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January 12, 1946 - the military tribunal in Nuremberg, Germany sentenced one Dr. Harald Seidel with the death penalty after being found guilty of several war crimes.

January 13, 1946 - Dr. Seidel was escorted to a yard where several U.S army personnel awaited. They were armed with M1 Garands and were instructed to execute Dr. Seidel after he was placed into position. After giving a short speech about [REDACTED], Dr. Seidel was promptly shot. After approximately 13 minutes one of the personnel alerted their superior reporting that Dr. Seidel was reanimated. The firing squad along with their acting officer investigated the doctor's body. All the personnel were reported to have been [REDACTED] by the reanimated Dr. Seidel. Any trace of the original Dr. Seidel could not be found after.

January 19, 1946 - Dr. Seidel approached U.S Army command in Berlin. Several armed servicemen attempted to stop Dr. Seidel with use of firearms to no effect. Dr. Seidel conversed with military command and was promptly escorted to [REDACTED].

March 3, 1946 - Under Operation: Paperclip, Dr. Seidel was transported to [REDACTED] in Maryland, U.S. Dr. Seidel was then employed by the S.C.P Foundation under close surveillance of Project Warden from the newly established Global Occult Coalition.

July 20, 1972 - Site 101 in [REDACTED], the Bahamas is breached. Site Director Dr. Jack Bright informs the 05 Council. Dr. Seidel has been reported going rogue and using the facility for his own purposes. MTF Nu-7 is quickly mobilized to the site to regain operations. However Dr. Seidel has activated a [REDACTED], forming an anomalous energy field around the site. Operations to recover the site is still ongoing.



Hello and welcome to Operation: Lichter Aus, the title is still a work in progress. In this RP You will be part of the GOC strike force sent in to neutralize an anomalous scientist in league with the Ahnenerbe Obskuracorps. This Strike Force is entirely made out of thaumatologist, or magic users in simple terms. Each member of the group will have their own specialized power along with more conventional weaponry. I plan to have seven members but less will do. I don't know if I can handle more than that though.

Although this is placed in the SCP universe, I don't plan on placing that many SCP's from the wiki into the rp. Most of the stuff you'll be fighting will be will be whatever devious creations Dr. Seidel creates. Of course there will be a few familiar faces here and there.

Anyways I'll just post this interest check here and see if anybody's curious. I'll start working on an proper OCC and sheets after then. So post if you wanna roleplay as supernatural agents taking down occult bad guys.
Mind if I joined in?
My post is gonna be late. It's raining like nuts here and the phone lines are getting hampered. I'll have something up in the next 15 hours or something.

Love it. Put it on the character tab.
can you look over mine to see if it is ok? Thanks

@The Incredible John

Interesting. I love it.
If you're finished with it, you can post it at the characters tab. I'll just wait for the others to get started.
Good to hear man. Can't wait.
Hey I just noticed the roughnecks are pretty close to my camp. Would they mind if Minister Starr comes over there once a week and preaches to good work of Cosmology?
Hey there people. Just checking on what you people have so far. I'm getting pretty excited for this.
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Still working on my individuals sheet.
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