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Everyone's character sheets are so well put together. I'll have to see what I can pull together.
Now, someone else: pick another place so I can start spinning stuff up there.

A location? Australia.

Looks like I have a lot to look over if I still plan on participating. Is there still room for at least one more?
I planned on making seven or so blights and a handful of example virtues that people can choose from if they don't want to make their own. I will make forms for blight and virtue creation when and if an OOC thread is made (or a more proper interest check thread). The pre-made ones can be used by anyone, but if nobody wants to use them I'll likely slap them on NPCs.

There is also one last part to the blight and virtue system, but it only affects people trying to play/write these godlike figures. Their belief and application of a diety's power (or their own deific power) can affect blights and virtues. A virtue of (deity power) can have added influence over blight through creating conditions that decrease blight as virtue increases and vice versa.

Forgive me if that was vague. I'm trying not to name drop anything specific just in case this doesn't get off of the ground.
I am now using a proper device and can express proper gratitude for expressing interest to the both of you.

@One Who Tames I can elaborate on the system I planned now. It could also attract other people and help iron out potential flaws, so I'll detail it now.

The system I propose is the one I call the Blight and Virtue Axis. Players will have x points to spend at the beginning to split between their Blights and their Virtues. 0 in either would mean that the character for all intents and purposes is completely normal as a human being; pure in heritage without any power or curse to call their own. Dice will play a role in the growth and decay of Virtues and Blights, as well as combat between players and adversaries of similar levels.

Blights are pre-made curses of sorts that advance the more points a character has into them; the higher the value of the Blight score, the more afflicted they become in exchange for more abilities and attributes. An example blight (that may now have to be in the RP) is one that grants power but strips away memories from the user. At 1 Blight the character would likely have forgotten obscure details about a relatively important childhood event, but could probably (insert low level D&D class ability here). At (insert value above 100) the character would be an amnesiac without the ability to gain any new memories, but could very much be considered an equal to one of the godlike beings of the world. Blight can be lost as events unfold.

Virtues are more straightforward, and can even be a concept. Let's use the virtue of technology as an example. With 1 point in Virtue (Technology) the character would be able to use technology to deal damage to characters and individuals that is leagues better than someone without a virtue, however, they would also be more proficient in the skills relating to those pieces of technology. They would be better at making pieces of technology, repairing it, and so on. Virtues, like blight, can be lost as events unfold.

I will divulge more of the setting if you or other people ask for it @One Who Tames and @Finris. I'm just hesitant due to not knowing the site or if other people would be interested in the setting.
I had an idea that I don't know whether or not to invest my time in. I have a more detailed interest check in the works but forgot to see if people would even like the setting and ideas of the RP.

The premise of it is that players will be the gods-to-be or figures working with or against gods-to-be in a somewhat original urban/future-fantasy setting to prevent the end of the world as they know it. The world itself is not being destroyed (though it could be), it is just that the quality and standards of life will change to levels that do not fit the standards of humans.

Guns, swords, and magic are all on the table in this setting, though guns and magic are somewhat limited to those that have the means to acquire them.

Characters and combat power would be based off of a two stat system that shows the power of a character relative to their opponents, leading to a system that gauges power of these supposed gods-to-be (and other characters) against the world's challenges to give an idea of who and what is powerful. Progression will be based on this system as well, though characters can lose progression through story or combat means depending on the circumstances.

You could also forgo the system entirely, and have no special qualities about your character and be a normal person trying to survive the dangers of the world (or any combination or concept of a character without abilities beyond that of a normal human).

There may be rolls to determine minor things or add a dash of chance.

The roleplay would also encourage player made content in the world, as I am always a fan of working with players to help (some of) their ideas come true.

This is the end of the interest check post. Let's discuss.
Posting here to say that I'm showing interest and want to make a character but will probably wait for someone else to make a character first.
I also show interest in this, but have no questions of my own.
Thank you for the welcomes.
Here to get my game on, roleplay.

Sorry about the meme title and first line. I totally didn't name myself that just for the meme, I swear.

Name's SquishStar, though I don't really care what you call me. I kind of switch between being overly-bearing in sentence and paragraph composition and use of grammar and using sentences as long as I can, preferably adding commas and semicolons to continue extending the abomination to make it seem that my posts have worthwhile content; however, that is not to say that I am not capable of short and little things.

I've been GMing for about 10(?) years I think, both on tabletops and on text, so I'm familiar with most concepts. I'm also pheominally boring, as you'll soon be able to tell from my ramblings.

More of a GM than a player, and I have a thick lust for knowledge that will only be satiated once I learn every aspect of a setting; which is to say that if there is no limit to characters per roleplay I will make as many as I can to explore as much of the setting I can. Any content is content in my eyes, and I appreciate most things. If I do actually post as a player, as I said, I tend to have many characters or otherwise consider many options, so I'm generally the last one to be ready.

For 1x1s I've never done anything sexual or romantic, so you would have to bear with me. I'm also down with most things as long as they are within my comfort zone. More on that if I ever step into the 1x1 sphere of things.

If you couldn't tell I enjoy explaining things quite a bit, so an OOC conversation with me is a lot of similar content to this- small and segmented paragraphs that are made of long sentences.

I try not to recycle my content, so most characters will be freshly pumped out for the setting or roleplay as needed.

That should just about wrap things up for this "brief" introduction. I'll provide a short TL;DR, but you'll have to forgive my lack of formatting and touching up. I've yet to learn those skills.

TL;DR: Smash Mouth meme, 10ish years of RPing, likes to go on and on. Will do most things.
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