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7 mos ago
Current listening to the howls moving castle song. SO pretty❤️❤️❤️❤️
7 mos ago
Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia-the fear of long words. whoever named this has quite the sense of humor.
7 mos ago
I am going to try and get responses out today. Very sorry to all the people I’ve kept waiting
7 mos ago
@obsene symphony what happened?! Did they drop the ghost shoe on your head?!
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7 mos ago
Argh I wanna use a certain character I made but no good sci if roleplays and I’m bad at making roleplays. Anybody wanna make a roleplay where we go on an adventure across the galexy?


[under derpy construction]

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If you want to be a good vampire or werewolf I’ll consider it though
Pretty much all of the supernaturals will be gm operated NPCs. Your character is a human. I’d u do want to play a supernatural at some point I’ll keep it in mind and pm you when I want you to play one. Also plz use the thread in the casual interest check.
Also what does a noetic look like?
If an aetherian were to shapeshift into a noetic would they gain their powers?
looks interesting
Pm me your cs
U wanna make a cs?
I will allow using them to like push things and using them as physical objects as well as protection but he can a max perimeter of 18 feet but he can split that up as he wants like have a bunch of tiny ones or one long one if that makes sense. but no flying!
also, the basic abilities are the same but im gonna call it aether just to match the kind of roleplay this is.
do they do anything else besides being used as protection?
hmmm im gonna need more information on what you mean by that
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