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3 mos ago
Current My biological father passed away last night of a heart attack... I'm not even sure how to process everything I'm feeling right now.
3 mos ago
Lol Never lie to your massage therapist about how much you drank before a massage. I'll know within 20 minutes if you lied. Fun time at work. X.X
3 mos ago
*Cuts up banana cream pie for the status bar.* I think we could all use this... Lol.
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3 mos ago
God, two weeks of stress over. My cancer results are negative. *Flops with relief.*
3 mos ago
@Boss Kermit, He's busy. *Holds up her paddle.* I can help though. lol


Greetings, Ladies and Gentlemen.

I am the charming UndeadEyes.
That's my twitch handle too.
I'm 31 years-of-age.
I've been roleplaying for way too long.
About 20 years...
Holy leaping salamanders of flame that's a long time!

I'm equal parts loved, hated, feared, and revered.
I'm a complex woman...

I'm an L.M.T. and have a lot of free time between jobs.

I love Roleplaying and I'm always looking for new ones.
So, feel free to message me if you'd like to start a story with me!
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