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9 mos ago
Current Finally back into a groove again, maybe I can get destressed.
9 mos ago
Holy shit, my arthritis is really getting to me tonight. And now my pain meds are kicking my ass completely.
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9 mos ago
That feeling when you get RP partners that are absolutely amazing. I love y'all.
9 mos ago
Life is starting to get to the point where RP threads are getting to be a lil' fast paced for me...honestly might have to stick with 1x1.
9 mos ago
Tfw you eat something you shouldn't have and your stomach makes you regret it.


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Banned because you got no spine. I luv u pls dun hurt me.

Okay, sorry about the delay. IRL got really hectic there for a while and I just kind of got a break lol. Just posting this for one last review and then I'll stick it into the character tab. I had to make new links for the headers in order to fix it, because they were still broken on your original post, even when you remove the punctuation. @Poet
@Andromedai I am! Just having a hectic week which is making it to where I respond to RP partners and then sleep. Might be best that y'all start without me cause I honestly don't know when things will calm down.
We can do threads/PM then, perfectly fine with that. I'll hit you up in PM soon but if you'd rather to poke me first, go right ahead. Just trying to prep dinner and take care of a few things first at the moment. @Rhea
Quick question before I start poking you through PM, heh. Or well, two questions, really.

1. Are you against discord RP and all that jazz? It's much easier on me personally instead of PMs, due to the fact that I've got discord right on my phone and work laptop, so I have more mobility on that.

2. For the genre/setting, are you against kind of....mixing them? Think of say, Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Dystopian kind of blend. Or other various combinationsβ€”I'm a fan of doing weird and unique things, so don't mind me!

I edited the answers of your questions into the character sheet included in this post! As for the edited version of the picture, I would love it! If there's any more changes or questions needed just let me know. @Poet

Here's the character sheet! Let me know if there needs to be any changes and what not. Excited for this RP!
Same as Nallore here! Possibly sooner if I end up with some spare time during the week.
I see Pelinal, my favorite Time-Travelling Cyborg who committed massacres, I hit like.

Bonus points for having the Winged-Bull as your username.
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