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Current Rejoisers of mine, be brothers!
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@Demi I know EXACTLY how you feel. I've had 2 weeks off 2 months ago and nothing was done when I came back due to "not knowing how to" and then after a training session etc it happened again.
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Happy birthday me!
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That moment when you try connecting the mouse in the usb port and then being confused as to why you can't move the cursor with the USB cable....


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A few days before

Ashe looked at the invitation and the card with wonder. On one hand, she could keep the card and continue as before. Her newfound ability would be more than enough to keep her safe from whatever creatures and hunters this benefactor talked about.

On the other hand, what if she couldn’t escape or defeat them? She read and saw a lot of movies to know that at one point or the other, the protagonist always finds themselves outnumbered or outclassed. Not that she believed that she’s a protagonist but it was the closest thing to her current situation.

Taking one last puff of her cigarette, Ashe shook her head. What would be the worst that could happen? She arrives there, someone tries to rape her and she teleports their dicks in China or she gets there and learns more about her ability and how to better control it. The benefits outweigh the risks after all.


As the taxi dropped her off about a kilometre away from the mansion, as per Ashe’s instructions, Ashe paid the driver and watched as the car went away. She could be called a lot of things but dumb wasn’t one of them.

Ashe approached the mansion on foot, occasionally taking out her binoculars and scouting up the place as she got closer. If this was a rape game or something like that, she won’t be taken down easily. Broken trees, outgrown garden, mansion looking like it is about to collapse. For someone who had the money and means to throw around, this benefactor was not taking care of his place of residence. Unless, of course, it was all a ruse to keep people in the dark. Who’d even suspect a place like this would hold, potentially, a bunch of magicians?

She watched as a few cars parked in the driveway and people came out of them. Maybe others who received the same invitation or maybe the benefactor’s henchmen. Eventually, after a few more minutes of checking the surroundings and not spotting any trap, Ashe took a deep breath to ground herself, she moved her hand in a circular motion while concentrating on a place between the potential magicians and then a portal opened in front of her. Stepping through the portal, Ashe took a cigarette out and lit it up as she got on the other side. Releasing a thick smoke around her as she appeared between the gathered people.

“ Either you all can do some magical mambo-jambo or I got the wrong mansion and you clearly didn’t see me appear out of a clearly not-magical portal and this is all an elaborate prank on national TV. ” said Ashe with a grin on her face.

Ashe griminced for a moment as her head started throbbing for a bit and then after what were 10 seconds but felt like 10 minutes, she smiled once more towards Gwyneria.

" Just a night or two. Got here just before the attack to train under Manzur. My sword-skills need some improvement, luck runs out sometimes. " said Ashe, ending the sentence with a wink.

@MagratheanWhale If there's one more place, I'd be happy to join. :)
I vote for A camp for the night.
@Dog If you're sure mate :)
The past few days passed in a blur for Ashe. She remembered arriving into Roh, traveling around for a bit in search for a mercenary camp where a very skilled warrior was supposed to be. Hoping for more training with her sword skills, she travelled all the way to the desert as that's how she used to make use of her time. One mercenary camp to the next. Felt sometimes like her search for the wonderous magicians never ended but merely changed.

Soon after she met the mercenary, Manzur and asked for training but before a decision was taken by him, the camp got attacked by another demonkin. Next thing she knew, everything went black and woke up a bit after in the watchtower that loomed over the camp. A bit dizzy and with some pain in her midsection, Manzur brought her up to speed with what happened and when Manzur left to help the newcommers fight off the undead.

She watched with interest as much as she could from her vantage point the battle and when it ended, she went down the watchtower to meet their saviours just in time to hear the last bit of Cicero's sentence.

" Greetings! Thanks for the save and yes, I can be trusted. My name's Ashe." with that she made a small bow and then removed her facemask.

Wait, am I the friend?
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