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Current God damn youtube is a cess pit...I can't even go on Jontron videoes without people talking about American politics. I've known this for awhile but it doesn't stop me losing more faith in humanity.
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The madmen did it! Doki Doki Literature Club plus is a thing!
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I swear people will downvote anything on reddit. I posted an Ad on a dnd sub for looking for campaigns and its already been downvoted 10 minutes into it being posted.
2 mos ago
Really enjoyed the lastest Lostbelt from Fate Grand Order. Solid addition to the story with some stumbles with characters being underutilized IMO.
4 mos ago
The persona 5 royal achievement themes are SO good. Lavenza's in particular I think is very unique and stylish.


I'm one of the surviving members from the event known as Guild Fall. I am a big fan of Mobile Suit Gundam and am very specific on what I want in a roleplay. I have completed two roleplays (one is debateable) and have over six years of roleplaying experience dating back to when I was in Middle School.

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only on fridays.
@WhoamiUltimately up to you I'm asking you as a player what you want to do so you can do it.
@WhoamiBefore I get out a post what do you intend to do. You can engage with the heroes if you make your way inside but you can also talk to marcino
@ChevIn other news I'm not quite sure what to do at the moment Should I do whatever, go train with our frost demon friend, or just wait for the next story post?
Nothing big especially happened since the slow pace of this rp is a thing. We got Marcino to accompany us instead of going for Rin, or the Spear Hero. We fought some bandits briefly since I'm sure you're sick of small fry, and we finally got to Rayla. The enemy bandits who surrendered were handcuffed and being watched by your and marcino.
Alright is anyone working on a post I've had stuff to take care of the past few days.
"So then what comes next sword hero? Are you going to stand there, or am I going to have to come, and cleave you in half. You know I'm a part of the fighter class, and I'm not about to let my pride as either a woman, gladiator, or chief. I'm not going to go without a fight you know. I'm not letting some shit head teenager with a shit personality take me in. Your 'king' is barely a legitimate heir you the last choice." Rayla comments dourly as Cole raises his sword he braces himself and walks forward. "I know nothing of you, or the king who summoned of me other than your list of crimes. I will not let you hurt anyone else! Meteor Strike!" Cole calls out as he slashes at Rayla on her seat. In return the woman grabs her large blade and swings it calling out in counter, "Crushing Counter!" Rayla says as she swings her blade it glows a fearsome red as she cuts through the meteor strike rendering it inert. "Damn it! Fine I'll just have to take you on with my own skill!" Cole shouts as he charges forward Rayla rolls her eyes as she swings her blade at Cole. Cole doesn't dodge instead of that opting to take her head on. His lack of skill, and fighting training showing as he clashes with the fearsome warrior in front of him. As Cole tries to push forward Fer can see Cole's feet being pushed back leaving a small trail of dirty but he stays steady.

"I can't fail! I won't let you beat me!" Cole shouts out as he tries to channel his deepest part of himself he tries to push forward with his own strength but it lacks power behind it and Cole makes no head way other than keeping Rayla in place for the time being. "At least you got gusto. Shame I gotta kill the Sword Hero your destiny is probably somewhere else. Eh whatever I guess the spear, and bow can win." She says with some annoyance. She tries to kick Cole but he manages to dodge it. Rayla raises her blade swinging it down in a hard arc after pushing Cole back. Cole rolls, and tries to meteor strike her again but she once again counters with her Crushing Counter. Cole hopes that Fer manages to think of something clever as he tries to circle around her clashing blades as her swinging it quickly but she uses her blade deftly using minimal movements to block Cole's attacks his frustration growing.
"But-UGH DAMN IT!" Cole growled as he charged forward and slashed at the bandit who tried to parry but Cole was younger, and faster than him it only took a few moments for Cole to shove his sword through the man's torso causing him to fall to the ground clutching at his wound. While Fer worked to cover him Cole was quickly able to dance from one side of the cave to the other his sword dully gleaming in the fire's light he cut down the remaining bandits with sufficient ease as Marcino entered the cave himself. He looked at the bandits who had given up, and sighed. "More work I guess..." he grumbled as he moved to put manacles to their hand, and whistled into Auriel who came in and was told to watch the bandits who sat there silently but be it knowledge of who the man who had chained them was or not they seemed very uneasy with good reason as the blood of their fallen comrades poured onto the cave's floor. Cole looked at his blood stained armor. Not a drop of it was his own thanks to Fer. He felt sick to his stomach...having killed people like this. It would've made him vomit if not for the simple fact these were people who enjoyed burning down simple farmer's lives. Crops took ages to grow and there was a literal apocalypse around the corner.

As Cole looked to Marcino he pointed towards the back of the cave, and a crudely made wooden door sat placed in an opening. Cole nodded figuring that was the location they needed to go. Cole stepped forward and led the way as he had to use some effort to get the door to actually open as it was wedged in rather well to the narrow cave opening. Taking a deep breath he braced himself to fight the enemy in front of them the boss...Rayla Winters...

As Cole led the way he slowly started to feel more and more constrained as the smoke from torches that led the way was making it harder to breath for him though it was probably less so for the shield who had defensive buffs. Made Cole a bit jealous of that utility. Still Cole couldn't help but feel relieved when Fer, and himself finally reached their destination as they heard the sound of hands clapping they looked up to find a young lady with a smug smile looking down at them with a giant sword laying on her lap, and some what looked to be iron armor adorning her body. She spoke clearly and loudly. "So then you come all this way during the end of the world to fight a foreign national instead of learning to save the day. I see you're rather well bloody...and yet you don't seem tired. Well I suppose the heroes of the world wouldn't be too interested in the lives of individual bandits. Whatever are you going to state your names or are you just here do to business?" the woman said growing more disdainful as she spoke. "My name is Cole! I am the Hero of the Sword! I will give you the chance to surrender or you'll be killed for your crimes against the common folk." Cole started as the woman sighed. "Oh yeah like that wouldn't happen if I wasn't ready to surrender. Whatever Rayla Winters former 'The Crimson Witch of Zeltoble' at your service." Ratyla comments boredly looking down to Cole having seemed to lost all interest in Fer. (first picture is Rayla)
apologizes stuff happened I'll try to get a post out tomorrow instead.
I'll try to post tomorrow if I can.
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