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Current A bit of a late update. Since a couple of weeks ago, I've entered a hiatus on roleplays for an indefinite amount of time. The reason is that I'm focusing on getting myself a proper life. Apologies.
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30 days ago
Hey, I'm walking here!
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1 mo ago
For the fourth time, my computer decided to shut itself off whilst I was typing out a sheet. Nevertheless, I will persist despite the continuous divine intervention.
1 mo ago
Does this mean that the easter scavenger hunt is actually of the reenaction of the omitted part of the bible where the Apostles spread across the world to find all of Jesus parts scattered about?
1 mo ago
Asked them a question about "why?" when they commented something about a movie. Ended up hearing the plot of the movie, a review and the reason behind them watching the movie.


For the last few years you may have been asking. Who is SubjectVision? This is SubjectVision speaking.

What's there to say about myself? Well, uhhh, I guess we can start that I've got an atrocious taste. I'll happily dip my head into gacha and P2W games for the faint hope of coming out victor whilst not paying a cent. And the latter part comes out of physical incapabilities rather than a steady will, as there is no way that I can shill a single shekel to get my current one true waifu drop from the game I'm playing.

Also, I like shitposting. Surprisingly, I can engage in conversation if needed, although I do not often do so. However, if approached through messages or so, I'll always reply or, if not interested in doing so, state as such through DMs. Sincerity begets sincerity, or at least that's what I hope to make understood through this.

This section will be filled as time comes in relation to what I feel like needs to be put here.


Also hello.

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I'll do a preemptive claim on the S-rank slot by posting my WIP sheet for Magnus, mostly so that Juvvie can review the concept of the magic.

I'll be tinkering on this very post with any modifications and listing the changes in subsequent posts on the thread, the next changes in mind being filling out the rest of the items and making it look pleasant to the eye.
Will throw a sheet in later today.
okay: three, two, one, let's jam

The early bird gets the worm. That was a rather good saying, although it wouldn't be enough to explain why Aria was a morning person in most of the cases. The mornings tended to be quiet and, unlike the nights, one had the liberty to move around the place without stumbling into any janitors as the sunlight slowly entered through the windows of the hall, a pleasant yellow tinge carefully glazing over the buildings that could be seen through the glass panel of the hallway. A magnificent view that she didn't think she'd ever see.

Marineford. She had made it in.

As lackluster as their training course had been, Aria was understanding of the situation: the rise in piracy meant that there weren't enough hands to have in the base for this matter, as important as it was in hindsight. And, despite how wrong as it seemed, the only way that Justice could be imposed at this point of time meant that the marines were meant to deal with bounty hounters and other assorted scum.

A slight commotion that came from the kitchen withdrew Aria from her thoughts, as a couple of chairs and trays cluttered noisily to the floor, followed by the tiny clattering of minuscule legs and the menacing snapping of claws. The scream from one of the other recruits earned a sigh from her as she ventured into the kitchen and found the hope of the seas attempting to fit as many marines as they could between the countertop and the shelves at the sight of an animated toaster that threatened to snip at their ankles should they get too close.

Less than three minutes later the issue had been resolved by smashing the legs to bits and removing the lower half of the pincers with a couple of precise strikes. A quick spin on her heel and she exited the room, her cloak fluttering behind her due to the movement before settling down as the tapping of her cane faded into the hallway. Aria'd have a word with her roommate later, automated toasters would only cause trouble down the line.

The news of a mission reached Aria's ears later that day, in the middle of her training. The pause had been good, but this made her wonder if they also lacked manpower within the dispatchment department as well. If they were going to give her almost no information on what she was supposed to do, then this was gonna be more difficult than expected.

Orders were orders, nevertheless, and she arrived the destination less than five minutes before noon. Punctuality was important if she wanted to rise through the ranks and have enough priviledges to command a ship or even an entire fleet. She spent the waiting minutes wondering who could Salamanca possibly be before hearing the voice that she had the (dis)grace of sharing a room with. A single nod was given as a salute as Aria adjusted her gloves and allowed the tasteless joke to go unanswered. The answer to the question was apparent in her eyes, and as such she was gonna let Elizabeth figure it out all by herself.
For the others, I've got three different characters in the works, all following the same core archetype of amorality, whichever the reason is:
  • Magnus: A wizard whose body seems to be completely composed of quicksilver, who seeks to further his research on magic and decided the name of Fairy Tail would aid his purposes. Mad Scientist with Extravagant Villain peppered in whose magic is centered around western alchemy (Using reagents to produce different effects of elemental magic, and using his quicksilver as either defensive measures or for assorted tasks by transmuting it into one of the several metals known in alchemy: Lead, Iron, Copper, Silver and Gold).
  • Freya: A young woman who uses a combination of nullifying magic and viscious close-quarters combat to reduce her enemies to a pulp, osmeitmes literally. A troublemaker that's always looking for a fight and that will end up wrecking havok if her bloodlust isn't sated, sometihng she hoped that would happen once she joined the legendary guild. Highschool delinquent-type of fellow, with shades of a berserker warrior.
  • Lorelai: The middle daughter of a family of infamous Dark Mages, who merely happened to be at the wrong/right place at the wrong/right time to get recruited by Fairy Tail in the hopes of putting her magical prowess to good use. An ever-smiling and naive girl whose morality is quite skewed if not completely opposite to that of normal society due to her upbringing, who sees no issues in using her Bone Magic to create skeletal automatons that she can give simple commands to, if not simply manifesting structures made of bones for whichever purpose she has.

My pick will be most likely influenced by what others characters there are.
Subbed to keep an eye out on this.
50 points for Slytherin

Gryffindor: 50
Ravenclaw: 50
Hufflepuff: 50
Slytherin: 200
Meet up at the mark. Add whichever details you want and I'll follow up to them, we can collab the next time.
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