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Current I would rather play Fallout Tactics than ever touch New Vegas
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It's the worst Fallout game, trust me. Absolutely disgusting and deserves nobody's attention, those Obsidian guys are a bunch of stinkers who want to scam you out of your money!
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That's just me cleaning up the last few New Vegas fans in your city, don't mind me. Unless... You ARE a New Vegas fan? In which case, I'll see you soon.
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Ugh, fine. I guess you are my little Skyrim purchaser... Come here.
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take turns smashing the bottles around his cot over his head


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I am definitely interested! One question, though its just out of curiosity, are there multiple races with different characteristics and such? or is it more like just being from different nations?

also, after reading through the material, would a red mage sniper be feasible? someone that uses magic with their rifle, ex. that beautiful blend of different magics, imbue cartridges with magic, some melee ability.

I hadn't noticed that you didn't get a reply: But as of this moment the population is built around being pretty much hume in all nations, with races seeming to take a bit of a backseat in general. He intends to edit the lore eventually to fit other (playable) races into it I believe, but when that'll be is undetermined. Probably not before the RP starts.

It is definitely feasible, though Sho has final word on balancing and such. I'm sure if you write the character up with these aspects in mind, if anything it can be balanced out to be usable. But considering our roster, you'll probably turn out alright.
>Offered and gave her the classic

Banned for bringing up fucking bionicle
Couldn't sleep, went ahead and posted. Hope it's alright.

"☠?! ☹!!!"

The room was dark; Nothing lighting the room except for a lamp with a dim bulb and a laptop screen flashing in front of a young man dressed rather oddly. His fingers typed away, the clicks of the keys enough to mark the immense word-per-minute count he was capable of as he seemed quite focused. Another payment had been arranged, and he knew what that meant; Whatever they wanted taken down, he'd take down. This time he felt like the pay was a bit shallow to support his efforts, but at the same time, he appreciated the cute challenge that was COLOS: He wasn't entirely sure who they were, just that they were developers of some kind; Developers that pissed off a old employee, he'd assume.


He just had to get in, and make a document public. How hard could that be, right? Sure these were devs, but they were surely only focused in their little field; Compared to him they probably lacked a lot of small qualities he had. He was KEFKA, after all: Cyber Attacker, information thief, and leaker. He'd been learning computers for most of his life, there wasn't anyway he was going to end up being outdone just yet.

Just a few more keystrokes...

He perked up as he broke in; Eyes scanning the numerous files for what he was intending to find. Most of the names on the folders were irritating, non-descriptive of exactly what the hell they were. Though most companies did tend to have crappy naming conventions for their stuff, so it was par for the course when looking it all over. He found a folder of employee information... All conveniently enough in simple text documents; Because the company was stupid.




"....." He was growing annoyed with the names that didn't match what he was looking for. He pouted momentarily, but perked up as the name came up; Toriko.text. Was this the guy who hired him, or was it someone he was pissed off at? Didn't matter to him, all he needed to do was download this for himself, send it out, and then he would be set for a little while. Though, if he were to just download all of the information instead... That'd get him more recognition, right?

He began a download of the folder, figuring he should've just taken it from the start: He didn't always think ahead enough and it made him slower like this. But now all he had to do was sit back and--



Something seemed to be happening with his system; His screen was bugging out, and warnings were popping up. Shit, had he been caught?! Their security had looked like total garbage; How the hell did they manage to get ahold of him when he was even being as sneaky as he could about it? He furiously typed, attempting to continue his download but realizing the whole situation was going bust; Their security came out of nowhere, and with a few key strokes it was clear that it wasn't just locking him out; It seemed to know his location, and worse off than that, also seemed to have a secondary command that automatically sent that information out.

He jumped up with his laptop, preparing to leave his home: There was no telling how this could turn out; He needed to get the hell out and watch to see if police came to his door. He could go wait across the street at the coffee shop; That ought to be enough to throw off the idiotic feds if they showed up! Though maybe going farther away was a good idea... He really didn't want to just suddenly get caught; That'd end up ruining his reputation! Then

He had to change; But, ended up distracted as he noticed something new on his screen: It was bugging out more than before, seeming to maybe be an increase to the security measure. What took him by surprise more, however, was how the room was suddenly getting brighter; Like he had turned on a light, or something. Eyes reacting to the glow, all he had to do was look down to notice that there was a ring surrounding him on the ground; Causing the young man to panic and attempt to flail out of the ring, but not nearly fast enough to prevent him from being swallowed by the light beneath him; Leaving naught a trace of him behind...

...Transfer successful.


Begin transfer of remaining Bearers...


He hasn't said "Yeah, baby!" Since this is not good.

"There's no shaggin' way!"

Pacing back and forth inside his on-set trailer, Perdy had a phone up to his ear and a scowl on his face. He was furious! He was far away from home, filming a movie, and his old friend and current housesitter was asking him how HIS DVR worked! He had it perfectly set for while he was away, and she was now going to ruin everything he had prepared just so she could get something she wanted?! This was un-groovy and especially unacceptable!

"Oh, come on! Ghost Hunters is great! You'll love watching it when you get back!" The voice on the other end of the line replied, seeming insistent.

"No way, honey! I don't have time for ghosts; My episodes of Sex in The City need to be recorded! I HAVE to know what happens!" Perdy insisted, standing in place momentarily as he was met with silence. He got impatient and spoke up again: "Riley?! Riley! Do NOT mess with it! Just watch it once, then go play with Goochie or something, or other!"

"Ehhh... I already set it to record." Riley admitted sheepishly, followed by a small chuckle.

Perdy inhaled a deep breath, then exhaled with a loud, clear annoyance. "By. Cancelling. My. Recordings?" He questioned, seething with irritation.

".... Yup." Riley admitted, dryly.

"Why do you always pull things like this, darling? I trust you to look after my household, and my sweet Goochie-baby, and you ruin my recorder for my shows, eat and leave messes without cleaning them up, and I already KNOW you knocked the new bloody vase over!" Perdy was, essentially, turning into a screeching wife... Except he wasn't married. Or even in a relationship currently; So it gave him a minor realization of self-obnoxiousness.

"The... Vase?" Riley questioned.

"The. Vase." Perdy replied, annoyed.

"Oh, right. That shattered thing by the entrance! My bad."


Perdy paused his ranting, finding himself at a loss for words; She loved getting on his nerves, didn't she?! And she didn't do it for fame, or attention from others (Aside from potentially him...) It was all targeted to annoy him as much as possible! He rolled his eyes at the situation, about to tell her he was giving up and he'd talk to her later; Before a ring of light suddenly appeared beneath him, taking him by complete surprise, though his shades did block out the light.

"What the-- What is happening to the floor?!" Perdy questioned, fear in his tone as he was swallowed into the light beneath him as quick as he could spurt out his final words. The call then cut off, leaving Riley on the other end of the phone staring in momentary confusion. She shrugged after a moment, kicking her feet up on his coffee table as she clicked the remote to unmute the television, figuring he'd be fine.

...Transfer successful.


Begin transfer of remaining Bearers...

I'm not really in a condition to work on anything tonight, but I'll see to it that I have things done tomorrow.
Been waiting on the GM to go or for one of the others to actually jump in. Seemed like half the cast disappeared real quick.
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