.

He threw his backpack up on to the top bunk claiming it for himself as Kim had claimed the bottom. Rummaging through it he pulled out the brand new journal he had gotten for the trip and also all of his journaling tools before settling down at the small table in the ‘kitchen’. Cracking the spine of a new journal was almost a religious experience for Nate, it sent a shiver down his spine and a smile always spread across his face when his pen touched the fresh paper. Now he was in the zone. This was why the shock startled him when the condensation from the cold drinks splattered the paper as the tray hit the table. And a blur of blonde locked herself in the small bathroom. Sobs could be heard from the other side of the door.

The young man let out a small sigh as he stood up and tried to get the water of the pages before closing the journal. He walked over to the locked bathroom door and knocked softly. “Hey Em? You ok?” he began. When sobbing was the only thing that could be heard still, he tried again “Don’t you think it’s a bit early in the trip for tears?” he began picking at a spot where the linoleum was peeling of the door frame. “What I mean to say is… don’t you want to talk about it instead of being locked in there?” he asked but getting no answer. “Or if you don’t want to talk about it…” he looked around for something to save the situation. All he could find was his phone with his headphones still plugged in, his music softly pumping out of them. “If you come out I’ll listen to Ariana Grande with you… I’ll even sing along with you.” he made a last ditch attempt to coax her out of the small space.

Interacting with: Viv@Altered Tundra Dustyn@MissCapnCrunch

Phil had spent the time since he had arrived mostly by himself. After the big assembly he had just dumped his belongings in his new apartment and left again for the gardens. It was kind of a tradition for him to start his semester of that way. Just tending to the plants and meditating to himself. Also laying in a garden feeling the sun charge him up with energy and good feelings is what keeps this demigod going.

It’s not that he didn’t like to socialize with his fellow godly students, but he had always been someone who cherished his alone time. But his size and standoffishness usually made people weary of him. This of course is something the son of Demeter wants to change. His mother always told him to be as kind and nurturing as he can be. And if the other students were avoiding him that task is pretty hard.

Somehow he had gotten wind of a lakeside party and Phil saw this as a perfect time to be sociable. But first, he couldn’t keep himself from taking some time at the lake shore making it just a bit more beautiful. The burly young man sat down and began to slowly and meticulously rolling up the pant legs of his denim overalls before he sank his legs down into the pleasantly warm water. A wide smile spread across his face as he reached for his satchel. From it he pulled a few small bulbous looking seeds which he spread out in the palm of his hand before lowering it beneath the surface of the water. A faint shine could be seen from under the water before small vines could be seen rising up from the lake. Soon green, round lilypads sprouted from these vines and at last beautiful pink water lilies bloomed. Phil smile widened as he inspected his work, nothing made him happier than watching plants grow.

Just as he was about to blan some reeds at the edge of the lake he heard a tumultuous crash coming from a few feet away. Phil’s head snapped towards the direction of the crash. Worry plastered on his face as he stood up to get a better look at what had happened. When he saw that the cause of the crash was one of his smallest friends Vivian, he quickened his pace to get over to the group of people.

“Oh dear… Are you ok Vivian?” he asked arriving just as his blonde friend was standing up. He gave her a helping hand dusting of the grass from her shirt. Seeing that she was suffering from a big headache, Phil started to rummage in his bag again. This time pulling out a bunch of herbs. More specifically some lavender, peppermint and basil all harvested from the gardens this morning. All of them having soothing properties usually through aromatherapy. But Phil had a quicker way of doing things.

“Here... let me make that a bit better.” He smiled at her as he laid his left hand over his right where he had the herbs. The same faint glow could be seen for a few seconds before Phil lifted his hand revealing the herbs now lying shriveled and dead in his palm. His left hand now having a slight aura to it as he placed it on Vivian’s forehead. The aura left his hand and flowed into Vivian.

He dusted his hands off from the remnants of the herbs “Did that help any?” he almost cooed. He looked towards the others nodding his hello’s. As his eyes fell on Dustyn they shifted from her toothless smile to the tooth Vivian was holding.

“Do you… want me to mend that for you? Or have you made other plans for that tooth?” he asked cracking a grin.

Location | The floor of the RV
Time | 12:06 PM
Interacting with | The Misfits

The young man just laughed loudly at Sami’s pulp fiction reenactment from under the hood of the RV. Nate lifted his camera and snapped a picture of his friend flipping him off with his head still hidden. “I guess it has character.” Nate mused looking around the inside of the vehicle. “It suits us!” he grinned.

It was like a weight had been lifted off his shoulders as Jules enthused about their upcoming trip and the time they would spend together. At least Jules wasn’t mad at him for some reason. Maybe he had been paranoid after all. He nodded at his good friend shaking his camera “You’re right! I’ve brought along a whole studio it feels like.” he said patting one of his duffle bags.

Nate’s smile widened as he saw his bubbly blonde friend struggling towards them precariously carrying a tray of drinks. “Thank you” he mouthed as he accepted his iced coffee from Emilia and took a sip of the ice cold liquid. “Wait…” he exclaimed shaking his plastic cup at her. “You walked all the way from Colorado? Em, why didn’t you call I could’ve come and met you and you know help you carry all that!” Nate shook his head chuckling shrugging his shoulders.

His smile turned into a thin line as Val walked over dripping wet. He rolled his eyes so hard he almost sprained them at her comment. “Watch it!” he grunted shielding his camera hanging around his neck as Val sprayed him with water from her hair. He frowned as he wiped his face dry with his shirt. There was something about the small girl that always got under his skin, he didn’t even know what to respond half of the time because he was so annoyed. So he settled with just sighing and going back to his position in the door of the RV.

“I think Kim could handle herself though… In fact I know it!” he winked at the brunette as he polished of his coffee.

A deep sigh left Nate as Sami revealed his busted face. “Wha…” he began but changed his mind. He knew that his hispanic friend wouldn’t want to talk about it. And besides Jules was fuzzing over Sami enough for all of them. Nate stood up dusting himself of and walked over to Jules and Sami. “Let it go Jules. It’s already done.” he commented as he put an arm around Sami “Great job dude! Let’s get this show on the road!”

Location | Misfits meeting place
Time | 11:50 AM
Interacting with | The Misfits

Even though Nathan had woken up a few hours ago he had been lying there for at least an hour looking up at the cracked ceiling of his basement bedroom. Today was the day that he and his friend had planned to leave town and travel across the country in a, according to Sami, luxury vehicle. That wasn’t really what was bothering the young man. No the feeling that was eating him up inside was guilt. Guilt because he had yet to tell his sister that he was planning on not coming back. So there he was still in bed chewing on the inside of his cheek rehearsing a dialogue in his head for the fifteenth time. With a frustrated grunt he threw of the covers and finally got out of bed. After a quick shower and finally getting dressed, Nate grabbed the two duffle bags he meticulously packed the night before and his backpack before heading upstairs.

At the kitchen table he found his sister eating breakfast with her back turned to him. Nathan paused in his tracks. He sighed before dropping his bags on the floor as noisily as possible to announce his presence. His sister didn’t move a muscle much less turn around. She was still pissed. A deep sigh left the boy as he rounded the table and took a seat across from Addison. “Hello…” he asked tilting his head almost laying his head flat on the table trying to make his sister look at him. But she just stared down in to her bowl of cereal without acknowledging his existence.

“Look… I know you are angry.” He started as he leant back in his chair staring out of the window. “But I just can’t… stay here anymore. I just can’t watch him walk around like a zombie and sit in his chair as he stares out into the void. I need to get out of this fucking city. I- I need to find out who the fuck I am! And I can’t do it holed up in this house.” he lamented. His head snapping back to attention at his sister standing up suddenly storming towards the sink throwing her bowl in it.

“Just shut up Nate…” she hissed and stomped out of the kitchen and up the stairs.

Getting up from the table felt much heavier after hearing the hurt in her voice. But he had people expecting him.

Stepping of the LA public transit always felt like a religious experience. Nathan shook his whole body as if to get rid of the grime from the bus. But that feeling was soon replaced with the warm familiar feeling he always got when he arrived at the Santa Monica beach. Checking his watch he saw that he was quite early. He decided he would take this opportunity to have one last alone time thinking session. So he dumped his bags at the edge of the beach and used them as backrest and sat down in the warm sand.

He spent some time snapping some pictures of the people surfing and playing at the beach, and cracking open his new journal he had gotten to document the trip. Making the first journal entry of many. Suddenly almost two hours had past.

Looking towards the food truck he spotted some of his friends beginning to arrive. With a smile he stood up brushing the sand from his jeans.

“Whats up guys?” he asked as he rounded the food truck giving his friends a small wave. He looked at the RV and let out a low whistle. “Wow… Sami you… uh really hit the jackpot here!” he commented slapping the side of the vehicle. Following his friends lead he put his bag in the door of the RV before sitting down on the floor.

“Hey Jules. Long time no see…” Nate shifted his eyes between his feet and his friend. It was more awkward then he had thought it would be. But since his friend had stopped coming around he had this sinking feeling it was something he had done and on top of that he also felt bad for not reaching out.

“Anyone heard from Em or…. Val?” he asked leaning back on his elbows surveying his friends with a smile.

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Starring Chanel | Julie

Julie smiled at the picture of a small Chanel grinning toothless back at her. Going down the line she saw scenes of her best friend and her brother growing up. Deep down it made her feel sad knowing the Martin siblings story. As she heard her best friend dragging her feet down the stairs she spun around to face her smiling brightly.

“Oh you know… I sold my soul to satan.” she winked at her friend and giggled. “I brought you a bit of a pick-me-up!” Julie exclaimed and lifted the tote bag filled with products and gave it a light shake so Chanel could hear the jumble of goodies inside of it. Almost immediately, Chanel’s facial expression changed; what was once before a painful grimace turned into an expression of pure delight. Without much hesitation, Chanel reached for the bag of products so that she could take a peek inside; her eyes widened happily as she spotted the several bottles of toner, moisturizer, and perfume. Chanel looked up at her best friend with an appreciative grin; although her stomach was still churning and her head felt like it was going to explode, Julie's gesture sure made her feel a whole lot better than before.

"Oh, what did I do to deserve such a good friend like you?" Chanel said with a smile as she slowly began to lead the way to the kitchen. "I would definitely give you a hug, but I'm in desperate need of a shower." The young woman shuddered a bit as she headed to the refrigerator to refill her glass of water.

Smoothing out her skirt as she sat down in one of the kitchen chairs Julie surveyed her friend as she gulped down the water. “I gather that you had an.. Eventful night?” she suppressed a small laugh. It was a rare sight to see Chanel in this state so her redheaded friend couldn't help but just smile at her.

Chanel simply shot her friend a look as she gingerly placed her glass into the sink. “Girl, eventful would be an understatement,” she said as she thought back on everything that had happened earlier that night. Chanel fell silent as she remembered how she’d given Lucas Anderson a hard slap across the face near the start of the dance; while he definitely deserved it, she couldn’t help but feel slightly embarrassed at how quickly she’d reacted without thinking things through. And then there was the alcohol. Apparently, Chanel needed to learn her limits; although she’d already downed multiple cups of spiked punch, she didn’t hesitate to drink her weight in Vodka when it was offered to her.

“Anyway…” Julie started, changing the subject as she dug around in her small purse for her phone. “I have some more good news actually.” A big grin spreading across the girls face as she scrolled through the contacts on her phone. Chanel leaned against the counter and eyed her friend curiously as she did so. Finally she stopped at a specific name and sent the contact over to her friends phone. “Daddy said to call his assistant Josephine! He’s made sure she saved you an intern spot!” Julie twittered as she clapped her hands excitedly. Before Julie could even fully finish her sentence, Chanel hurriedly pulled her own cell phone from her pocket to take a look at what her friend had sent her. As the news began to set in, the young woman let out an excited, high-pitched squeal, something that the subsequent sharp pain in her head almost made her instantly regret. But Chanel paid it no mind as she stared at the phone number she’d been given, a grin spread so wide across her face that it nearly made her cheeks ache. It was no secret to anyone that Chanel had always dreamed of pursuing a career in the fashion industry; as she stared at the phone number, Chanel finally felt the sense that she was now in the process of turning her dreams into a reality.

"Julie..." Chanel finally said as she struggled to find the right words to say. "I... fucking love you," the girl finally said before throwing her arms around the other girl, enveloping her in a hug. "thank you, thank you, thank you."

Julie laughed at her best friend’s sudden outburst “Anything for you CoCo, you know that.” she returned her hug just as excitedly. “But remember the rest of the interns are all from fashion schools and they fought tooth and nail to get in.” The redhead pondered as they broke apart. “So they will be vicious. And that’s coming from the daughter of their boss,” She huffed.

“Girl, you know better than anyone in this world that I can handle myself,” Chanel said as she returned to her original spot and picked up her cell phone once more, “I’ve been waiting and preparing for this since freshman year, so believe me when I say that I’m not going to let myself or any of these ‘vicious’ fashion students screw this up for me.” Of course, Chanel meant every word of what she had said.

“So, this definitely calls for a celebration,” Chanel declared as she looked up at her best friend with a wide grin. “I mean, I still feel like shit… so my idea of ‘celebrating’ would probably be something along the lines of eating junk food and watching old episodes of Project Runway. And now that I think about it, we still have a bunch of ice cream left over from our last trip to the grocery store since Andre hasn’t been around and our uncle only eats when he's…” The young woman found herself rambling on as she pulled open the refrigerator door and took a quick peek inside. She only stopped talking mid-sentence when a new thought popped into her mind; she poked her head out from behind the door to look at Julie with a raised eyebrow. “Oh, and have you heard anything from April lately?” the young woman asked. “I think that we should invite her over too, you know? Share the news... but I haven’t spoken to her in days. I didn’t even get to see or talk to her at the dance.”

Julie bit her lip as Chanel mentioned the last part of their trio, it was true she hadn’t heard from April in forever either. But then again their relationship has been shaky at best for a long time. Still Julie was worried about her, April had seemed of at the dance. “You’re right… We should call her.” Julie sighed and unlocked her phone scrolling down to April’s name and calling it. The young woman paced the length of Chanel’s kitchen table back and forth as the dial tone rang in her ear. When she reached the voicemail Julie was kind of relieved “Ehr… Hi April it’s me… uhm Julie! Me and Chanel is at her house celebrating her new internship at daddy's office. So… uhm when you get this come over. Haven’t heard from you in a minute sooo.. yeah, bye!” obviously flustered she hung up.

She looked back up at Chanel “Did that sound as forced as I think it did?” she whimpered. Chanel simply offered her friend a weak smile and a shrug of her shoulders as she continued to search her kitchen cabinets. Then her phone vibrated in her hand and she looked down at the notification. “Huh… it looks like our girl Aaliyah has gotten an instagram,” a small smile spreading across the MacMillan girls face. “And it looks like she might be more receptive for a makeover than we thought!” she smirked as she showed her friend the picture Aaliyah had posted before giving her a follow back.

A wide grin spread across Chanel’s face as she took a quick look at Aaliyah’s post. “I got a friend request from her earlier this morning... honestly thought I was dreaming when I first saw it.” Never in a million years would Chanel have expected Aaliyah King to show up to homecoming looking the way that she did; and now, with the girl finally taking the steps to create her own social media accounts, Chanel couldn’t agree more with what her friend had said. “I’ll shoot her a DM, see if she wants to come along with us to one of our future shopping trips,” the young woman said with a certain gleam in her eye, “We can work our magic on her then. And who knows… maybe we’ll do such a good job that our trio could possibly turn into a quartet.“

Julie nodded along as she kept her eye on the freshly made instagram. “You know we will! Mmh and I agree we have been needing an expansion for sometime now.” she plopped her phone back in to her bag and walked over to where Chanel stood by the fridge. “Do you have any mint chocolate chip ice cream left?” she said as she opened the freezer door.

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