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3 mos ago
Getting back on track with RPing. Slowly, but surely.
3 mos ago
Been having a pretty rough RL thing going on in my life lately. Family related, long story, but it's looking a bit better now. Getting back to RPing again.
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7 mos ago
Finally gave my bio profile an overhaul. Now it looks so much cleaner and more professional - without toning down my usual snarks.
7 mos ago
Over(work) 9000
8 mos ago
"When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." --Gilgamesh, Mobius Final Fantasy



"Love is an illogical necessity that exists solely for the survival of humanity."

|| GMT+8 | Trilingual | Gemini | Slytherin | INTP | Hemingyay | Backup ||

「 M O I 」

Just a random Asian dude living in the (near) future well past the legal drinking age but still rotting away in college at the moment. Likes learning new languages and the culture behind each of them, though he only understands enough to get by everyday conversations that don't sound like automatic machine guns. By the way, English isn't his first language, and it's through shedding lots of blood and sweat that he's able to reach here, to this current level of crap writing you're reading now.

Still want to read on? He applauds you for your stubbornness.

A proud sarcastizen who is constantly suffering from insomniac eccentricity, and a curious soul who will try to give new things a shot whenever possible, but he's ultimately still as opinionated as you are (yes, you), with his own flair of weird taste in the kind of stories or settings he enjoys working with. Rumored to be a closet sadist who enjoys sitting back and let you despicable minions to try and humor him, entertain him with all your sex jokes and colorful insults... but few have succeeded to tickle him enough not to snort at you failures and blatantly ignore your worthless existence.

Other than having five years of roleplaying experience on/off under his belt, he's also a writing hobbyist with novel-quality writing that can put you all native English writers to shame. To rub salt further into your face, he's now getting paid for his shitty writing - yes, he is finally making money with his hobby and passion for the literal arts. Doing his dream job. And of course, to inflate his own sorry ego.

Forever busy - going through the Dark Ages of horribly limited internet access, and may disappear from time to time to wage war on retarded school projects. Mostly writes at an advanced level and highly encourages collaborative writing, even for 1x1s. Also, he's one of those shameless kind who would rather do so in threads and show the whole world his writing too epic for you people to appreciate his true worth.

He's lame, he's sarcastic, and he has been severely infected with Randomness Syndrome that he should be drowned in a pool of salt for his bad jokes... Hang on, why is being an innocent cinnamon roll a crime to humanity?

「 R O L E P L A Y S 」

Roleplay invitation is restricted to friends and peers I'm close with only, for the time being. I'm too busy to join open groups at the moment.

Baybridge Gaybitch: Halcyon Days | Group | @Surtr (Mr Allen J)
Shizuka is back to break the fifth wall kick moar asses. Butting heads with Allen's gayest, penis-loving team of cringy characters. Lovely.
(Because of my personal roleplaying policy, I'm stuck with this gay group RP - again.)

Saisei: The Crimson Dawn | Group | @Inkarnate (@Gowi)
Too deep in canon joke that now I have to hope my character won't be the first to die.
(Because I got invited by a friend to join this, I have to break my own rule - again.)

The Rejects: a Masks roleplay | Tabletop | @Grey & @Raijinslayer
The result of me mixing Dracula with Star Wars. And a bit of... sexy awesomeness.
(My first time doing a tabletop outside of my RL circle. This is gonna be a casual one so shouldn't kill my brain cells as much as my other RP projects... As if.)

Pokemon: Hoenn Fantasy | 1x1 | @Altered Tundra
"I've come up with a new recipeh!" #IgnisIsBrock
(For the sake of RPG I'm sad to say that I have to censor most of Yuffie's horribly awesome nicknames to cater for childish SJWs.)

Sekirei: Pure Sanctuary | 1x1 | @RyuHll
Still waiting for the day Hikari can bitchslap my Orinami... and another chance for Nagisa to greet a new friend with a sniper gun under their chin.
(I just have the knack of making yanderes. #SorryNotSorry)

Star Riders: Hoshizora no Riders | 1x1 | @Inkarnate (@Gowi)
Currently having a dilemma to choose between a professional pervert and idol whore.
(You know what, let's just have them all be kinky with each other to save the damn world from killer lolis. Yay.)

Unlight | 1x1 | @Dusksong
First attempt at a romance-ish RP. Wish me luck - and make be sober over how I can only have fictional girlfriends.
(While I try my best not to turn Meyer's perfect vamps into assholes because I'm really itching to do that for the lolz.)

「 L I N K S 」

Tsukune Reservoir Chronicle
The graveyard where I dump all mah character sheets (and some lore notes because why not).

Tsukune World Chronicle
Coding workshop for iChecks and OOCs, from sluggish actives to upcoming epics... and even dead failures.

The Art & Beauty of BBCoding
The most comprehensive guide to BBcoding on RPG. #NotBragging

Destiny Chronicle / d-Chronos
Before RPer, I'm first and foremost a writer.

kowaresouna hodo sutemide ai o dakishimeruyo
tatoe sore ga yumemaboroshi demo kamawanai!
終われない このままじゃ ねぇ 最後は君の
owarenai kono mama ja nee saigo wa kimi no
furueru honne o ore ni sarashitekure!

「 Q U O T E S 」

It's the origin to the greatest ideas ever known to mankind."

"Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, yet the highest form of intelligence."
Oscar Wilde

"Sarcasm is love. Sarcasm is life."
"If I don't get at least one sarcastic observation from you per day, I would think something was seriously wrong with you IRL."

"You are one known for some pretty fucked up stories."


Vivi, World of Final Fantasy

Anonymous Meme

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No worries about the delay, Sho. My new school term has started, so I'd be busy too.

Meanwhile, I'll just run this new game I managed to get it work on my Steam. Finally found a way to break through the region lock, because I've been dying to get this for a long time since its release. Good thing that this game can run on auto mode while I multitask (aka doing school work), yay.
As I've told Sho over Skype, thought I should also say this here for everyone:

Try not to flood me with @Mention unless it's RP-related and damn important that you need my immediate attention every time I pop by this site. I am feeling kind of overwhelmed by the sheer number of notifications I got lately, yeah.

In short, leave me out of the shitposting fest, even if I drop random jokes from time to time. I mean, if I see the comebacks, yay; if I don't because I need to be away (either bedtime for me or I've other things to do than being here 24/7), then I'll just let them pass and I don't need to be notified for something trivial as some little jokes.

@Shoryu Magami:
Judging from the OOC so far, seems to me most of us are going with the escort idea. I think that's for the best, because that way all the characters will be able to reach Bonaparte's mansion around the same time to kickstart the murder game, rather than waiting for all the lost sheep to show up one by one on their own. :P

And, to inform you that my IC response is up. Short, I know, but I don't want to drag it out into a full purple prose.
I also noticed the BGM link in your second Leo post is still the Cowboy Bebop OST, even if you changed the song title to the one I was using for my first IC post, lol.

On a side note, I changed my character's color because it's too similar to Olivia's (I know it's not the same, but still).

Reinald Wong

Somewhere in Central Paris, France_
♫ Final Fantasy Type-0 HD OST - A Day Like any Other / Day of the Sun

Reinald didn't care much for the Caucasian boy's short height or even the deep voice that would probably surprise most people, because he was more amused at the strange accent in the counterpart's response. He wasn't quite sure where he had heard such an accent before; all he knew was that it sounded distinctly American.

So it was this guy whom he had heard shouting just now. Well, at least he could save himself from another embarrassing moment of trying to speak broken French, again.

He studied the boy for a moment - to others, he seemed as if he was checking to make sure this American was really alright. But the other reason, the hidden one, was merely an old habit of his: the power of observation that was essential in one's daily life, even in his field of study and (the not-so-healthy hobby of) gaming. Besides, it was a natural reaction for most people to form a first impression of any stranger they first met. The boy looked very much like your stereotypical street-smart teen in various media and fictions, especially the way he had dressed, and his body language... both of which made a strong contrast with his unmanly facial features (except for the voice, which was even deeper than Reinald's own). Well, fictions were largely based on reality anyway, and he wasn't the one to say about contradictions between outward appearance and the inward self, either.

"...Yeah, that's rough," he finally replied with a small shrug, a little distracted as he was reminded of his own bad morning. "You're clearly not a Parisian... I guess you're a tourist like me, then?"

He took a big gulp of coffee from the takeaway cup in his hand - by now it was lukewarm, and he felt a little thirsty in the dry, spring breeze. He eyed the sandwich in the American boy's hand, but didn't feel one bit hungry, not with bits of raw tomatoes poking out from the sides of the food.

"Almost forgot... I'm Rein, by the way. Nice to meet you."
How to Get Away with Murder: Grim Reaper's Gambit Special Arc


Season Three: The Deathly Aftermath, the sequel when majority of the cast has gone to the afterlife paradise - or more hell, who knows.
While I want to make a character of this caliber:

Reinald Wong

Paris, France_
♫ Final Fantasy Type-0 HD OST - A Day Like any Other / Day of the Sun

It was often said that Paris was the city of love for those spiritual ones; in the eyes of the more materialistic individuals, it was the metropolis for fashion. However, upon arriving in the country filled with so many mystical rumors that captivated those who longed to come here, Reinald Wong could only say one thing.

What a bunch of stupid lies.

His first impression of the so-called romantic country had been going downhill ever since he touched down at Roissy Airport. He couldn't help feeling that French people were a rude lot, even more frustrating with the language barrier. At least he finally managed to get back his travelling backpack, which somehow ended up in the Lost Baggage area for reasons he had feared before coming to France. After a quick check to make sure nothing was magicked out of his bag from those thieving baggage handlers infamous in most European countries, he left the airport building and was chauffeured to the accommodation arranged for him prior to his arrival.

His series of unfortunate events didn't end there.

No, it wasn't about the hotel - on the contrary, it was more than what he could have bargained for. Not a five-star classy place per se, but decent enough for at least week worth of stay, and perfect for any casual travelers coming here for a free-and-easy tour. It was what happened after he decided to use the spare time to roam around the city for a bit of sightseeing - after all, it wasn't often one could come to such expensive place with all expenses paid by someone else. He left most of his belongings in the room, only taking the letter - the reason why he was here - and his valuables stuffed into his hoodie pocket (today's slogan: "NO FUN, NO LIFE"), then exited the building. He spotted a cafe just up ahead, and brisked towards it.

Coffee was about the only thing Reinald could communicate over the counter for some light refreshments. The female barista chuckled at him, which made the Asian young man more conscious about his terrible pronunciation as he turned his head away in embarrassment while waiting for his drink.

He probably should have taken up a French module back in school when he had the chance.

He was glad when the cappuccino was finally ready and served, but before he could leave, the barista had grabbed his hand. He frowned, not understanding a single word she was saying to him, until she made a hand gesture to her ear with a seductive look.

She was asking for his number... and probably something even more.

Reinald stood frozen for a moment, trying to digest this sudden turn of situation. Then he shook out of her grasp with a hurried apology, swept his hot drink off the counter and headed out of the cafe without another word. He swore that his face felt warmer than the styrofoam cup in his hand.

Okay, maybe he should take his words back. Paris was more than just a romantic city - it was creeping him out.

Scrolling down the labyrinthine streets while taking in the scenery completely different from home (and sipping on real coffee, not those overly sweetened crap back where he was from) was quite an experience, enough for Reinald to forget about the hiccups that had happened to him from before. Other than romance and fashion, Paris was also well-known for their nightscape, and hence hailed as the City of Lights... according to the pamphlet in his hand. He wasn't particularly interested - he felt that it would be pretty much the same in any major cities around the world - but it wouldn't hurt to stay long enough to snap a picture of it. He could use a new background for his mobile screen.

His mundane thoughts was interrupted by the sound of people fighting in one of the alleyways in the vicinity. He was even more surprised when he caught one of them shouting in a language that he could understand, albeit with a thick accent of sorts. Curious, he looked around, trying to find the source of the noise... And he got his answer when some gruff-looking men scrambled out from around the corner, in a great hurry to get away from something that seemed to terrify them. Reinald couldn't help raising an eyebrow as he watched the thugs disappeared down another alley. Paris is sure full of surprises...

Even more amusing when the something - or rather, someone - who walked out of that same alleyway those men ran out from was a young teenage boy. Obviously Caucasian, though somewhat on the short side. Munching on a sandwich nonchalantly as if all the yelling and cursing just now were merely Reinald's hallucination. So early on this fine morning? That's bullshit.

"Hey," he called out to the blond in unaccented* English. "I thought I heard a fight somewhere around here just now... You okay?"

Now that I finally got enough sleep... I just realized how weird I was last night. Hope you guys don't mind me being a bit bitchy because my sleep has been in a mess the past couple of days.

@Shoryu Magami
Let me reread the IC posts so far and also the OOC OP first to double check some stuff, then my IC post should be up shortly.
@Shoryu Magami
That's why I'm that smartass who puts gifs to beautify my profile but turns the function off to save my own gadgets, yo. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

In all seriousness, when I'm using the better wifi in my friend's house, I don't have problems loading gifs or even videos on computer. But my phone is still a no.

EDIT: Yeah, I know what you mean, Snaggle (what you're saying is basically a resolution issue). Anyway since Sho has given us the freedom to do our own layouts, I think the discussion is pretty done and over with. Everyone can do their own thing as long as they adhere to the OOC rules, and everyone is happy. Yay~
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