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Current Taking a pretty permanent hiatus. Thanks for all the stories!
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Feelin' pretty fine, feelin' pretty sharp.
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Blizzard Entertainment supports the tyrannical government of China. Blizzard Entertainment ends the careers of those who dare dissent against their chinese overlords. And they're not the only ones...
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Got to get back into the swing of the things
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In other news, Republicans in Oregon have laid siege to the state capital, shutting down the democratic process. They have the support of right-wing militia groups who have shot at police before.
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I've been on and off this website for six years now. Right now I've only barely got time for one RP, and even then I mess that up. Trying to be more consistent and online more often, because I really do enjoy online roleplaying. Hopefully, one day I'll be able to write as much as I used too. Until then, I shall brood gloomily in the shadows.

Life goes on! Hobbies change and so do schedules. I hate ghosts, so I'm trying to put myself to rest as best I can with a status and bio officially marking my departure. If I'm going to do any writing, it's going to be working on that book I always wanted to finish.

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Magnumus Agoston, Centurion.

Level 2 - (7/20) EXP
Location: MegaDragonBowser castle
Word Count: 413

The Centurion felt the tremor beneath his boots as the ferocious beast began to stand. He leapt off the evil bowser as it threw him and his allies off of itself. Soaring the air, Agoston yelped in surprise before crashing down to the castle floor. Luckily, he managed to disperse some of the impact by landing on his feet and rolling to a stop. Standing, he attemped to reoriented himself.

"I think he felt that!" He shouted to his comrades. "Keep up the pressure!"

Before he could get moving, some allies he did not really know very well were destroyed. He acknowledged their sacriced but said nothing aloud. Then, the armored man watched in awe as Zer0 the samurai leapt from on-high and expertly planted a normally lethal blow into the eyesocket of the beast. It would be a final strike on any other beast, but the samurai did not predict the pure heat of the beast. His katana melted, and Zer0 himself was destroyed. The Centurion did not say anything aloud to this, either, but in this noble quest there were fewer deaths more honorable. Centurion did not know as much as your average scholar about the culture of the samurai in his world, but if Zer0's culture was anything like that, than his death was a good one, and he would be rewarded in whatever afterlife came next. So would the Centurion, if it came to that. No warrior in his homeland feared death. Whether it be the code of bushido, the halls of Valhalla, Heaven for the knights, and whatever the Wu Lin practiced, dying in combat was a truly glorious thing to be commended.

When the mighty beast slammed his fists into the ground, the Centurion knew what to do. His phalanx ability would protect him. He figured he would also be able to jump over the shockwave. Tora had some kind of shield, as well.

The Centurion used his Phalanx ability nonetheless. It would provide another safe haven for any particularly slow moving allies. Though they would still get knocked back by the blast, they would take little if any damage as the orange shield shattered into pieces after absorbing the blast.

As such, the Centurion stood to his feet once more. "I'll give him everything I've got!" He shouted. A well placed strike to the achilles heel might slow the beast down.

The Centurion ran as fast as he could, trying to navigate and maneuvre safely into strike range of the beast. If he could, he would plunge his Gladius into the heel of the beast and drag it down, severing as many tendons as possible. He was somewhat nimble, and hopefully would be able to avoid any wayward stomps. If he couldn't his Phalanx would be able to protect him from a smash attack or two.

Magnumus Agoston, Centurion.

Level 2 - (7/20) EXP
Location: MegaDragonBowser castle
Word Count: 320


The Centurion had followed his allies into the fray, but he was admittedly overwhelmed by the action. It didn't even look like he could get close to the whirling monstrosity of death. Everytime he thought he saw an opportunity, a stray piece of rubble flew in his direction. Wayward flames. The battle was pure chaos. Not the organized effort of a well-oiled machine of war, no, it was amateur hour over here. Still, it looked like they were managing to somewhat get the upper hand on the Mega Dragon Bowser.

As Micheal squeezed off a shot, Centurion looked between him and Din. Suddenly, the dragon was knocked to the floor after a particularly rowsing series of blows. "Well. Wish me luck!" That being said, he sprinted as fast as he could. Courier 6 and the newly revitalized Ratchet were taking the advantage. Magnumus, too, decided to take his moment.

His boots slamming into the floor of the castle, he clumsily vaulted over some debris, ducked under a flying rock, and approached the evil incarnate. The beast was on it's back. Huffing and puffing, the Agoston built up his strength and leapt high into the air, coming down onto Evil Bowser's exposed underside.

"Die, beast!" He shouted at the top of his lungs. He flipped his gladius upside down, holding it in verse grip with both hands. Then, he plunged the blade as far as he could into Mega Dragon Bower's flesh. Bringing the sword out, he attempted to do it as many times as possible. "Hah! Haha! Die! Die! Take this!" He was, of course, freaking out. His gladius seems quite small in comparison to the massive beast. But, it's not how large the weapon is, it's how you use it. Not that Agoston would know anything about that. The Centurion questioned his own line of thinking before steadying his balance and raising his weapon another time.
expect a post from me tomorrow. still here just...slow. and bad at writing.

Al looked at Glock as the alarm rang crisp and loud for all of Steelbird to hear. "You're warden, now. Shoot any prisoner that tries to escape until this is over." Capital punishment was the deterrent needed to keep the usual bunch of losers from taking advantage of the chaos. Of course, Pepsi was more dangerous than the usual bunch of losers, but that didn't change protocol.

Protocol was everything, and there was protocol in place to deal with attacks. Whatever was happening now, the police of Steelbird landing were equipped to deal with it. Bandits, those cultists, perhaps Novella is making her move, or maybe the Warhands have shown up earlier than expected. No matter what, there was something they could do. Al felt a little bead of pride in his heart at the reaction time of his guards. But now it was time to get serious.

Still holding his shotgun, Al made his way to the walls. "Get inside! Stay inside until the all-clear!" He shouted. He kept the barrel of his shotgun angled towards the sky as he and a patrol made their way towards the alarm. The alarm bell was different from the all clear bell. This meant that, unless the bandits got really lucky, they wouldn't be able to replicate the all clear bell and trick civilians into coming out of their homes if it came to that.

It didn't take too long- Al and the guards knew this city like the back of their hand and it was a short moment before they reached the eastern wall.

"What are we looking at?" He asked Twist as he made his way up the shoddy wooden stairs behind the wall. His question was answered however, because it was hard not to notice the abomination before them. Al's stomach dropped and he made a weird face.

"Pphht. Huh- okay." He mumbled under his breathe. "Sure. Yeah-no, good. Good." The mayor complained quietly. This is what everyone needed. "Crochet lookin'..." His words trailed off.

"I don't know!" Twist responded to the mayor's previous question. He fired off another shot and everyone's hearing got just a little bit worse.

'Monsters aren't real' he said. 'Just rumors' he said. Well, now who's the jackass? He thought. Me. He would have to re-evaluated his life choices after this thing was dead- or after it consumed all the light in the sky. Which ever first.

Popping his neck, the mayor posted up on the wall, levelling his shotgun at the creature. That was when his eyes fell towards Sparrow and Milk, who were, for some stupid fucking reason, were on the other side of the wall being chased by this thing.

"Get the fuck in here!" He shouted as loud as he could, his voice carrying to the two women.

"Someone crack open the gates! Let 'em in and close it behind them." He ordered his people. Fortunately, the creature didn't seem too fast.

"Everyone else- light that fucker up!" He punctuated his sentence with a blast from his shotgun. The creature was hard to miss, and the spread should be pretty effective at this range.

Steelbird Landing laid down fire upon the creature from the woods, and the world was filled with the sound of fireworks.

@thedman ok. i'll send you and stern a DM and we can craft our magnum opus together
@thedman sure. pirate pad or something? google docs?
okay. The Centurion is ready to help whoever needs it. I'm thinking someone like @thedmanMicheal who could use Centurion's support shield to deflect some of Franklin's bullets.

but this isn't mine or Centurion's fight to initiate. I'll try to reply once more and have Centurion respond to whoever asks of his help, if that's okay?

Magnumus Agoston, Centurion.

Level 2 - (7/20) EXP
Location: Scrap Yard Big Brawl
Word Count: 578

On standby to help.


The Centurion was shocked, to be sure. The giant dragon was, of course, inconvenient, but it is what came afterward that shook the armored man to his core. This fiendish creature was holding the group's friends against them. Though Agoston himself had no personal stakes in this fight it was clear many of his new allies did. Including Ratchet who, having just saved his life against the engineer, was taken in by the evil Light. "No, wait!" He called out as the Lombax was manipulated by his old friend.

The Cenutrion was sympathetic towards the plight of his allies. Though he could not understand, as the Centurion did not feel as close to anyone as most did. The only kinship that could compare was that of him and his battle brothers, but he would not hesitate to kill them if they stood in the way of restoring the Empire. More importantly, they would understand what he had to do. They would rather die before let the empire fall. But whoever his friends were, it's clear they were more civilian-like in their relationships with others. They had best friends, a desire to live with them and enjoy good moments. People like them were the reason the Centurion fought- so others could live.

So with this he understood he would not simply start taking wild swings at the eight figures before them. Roadhog and Minako looked ready to fight and square up to save or potentially kill their old friends for the cause. Bowser rushed off to help Roadhog. The hat wearing child was restored to her former self.

There was a lot going on Agoston did not understand, but cameradery was one of them.

"Alright!" He got into a wide stance, eyeing the seven remaining figures cautiously. He figured Bowser and Roadhog were more than capable of defeating the scantily-clad man that had chased them off. So Centurion stood in the middle, in running distance of any fight that might kick off.

"I'm ready to fight alongside any one of you to rescue or, Emperor for give us, put down a friend. Just let me know, and I'll get right on it." He declared boldly. After that last fight, the Centurion found his Gladius drawn to his gauntlet. Subconciously, he felt like doing an old command- one he used to do for his Legion. Slamming the flat of his Gladius twice into his arm and shouting the related order would signify the men and women who fought under his command to press their shield together and prepare for impact. Whether that be an impending Viking horde or swarm of Samurai arrows, there were few things that could break through a living bulwark of spirit and sinew. The Phalanx.

This place had strengthened him- he knew it. And now as he grew more accustomed to combat in this strange world of light it granted him access to more and more fantastical powers. The flat of his Gladius sparked with energy upon his bracer. Defensive might was at his command. The Phalanxes of old would come to help his allies when they needed him. Their golden shields would deflect and defend against the strikes of their enemies for a limited amount of time. The blade sang as he dragged it across the palm of his gauntlet.

"I'm ready!" He shouted once more, preparing to come to the aid of whichever of his friends needed him the most.

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