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<Snipped quote by Valiance>

*Once you leave the marketplace area, I join you in stride as we make our way through a much more calm residential area*
Checking on the girl?

And other business, yes. We have a lot to do, since we'll be gone for some time soon.
*Leaps down from my ship onto the dock and points back up at the crew on board*
I expect it all to be spotless 'fore we set out on the next voyage! So long as she's ready, you lot have a good time.
*This announcement is met with cheers from the crew, and I march down the dock and to the shore, disappearing into a bustling boardwalk marketplace*
<Snipped quote by Valiance>

King: *warmly smiles* I am so happy that you feel so strongly of us. Come! Let us not waste time.

*Nods twice and prepares to follow you*
<Snipped quote by Valiance>
You're welcome, my daughter. Shall we go visit your siblings? See the rest of your family?

I'm excited to! They are now the closest things I've ever had to blood relatives.
<Snipped quote by Valiance>
That sounds excellent! Alethia. It sounds like a name to be proud of.

*Smiles and bows to you slightly*
Thank you, King.
<Snipped quote by Valiance>

Well, in a way, you are also Pure. But you are also original, not an exact copy she thinks.

How about... "Alethia". That one feels right.
<Snipped quote by Valiance>
I see... what is the fundamental idea of your predecessor?

It translates to "pure". Quite literally.
<Snipped quote by Valiance>

If you need some time to think, we can come back to it later.

My name has always been more than a name, it’s the fundamental idea on which I was created. Coming up with a new one is... Difficult.
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