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Current If anyone is planning any DnD games. Im a brand new player and would love a chance to play. :)
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Just passed one of the hardest tests in EOD school :D Im over halfway done, wish me luck everyone :)
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I can always make at least one person in a crowd laugh... Because I find my jokes hilarious :D


Call me Tsukai of course (Su-Kai)

I know I dont have as much as I should in here but maybe Ill work on it some more at a later date

Real name?
Tristan, But Id much rather be called anything else... I don't like my name one bit XD

oh hey, Im 20 now

Oh... Personal... But 5'6"

You're getting a little nosey... 135lbs

Stunning. Don't believe me? Last mirror I looked in shattered and the last person to take a picture of me started complaining that their phone screen cracked.

So what do you do?
Ugh. Im in the Army... that sucks, but what is cool is that Im learning how to be an EOD Tech! The guys that take care of IEDs and other UXO (Unexploded ordinance) But Im not done with school yet so you don't have to worry about me blowing up just yet. :)
Im done with the school now, being a tech aint as great as I thought it would be, but its my job for now... :/

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Week 6, Day 6, afternoon

At Lo's offer to go herb hunting Val'Ko's face lit up, he looked towards her with a big grin. He gave her a sure nod as an acceptance of the offer to go out exploring and looking for herbs while keeping an eye out for any baddies lurking out there. Val followed her every step as they started back letting her take the lead, he started to get lost in thought on their walk back slowing down slightly. Taking long lazy steps as the ground declined in front of them. He snapped back to reality just as the young Twi'lek called out to Lo.

Val immediately took notice of Lo's reaction to what the little girl had said. Watching her move as if some other power had come over her. She took off. Val'Ko hurried his pace to keep up, stopping next to the small Twi'lek for a second meeting her eyes. They were full of hope. He smiled at her and she smiled back, Val took off again to follow Lo to the hut they had walked out of just a little while ago.

Val'Ko arrived a little late, standing just inside the door, watching the reunion with a smile.
Week 6, Day 6, afternoon

Val listened to her response and took a second to process it. He started to feel the weight she carried, it was a good feeling. He knew that sharing the weight was the best way he could help Lo right now. He too, took a deep breath and looked up at the sky. His voice returned with certainty and strength hoping that he could give her some of his confidence.

"No more need to pretend you can’t feel the weight. Give some to Master Aren and I so that we can carry it all together." He gave her a warm grin.

Lo lifted her head toward him. Her fur flattened against her body as she answered, her tone calm and even voice. “It’s easier said than done. It took Master Rothul and I nearly a month to earn trust. When we originally arrived, we were held at spear point.”

"I can only imagine the hardship Lo, but nothing you've said is silly." He stood up offering his hand to help her up as well. Lo took it and let him pull them both onto their feet. Val then pulled her into a tight hug, resting his cheek on her head. “You can stop worrying now. Take it easy the next day or two. If you need anything just ask.” With that he went silent, providing the embrace for as long as it was needed.

Lo just stood there while her mind processed everything. She blinked, releasing her from a stasis and bring her back into the present. She exhaled. All the toxic emotions and build up seemed to flow from her lungs into the air. Her arms reached around Val's body, returning the embrace. She squeezed a little tighter then she stepped back, dropping her arms to her side.

"Thanks, Val. I appreciate it. Maybe now, I’ll actually be able to have feedback on my progress instead of feeling like I’m stuck."

Val stepped back when Lo released, the hug was refreshing, he could feel the atmosphere around them calm and relax. He smiled, “Of course Lo, Let’s head back.”
Week 6, Day 6, afternoon

Val'Ko could tell Lo was distracted with burdens.

"Lo, you have already exceeded everyone's expectations. You've assumed the role of what would normally be someone of Knight status or higher, and you've done all this as a padawan. Everyone is proud of you. Im proud of you, and very impressed." Val continued to study her face and body language. She was full of feelings and emotions that he could only imagine were weighing on her mind constantly. After a pause letting his words rest with Lo he switched his focus to her question. "Being back on a planet is a nice change of pace. I had been on a space station for quite some time before this. But Ryloth specifically? It has a lot of sand." He let out a small laugh trying to lift Lo's spirits.

They had walked long enough to find themselves in a treeline. Val slowed his pace, delicately tugging on Lo's arm to do the same. He walked over to a nearby tree with a line of sight into what was becoming the evening sky, a few of the brighter starts starting to show. He sat down and got comfortable, patting the ground next to him, asking Lo to sit with him. "How are you really feeling Lo?" He asked, not really sure what her answer would be he watched her closely and waited in anticipation for her response.
Heyo Im Tsukai, Im in the Army so I don't have much of a choice when it comes to what I do with my life. I am working from about 0530 every morning to about 1800-1830 every night. But I have the weekends off. I will try to stay in touch as much as possible but no cell phones are allowed where I go for work every day. Nothing I can do about it. I usually reply pretty quick, daily if possible but some days Im just too tired. If you'd like to stay in touch over discord to plan things out or just get regular updates from me Im more than happy to do that. (its actually quite preferred!) Anyway, my 1x1 idea is as follows:

Alright I usually group RP but Im interested in a 1x1 rn. Especially if I enjoy reading your replies and you're fun to RP with.

I figure this is going to be a really slow and down to earth RP where two regular ass people just start falling in love.

I don't care how they meet or what keeps them coming back to see one another so I give you, as my partner, full rein to help develop the story further and to add bits and pieces along the way.

I don't want to know where the story is going, I think its more fun that way.

However I would like the setting to be near a touristy beach area.

Also, both characters will be between 18-24.

Other than that. Just let me know if you're interested :)
Week 6, Day 6, afternoon

Val enjoyed the exercise from hauling supplies back and forth, he worked hard. Once all the supplies was at the hideout he helped Master Aren sort and move all the supplies into their appropriate categories and storage places. Meeting and introducing himself to a few of the Twi'lek people that were working with him. There weren't many people able to pitch in and help which made Val'Ko work twice as hard to make up for those who couldn't. He wanted them to rest easy and get back to helping their people as fast as possible.

Val inquired once or twice about what happened that filled up their medical ward, he mostly he got a vague response. The ones he asked would zone out or look off in the distance as if consumed by their own thoughts. He tried his best not to push for any more information. Rather, he started asking about the other Jedi team that was helping them. Interested in what projects they had started and were working on putting into action. Mostly just defense he assumed, however he was curious if anything else was on the top of the priority list. They told him of how they helped with the construction of the hideout and how they were extremely helpful when it came to supplies and defense. Val was intent on all the information he took in, focusing on things that he could improve on. Learning from what the other two had done.

All the supplies had been arranged and all the Twi'lek's started working on other things, there was plenty to do. But Master Aren had beckoned him to follow her, probably just to keep him near, it didn't seem like she wanted him for any specific reason. Once he had caught up and fell in by her side he understood more. She asked a nearby group of Twi'leks about the whereabouts of the Padawan, they all pointed towards the area dedicated to the Jedi. Master Aren didn't hesitate and went straight over with pace. Val'Ko kept up and entered just behind her.

The whole atmosphere inside was different. He could feel his Masters worry, there were other feelings too. So many and all swimming together. He wasn't good enough with the force to tell what it all was. But he understood. Lo sat on the floor in front of her Master who lay still in front of her. Master Aren inquired about the other Jedi Master's condition and Lo managed to explain through troubled words. With each passing word of Lo's attempts to help her Master he could feel her worry and fear for her Master as well. Val recognized that with these two together their worry would only get worse. She finished explaining everything to Master Aren. Master Aren thanked Lo for all she had done for him so far, reassuring her that she could relax a little now that the two of them where there now.

Master Aren moved towards the injured jedi slowly and carefully, Kneeling by his bedside. She took his hand in her own and studied the mans beaten features. Val could sense that Master Aren needed some time to process and think. Walking over to Lo he put his hand on her shoulder slowly letting his hand fall down her arm as he beckoned her to follow him out of the room. She looked from Val to their two Masters then back to Val, giving him a small nod she followed him.

After leaving the hut the day was drawing to a close. The sun was setting and activities around the hideout were slowing down giving a chance for the Twi'lek people to rest. Val's hand left Lo's wrist as they exited, he was being sure to be gentile knowing that the task she had been currently holding up on her own was a heavy one. He walked with her in silence for just a moment. "What you've been doing here is remarkable" He said as he looked to her studying her face noticing the differences and remembering the similarities from when they were younger. "I know it must be really hard but you can relax some now. Master Aren and I will do our best to let you rest." Val finished, giving her a sweet and welcoming smile to help put her at ease.
Week 6, Day 6, Midday

Val Duplicated Master Aren's bow as she gestured to the padawan standing before them. He watched as one of the Twi'leks ran to gather more people for the transportation of the goods they brought. They started to come back and amassed ready to make the short journey, Lo explained that these Twi'leks were exceptional at staying hidden. Which was great but what interested Val'Ko more was why they were good at it.

Slavers were an expected threat but when she mentioned sith Val's eyebrows rose looking intrigued and eager. Quickly he dismissed it and told himself that if the time were to come then he would be ready for it.

The last of the Twi'leks were ready to depart. As Lo turned to, what seemed like, check and make sure everyone had arrived her body lurched just slightly. Val could tell she was under immense stress and worry. He pushed his feelings of concern to his Master, He was sure she felt the same. She turned back to Master Aren and himself telling them that her party was ready to depart. He was quick to lead the way, letting Padawan Lo explain the situation to Master Aren without his interruption. He checked back on everyone once more before he started off in the direction of the ship.
Week 6, Day 6, Midday

Val followed his Master step by step once they left the ship. His eyes peeled for trouble. He had be exercising his healing leg and wanted to try it out, even if that meant just some local Fauna saw them as food. Val'Ko's mind drifted, Who would they run into here? Master said they were helping Jedi, Val Loved running into jedi he'd never met before. Learning from them like he does Master Aren, and if they are here to help the Twi'lek then he would be bound to run into some slavers.

It seemed like there was more behind this mission. He could feel it through Master Aren, who seemed more focused than usual. Showing less smiles, eyes intent on every task at hand. He didn't worry about it. He knew his Master would tell him if this mission would be something she didn't think he could handle.

Val dismissed his thoughts as they approached a rather large looking cave that looked almost natural. He took Master Aren's que to slow down to a stop, he gave their position a swift 360o clear to make sure no one was doing a poor job at hiding. Before resuming his stance next to his Master. Val waited vigilantly. They weren't too exposed but it was clear Master Aren was trying to look as little threatening as possible for whoever they were trying to meet here.

Sure enough shortly after they halted, figures started to appear in the shadows of the cave. A few larger ones and one, rather small one, comparatively. As they approached the mouth of the cave, sunlight started to define their bodies and add a little color with each step. Val'Ko squinted trying to get a good look at them as they drew closer but it was no use, and the second he realized it probably made him look rather ridiculous, he wiped the look off his face as fast as possible.

Once fully emerged from the tunnel the party stopped and oddly enough the little one stepped forward first, which confused Val until he saw them adjust their padawan braid. Before she could even open her mouth to start her introduction her name was already on Val'Ko's mind. She looked just a good as he remembered, only now, more mature. She told them who she was and inquired about their intentions, waiting for their response. Val could almost see when she recognized him. Her eyes turned soft and locked onto him as her mouth made an inaudible movement before she turned her head back to Master Aren with a focused gaze.

Val'Ko grinned slightly and looked up to Master Aren, knowing it wasn't his place to respond in such a situation. He was happy to see a familiar face, now even more eager to fight along side an old friend.
Chapter 8
Finding Aid

Week 6, Day 6, Dawn

It had taken weeks to undo the mess pirates had caused at the orbital station above Naboo. Many of the workers had been killed and supplies stolen. Luckily though, the crucial intel the pirates had downloaded and attempted to get away with had been recovered by Jedi Knight Aren Bec and her Padawan, Val’Ko Sate. After Val had suffered an injury to his leg from a blaster bolt, Aren had taken up much of the rebuilding effort in the station while her padawan healed. In the end, she was glad to have him almost back to his full self, for word came from the Council of a dire situation on Ryloth. Not many Jedi were being sent due to the instability of the situation and the simple fact that the Empire could not notice that the Jedi were sending aid to Ryloth.

Jedi Master Dominik Rothul had been critically injured during an attack. He was alive, but now it was his padawan leading the effort aside the Twi’leks while he remained unresponsive. Their main area of operation had been hit hard, and now they were short on all forms of supplies; medical assets, munitions, and probably soon to be food and water. Aren’s thoughts went out to the Master Jedi. They were friends in a way. They hadn’t talked much, but she had been on missions with him, both diplomatic and combative assignments. She would be lying if she said she wasn’t worried. Aren hadn’t met his padawan but she did know the Jedi was younger and no doubt taking on a huge responsibility.

The Knight’s thoughts were stalled as their ship, the Pathfinder pulled out of hyperspace just above Ryloth. The Jedi Knight took a deep breath as she took the planet in. They had the coordinates for the Twi’leks base Dominik and his padawan had found themselves in, and their ship was stuffed with as many supplies as possible. Most of it was medical supplies and rations; picking up munitions proved hard to do without catching someone’s unwanted attention.

“Strap in Val,” she said, looking to her padawan in the seat to her right as she pressed a couple controls on the console of the ship, “I’m not sure how much resistance we’re going to meet on the surface.”

“Yes Master, I'm not worried about the amount of resistance. I'm actually looking forward to getting back into action. I think this is going to be fun.” Val’Ko replied as he joined his Master in the co-pilot's seat with a big grin and hopeful eyes. He reached over his shoulder sliding into the harness as they neared the planets surface. “You know Master, I’m pretty sure I know the other padawan on the surface. We haven't seen each other for quite some time. I'm excited for that too.” He added turning, studying his Master's face for a response. Val was proud to say he had made a friend, it was a bit hard to do so with all the traveling he did. Not that he minded much in the first place.

Aren listened to her Padawan’s words as he spoke, his enthusiasm was definitely there. She tried to keep her outward expression matching with his; positive, encouraging, hopeful. She knew Val hadn’t had much experience in the way of real battlefield experience, much less being called to help their fellow Jedi when something had gone terribly wrong. It wasn’t often a Jedi Master went down, and Aren couldn’t help but worry about the condition her old friend was in.

“Just remember Val, this is a very sensitive operation. The Sith aren’t supposed to know there are Jedi here... helping the Twi’leks. Remember the Treaty. While we’re here, we need to be quiet, patient, and mindful. Making ourselves known is not what we want to happen.”

Val’s head snapped towards his Master as if she was breaking this to him for the first time. He was both overly excited and frustrated at the same time. He wished he would meet a sith apprentice here, and strike down his first sith. But what his Master said came first. They had to lay low. Val always had a hard time laying low. He loved the flashy side of saber combat. However, Val recognized this opportunity for learning and growth, and he would get to see an old friend. So he made up his mind that he would try to make the best of it.

For the first time in awhile, Val might’ve noticed Aren’s seriousness on the topic. Her tone was quiet, she was distracted by something else. As they entered Ryloth’s atmosphere, Aren directed the ship towards the coordinates that had been included in the holomessage sent to the Council by Dominik’s padawan, Lo. As they neared the surface, Aren made sure to keep the ship closer to cover; luckily a treeline near the coordinates allowed her to do such a thing. The landscape was riddled with deep holes, craters formed by the mortars no doubt. Aren’s eyes scanned the surface for anything out of the ordinary, be it friend or foe. Pulling the Pathfinder into the treeline, Aren landed the ship with grace before starting the lockdown procedures.

“Stay close to me Val. We’ll need to scout the area and find a way into their hideout before we bring out the supplies.” she said, undoing her harness and standing from her pilot chair. She moved quickly to the loading ramp, stepping down onto it as it lowered to the ground. Her senses were pushed out, feeling for anything out of the ordinary. There was nothing, which both surprised and frightened her. Waiting for Val to catch up to her side, she led the way on foot from the ship and into the unknowns of Ryloth.

Val’Ko undid his harness quickly and was just behind his Master until he split off to run off to his room. Once he made it inside he took a quick glance around searching for something in particular. He ran his fingers across his lucky charm which happened to be a torn tapestry with a design that always pleased him when he saw it. Locating what he entered the room for just a second later he ran over and grabbed his walking stick. A solid branch that was almost his height. He enjoyed taking it whenever he knew he would have to walk any extended distance over terrain. With walking stick in hand he threw on his cloak and hurried after his Master. Val slowed from his jog and stepped his first step, side by side with his Master, onto Ryloth.

All done :)
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