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5 mos ago
Current There goes my big dick energy again
5 mos ago
WOW. I'm upset I was left out of this harassment and didn't get a DM. hoe
6 mos ago
My extrovert is finally going crazy
6 mos ago
Light me on fire daddy @Skwint
6 mos ago
I want to feel burning flames when you say my name... Want tto feel passion flow into my bones like blood through my veins.


I like turtles.

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I'd just like to say Valhalla has no ties to guild other than having some members from guild. Let's now get back to the real issues.
@TheTwistedOne Not gonna apologize either.

I was present for your ban dumbdumb.. even I think it was unjust.

But sometimes it's easier to just swallow our pride and be the bigger person, and not expect an apology. I hope you do get one though.
<Snipped quote by TheTwistedOne>
Ah, I see. I don't mind apologizing my faults if there are any that I should directly acknowledge, so, yeah!

I don't think you did anything wrong, and as I mentioned on the discords it's complete fuckry your name got dragged through the mud when you weren't even involved.. if anything YOU are owed an apology.

I also think Nyt and Jacobs ban were unjust having been present for both of them
<Snipped quote by TheTwistedOne>
Gladly. What shall I apologize for?

Well I didnt want to name names, but if we're gonna get specific, Cyn, the only person that really done fucked up on that side is Sins shitstorm ahahah.
I think we are all going to go in circles and agree to disagree.
We should all admit our wrongs, and both sides have wrongs because neither is completely innocent. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Swallow your egos, get over yourselves, apologize, and let's make guild enjoyable for everyone.
Okay, I've tried to read this whole thread over and over again. I've been looking at the sides here, trying to figure out exactly what are people's dogs in this race and I just can't seem to understand one thing:

What's the end goal here?

Is it to get several mods removed? Is it to get new mods installed into power via popular vote? Is it to gut the entire moderation staff? Is it to instill rules that those in here demand? Is it to get bans removed for certain people?

Because right now this feels like a giant "he said, she said" thread, time and time again. Everyone posting screencaps with a gotcha mentality. Why the hell was there a need to make this thread in the first place? Why wasn't all this evidence just sent to Mahz or another unaffiliated mod? Why the hell has it just become a big bonfire for people to mob up around, ready to burn the effigies of those in "power" that they hate? Because it feels to me this thread's purpose was less inclined to protest and more inclined to incite a riot.

This entire thing isn't going to make anything better, it's just going to make people stressed, angry, and add unnecessary work to try and make peace with folks.

I honestly want to say so much, but I'm completely appalled. Please reconsider your staff. Especially staff that is going to 'implement ways' this is beyond ridiculous, and I'm reminded again why I only trust 1-2 staff members.

@Didgeridont I agree with you.
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