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Current Everything hurts and I wish for death, the flu SUCKS lmao Can't even "feed" it bc it hurts to swallow aaaaaaaa
13 days ago
Spent most of the day in BBCode hell, but ( links & some GIF changes aside) think I've finally got my bio the way I like it. 1x1 int check is next on the list for a glo up, then maybe a group rp :')
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2 mos ago
When in doubt, ALWAYS boop the sneks
3 mos ago
Getting real fuckin tired of neighbours acting like its my job to let them in. Take your keys with you and let yourselves in or have fun outside at 2am tonight, fuckers, I'm staying in bed.
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6 mos ago
Doing work on my PC this weekend (from tomorrow) so I'm gonna be a lil slow for the weekend! Happy pride month to all my fellow gays (affectionate) and our allies! <3


Elven | Female | 18+ | {{ Polyam Aego Lesbian }}

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(I forget to post to the Guild Art Thread a LOT...if you're really interested in my artwork it would be better to go follow my deviantART or Tumblr account(s)! I post mostly Digital Art but occasionally dabble in Fanfic writing and Animation

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Art (c) Me. Lyrics are from "Up The Wolves" by The Mountain Goats



FANDOMS {{ I am LGBTQ+, polyam and multi-ship, CanonxCanon, OCxOC and/or OCxCanon* friendly and willing to double, just LMK! :'D
All "levels" friendly, from Free - Advanced. I tend to match roughly what you give me!
Dark/Gritty themes welcomed and often included, open to smut but also fine with fade-to-black scenes if you'd rather, again just LMK, I can roll with it either way! <3
1x1 or Small Group Preferred, Large Group Possible, But Selective }}

*Unless specified otherwise. Please check if there is an exception listed for the fandom you're messaging me for when PMing me! <3

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Below is a list of my current/main fandoms, for a detailed list of plot and/or pairing interests please see my actual Int Check Thread!

Star Wars (KOTOR/SWTOR era preferred, but also open to "modern"-era e.g prequels, OT, TCW, Rebels/TFA-TROS, depending on plot ideas!)
Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit/Tolkien
Overwatch (WidowTracer/WidowTracerEmily is my jam <33)
Draconis Memoria series
ARK: Survival Evolved and/or Jurrassic Park/World, Dinosaurs in general are also always good! <3
Generic Sci-fi/Fantasy (Elves/Dragons/Mages/Beastmasters/Aliens etc.)
Warrior Cats (pretty much exclusively FanClans/OCs or an AU where canon characters are long gone)
General Animal Fantasy (anything Warrior Cats/ WSD-esque with groups of animals surviving out in the wild etc.)
Watership Down





》》NB: These are only the RPs on the Guild. I have far more commitments over Discord, so even if the list looks short and my status is "closed" I promise it's not a mistake LOL《《

*links pending, not fussing with that over mobile LOL


The Silver Zephyr (PM) -- SWTOR -- Lots of OCs -- with @Jengem

Reverse!Zephyrverse AU (PM) -- SWTOR -- Lots of OCs -- with @Jengem


The Rise of WillowClan -- Warrior Cats -- Spidernose and Frogkit -- GM: @savannahssu

TBA -- Gen. Animal Fantasy -- TBA -- GM: Me. Int Check, links and details TBA



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