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1 mo ago
Current TEKKO CON was great!!! had fun back to work now as well..
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2 mos ago
i can barely keep my eyes open, sleep is calling me at 2:48pm ugh
2 mos ago
sorry to my RP partners for being MIA, i feeling super run down and just dont have the mental energy to rp
2 mos ago
well the time has come, Craft Show season starts back up for me in August, so i have to start getting back into the grove of making things again...i took a 3 month break long enough i guess.
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2 mos ago
slept on my shoulder wrong have a pinched nerve and it hurts like hell....trying to work it out but its making it worse


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"okay" he says "i was curious" he says to her "so since we are here, maybe we should look into a few wedding things?" he smiled at her "how about flowers?" he says to her seeing a flower shop up ahead.
"do you really like the colors or you just saying that because it what you think i want to hear?" hse asked him

Brandon hoped he was going to be a father. but he hoped it would happened later, he wanted to be selfish with his time with his new wife. he looked over at Liz and gave her a happy smile. he kissed her hand. "have you heard from your brother at all?" he asked
"well you will definately see and hear that" she told him and gives him a kiss. "okay so Crimson and gold sound pretty together right?" she says to him.
"Me too but i still want your opinion with the wedding and details" she says

he took a bite of her cheesecake. "alright" he says "we can go explore the town a little bit when your done" he says to her
"if your appointment is here in town then we can stay until then" he says to her

"why sigh?" she frowned "this is our day not just mine" she says to him
she looks at him "but its our wedding i like it to be part of you too" she says to him "whats your favorite color?" she asked him

"im asking you babe, if you want to stay in town or head back home for a bit" he says to her

"okay so you just want to stay in town?" he asked her

"um decorations and colors?" she says "even if its a small wedding i still want it to look pretty" hse told him
he chuckled "see what i mean" he says to her "okay once we are done we can head back to the house" he says to her

Kali looked at him "we should work on something for the wedding" she says to him "right?"
"not really no" she says to him "and i wasnt angry enough that i wanted you to leave me alone" she says to him.

he smiled "you know you will have to tone that eye rolling down, i dont our kid to learn such bad behavior" he leaned over and kissed her
he laughed "thats another kiss" he told her smiling. He was happy to know that he could be a father. He was going to be a much better one then his own was.

she wrapped her arms around his torso and hugged him laying her head on on his chest.
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