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Current I'm BACK !
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AngelBites15, I feel you.
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Going off for tonight. I'm free tomorrow (more than today) so I'll be stalking the guild xD Dusk/Balthazar, I'm waiting for your confimation guys(gals) :)


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@TheLazarus I'm interested but I want to ask a thing first.
You said we can choose magic. What is magic capable of doing in this setting? Is there such thing as mana or any spell cast makes the caster weak?
In other words, can you please, please, explain magic for me? 😃
@DrowsyPangolin Changed her as requested and I've added Control.
Phantosia was something I wasn't sure of to be honest. I was split between that or (I forgot the word) sound hallucinations. Making someone hear something that wasn't there. I'm having this scene in my head with her being a master and fighting someone and as she's about to lose, make the person hear the voices of their loved ones or those who have departed by combining thought reading and that ability.

One more question, what kind a magic would a magi need to know in order to influence luck, without it being pact magic?

Anyway, it's done. Accepted? 😃

@DrowsyPangolin Here she is. Let me know if she needs to be changed.

@VitaVitaAR Made a new one. How's she now?

@VitaVitaAR Done as promised. How does she look? Tell me if something needs to be changed/optimised. I've got another character in mind if this isn't ok

I'm more than interested! I'll probably have a character ready tomorrow :D

Three quick questions:

1. Would warrior-magi exist in this setting? Battle-magi or whatever they are called. I'm thinking of making a Spellbreaker. Warrior trained in magic which have the ability to dispel magic or things similar to that.

2. Is magi-tech a thing?

3. Would golems fall under Homonculi stigma?
@Finris Anytime you're ready, waiting for you :D

Sorry, the hype it's enormous ! xD
@Finrissorry for the small post. Will have something bigger next post :)
The woman seemed a bit irritated when Alexis came to her but that's normal in a way, she did make her to stop resting in what seemed her break.
As the woman spoke, Alexis realized that she might've misunderstood the InfoBot about the engineer as the woman replied to her inquiry with humor.

Alexis smiled, not that the engineer could see it but nevertheless and said " The fuel compartiment is damaged. Took a wrong turn a month ago and nearly crashed into a black hole. I already had it fixed but either I got conned or the damage was worse than I was told. Anyway, I'm loosing fuel and if I'm to leave this backwater slum, no disrespect intended, I've got to get it fixed. Also, fuel it. Make it a full tank.
As for payment, I can pay you half of whatever you request for the scan and half after I'm sure you didn't conn me. Ok?

She only had 1432 credits left but hopefully it was enough until the next contract. She then turned to walk towards her ship without waiting for the engineer to accept or not. Losing time was not someone Alexis enjoyed and waiting for a reply, usually meant that she had to wait too long. Before taking her first step, she said " Name's Alexis " and then started walking.
Not forgetting what is her mission in the first place, Alexis grabbed a small laser pistol from the armory. It wouldn't help a lot in a fight but would be enough to keep the target pinned down until she would get close enough for the next article of her weaponery. A sword which by pressing a button near it's handle would light up and become a plasma cutter for as long as the battery lasted.
The only thing she was allowed to keep after she was discharged. The sword even had her nickname carved into the handle. "Valkerie".

She grabbed the sword with one hand and started playing with it a few second in the air before putting it back into it's holder on her back. After that, she put up her helmet and activated it's sensors. Nothing fancy but enough to block holo-ads and had a HUD which was expensive for her but useful. While her armor was not top-notch, it could block laser shots as well as any other.

After the initial checks, she left the ship and wandered around until she found an Info-Bot. Not very intelligent for an AI but that was the fate of the AIs which chose something different than a humanoid body. This one in particular was a combination between a human head and wasp. A grotesque thing but if the AI chose it for itself, then, it was ok in Alexis's book.
Getting the Info-Bot to understand her was a bit more difficult than she thought as it didn't have information about older ships and couldn't help Alexis but after some time, she managed to get the questions right and it poined her towards a mechanic which might have knowledge of older ships.

As she moved towards one of the bigger ships in the docking area, she realized that her CFD badge was still attached to her arm. People usually got nervous when a bounty hunter came poking around, asking questions. Especially in a place like this. She removed it and put if beneath the armor. None could see it unless she removed it and as she didn't plan sticking around...

On the walkway, a female was drinking something from a canister and as Alexis didn't know exactly who to look for, she decided to ask for directions.

" I'm sorry to disturb you ma'am but I'm looking for a ship-engineer with knowledge of older models. A W1SP-2000, specifically. The info-bot pointed me in this direction and told me the engineer should be here. But, I don't seem to spot him. Do you know him or know where I can find him? " said Alexis. Her voice was modulated by her helmet to sound metallic in order to avoid detection and some people found it intimidating and that helped her quite a bit.

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