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8 mos ago
Current I think I'm back
1 yr ago
I like turtles.
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2 yrs ago
It me. I'm back biiiiitches.
2 yrs ago
Bring your love, baby, I could bring my shame. Bring the drugs, baby, I could bring my pain. I got my heart right here. I got my scars right here.
2 yrs ago
Baby, I think about you and I feel it, deep in my heart. Maybe we just ain't meant to be something, maybe we are.


I like turtles.

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I'd like to make a suggestion. Speaking as someone who has friends on both sides of this, so you know I'm unbiased. Let the community pick it's moderators. Let the community nominate and/or vote. It's fair, and I think it will at least help put an end to this escalated drama.
I'm fucking obsessed with these filters

Sorry. Work has been a bitch, but we will start this baby up on due time
Awesome :) sorry for the delay guys! Life is catching up to me a little :p
Who is still with us
@thewizardguy True enough!!

Alright I'll be giving everyone until Sunday to finish up. Fair?
@Ryuji Sakamoto no worries!

Also are we good to get the IC going in the next few days? Just want to make sure majority of us are ready :)
@birdlamps You got it! Feel free to make a character.

Alright guys!!! Sorry I wasn't around yesterday. Pride week and all and I've been celebrating with some mates! But I'm home tomorrow . I'm pretty excited to get this started :)
No worries @Kazemitsu

you guys can also message me on discord if you have any questions TheTwistedOne#7789
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