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4 days ago
Current Party decided to joke around a dude who missed a session last night. I dropped a name Iam Lineing, I am Lie(n)ing, and he still didn't get it lol.
16 days ago
I'd rather reject humanity and become Hulk Hogan Brother! What you going to do when Hulk Hogan goes wild on you!?
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18 days ago
Persona on Xbox WOOOOO!
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1 mo ago
Killed 3 gundams today with my DnD party. Feels good man. And we did it in fodder mobile suits.
2 mos ago
Yeah but it sucks and barely functions.


I'm one of the surviving members from the event known as Guild Fall. I am a big fan of Mobile Suit Gundam and am very specific on what I want in a roleplay. I have completed two roleplays (one is debateable) and have over six years of roleplaying experience dating back to when I was in Middle School.

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"Failsafe? No...more like a conclusion. Like I said I never won a war so I can't explain it as if I've seen it in person. The Founders of Chaldea did though. Its the process of the grail doing something. Some say its the catalyst for the grail granting a wish, others say its responsible for the gathering of mana, others say it is a process to grant eternal life. I'm operating off the premise that its is not so much a protection process more so that with a grail war WON why would a mage do this? And if the war was not won, and the masters died or were otherwise undone along with their servants, assuming they are indeed dead considering the fact that there are servants here, why not use the wish or try to use the mana that was gathered. Its troubling that there is no clear motive short of a psychotic mass murderer doing this." returns Orson as he tries to rack his brain for an answer, any answer. His voice unsure as he spoke he tried to keep talking as to try to settle down the group. "The fact of the matter is you have not been attacked by any meaningful enemies. You also have no received any signal related to the Team A Masters. Togami is a young man who prides himself on leaving a crumb trail to follow in case things need to be retracked. Always a way to follow up on past details. And yet nothing at the bridge, nothing in the city, no attempts at magical bounded fields. As you said Connor. There was NOTHING. Ugh! Even if I was blind sided by this it still frustrates me to no end that there is no conclusions pray that the servant at the end of the trail gives you something."
"Fuck off. Don't try to play mind games with me. As a Knight of Camelot, even the one they call the Traitor Knight, I'm still the Knight of Londinium. Yeah I rampaged, and fought back, but even I gotta tell you. There was no grand plan. I had some idea but none of it was set in stone. I wanted them to understand how I felt. That's it. I rebelled, and I raged out it got out of hand. But even now I still see them as my former King. Leon being the one with those dumb command seals makes him the new king. Time will prove if he's worthy of it. Hasn't impressed me so far, that being said no one here has." Saber growls as she feels Fran come up next to her and say something to her through her helmet she grunts. "We got this! You, and me we'll fix this whole thing!" Sabers says bouncing back as if nothing happened.

"I'm not a king though. As much as my stock has plummeted recently, apparently, I'm just a mage who wants to save people. The world's foundations can't come undone." Leon commented as Mordred turned to him and even through the helmet he could feel her eyes staring right into his soul. Angry. Always angry it would seem but he felt in his bones that was wrong. It was probably just him in the end. "I'm a knight. I serve kings, and Dad ain't here. Not that I'd bother I'm not some cheap ass who serves two kings. You're my master right now for good or bad. Are you not?" Mordred said to Leon non to gently. "I am and I will prove myself worthy of being such." Leon said with no fear, or hesitation his patience at its current limit. "Then you're the king dumbass. That's just how it works. I'd be one hell of shitty fucking knight if I had no king so shut up and move!" Leon was none to convinced by Mordred's argument but he didn't want her railing inside his head so he relented and nodded in affirmation. "Elise, and everyone we assume the same formation. Tactical Advisor could you please inform us if Lancer, and his master are attacked so we can hurry back if need be." Leon called through is ear piece. "Consider it done. If anyone is in danger I will inform you. Its odd...the skeletons I've been keeping track of aren't moving to deal with you. Its a blessing as far as I'm concerned maybe whoever is controlling them is not aware of you yet...or doesn't care. Either way Make your way to the servant quick. Lancer do what you will to guard your master, and the bridge."


As Leon's main group moved south he looked at more of the grey housing units, and empty cars the more he saw the more he wondered where the people went. This was near a city. Thousands of people lived here, if not considerably more, and there was no way in hell it'd just pop out of existence. "Sir Director! I want to talk about the vanishing act around here do you have any idea of who, or what could've done this?" Leon asks as he quickly leads the way down the side walks looking over to the river he wondered if people could've been eaten by something? A monster of some sort? Then there would be more notable destruction? If it was some sort of radiation they wouldn't be here to speculate it. "At the moment we have yet to come across some sort of bounded field. But I have a feeling that it is something similar to it. Gorgon, or rather Medusa, is noted to have used a noble phantasm called Blood Fort Andromeda. It is a noble phantasm capable of killing people and taking their mana for themselves. But to this scale? Someone would've stopped it. It may work off a similar principle, and that is where my gut feeling is heading. But then the question becomes why? Was it the will of a grail war participant? If so why has Heaven's Feel not been achieved?" Orson began as Mordred cut him off, "Heaven's Feel? The hell is that?" Mordred questioned as she shoved a car through a house rather loudly since it was in the way. Leon could only sigh at how loud Mordred was being.

"It is...a part of the grail war system it is complicated. I'm afraid the specifics are currently locked. I apologize for even mentioning it. I'm thinking aloud at the moment. Simply keep on track. The servant is still fading, and we can only hope to make it there before they do." Orson comments as he monitors the situation at hand seeing no difference in Fuyuki with the two servants in the city still moving about but keeping their pace away from the groups members.

"Real helpful yeah..." Mordred mouths off.

The area near the bridge was quiet other than the sound of the water moving, and flowing into the land nearby. The bridge didn't shake, it didn't rumble, and the wind simply gently breezed by as if the day were normal. There was no sound other than the sounds Scarlett, and her Lancer made. The bone warriors, if they were nearby, weren't a threat for the moment it would seem. Whatever they wished to do it would seem the moment was ripe for doing it.
Will try to get one out later this week maybe saturday, or sunday since DnD died this week for both days.
"YOU WANNA FUCKING DIE!?" Saber growled as she pulled her weapon out and made a move to kill Scarlet the second she started to mock her but with Fran in the way, and the prospect of getting killed by a command seal that was glowing on Leon's hand she decided to stay her sword for the moment. "Don't you dare call me fucking weak again! No one talks to me like that and I don't care if Leon makes me kill myself. Humanity be damned I don't let anyone talk to me like that." Saber growled as she looked over the group.

"That's not a threat, but a promise get me!? Same goes to all of you! I didn't answer a god damn call to save the world to be made fun of! Lancer! This ain't the time to be talking about god damn training this is a real god forsaken war zone. I'm complaining so much because every inch of me is telling me this place has some sort of weird magecraft. And I should know Merlin was my father's aid." Saber shouted loudly as the red mana around her sizzled loudly. Mana burst coming to her uncalled for. Leon was afraid of Saber in that moment but he wouldn't call her out on in.

"Make no mistake Saber I understand your frustration." Leon comments as he holds his hand up command seal in play. "I will not force you to get along with anyone. But understand that the mission takes precedent. As Team Leader I decline the chance to stop here. This singularity screams at me, get it done as quick as possible. We're heading south immediately. Scarlett, and Lancer can stay here, and guard the bridge and set up shop if they desire. But I'm done. I read that you have some issues that you're working through Miss Scarlet but I'm done playing nice. I'm sorry for whatever happened to you but I'm here to save lives, and right now I value action over caution. Its in my blood. Elise I understand you may disagree with me, and I will also allow you to stay behind but Caster of Chaldea has ordered me south so I'm moving south if you're here then you two can possibly fend off the two servants together. I've got a feeling the servant, or individual up north is going to move. What they're doing screams 'come and find me'." Leon says rather forcefully as he tries his best to exert his authority. He was never quite the type to order others around. His inexperience hurt him but he was doing what he felt was right. "Leon as your Director if Saber tries to attack another master then you are to chain her. This is a matter to save the world. Understand Saber as Leader of Chaldea you may feel free to hate me but I will not take the world being put in jeopardy. That being said I will now have Team C be placed on Standy-By. Understand this Scarlett I made the mistake of picking you for your experience. Your ability to be flexible in the field. But if you antagonize your squad I will have your lessers finish this fight instead."

"The hell with that! I'm a Knight of Camelot! I'll finish this singularity by myself if I need to! Master! Orders!" Saber demanded of Leon who gave a prolonged sigh. "Orders received moving to the south to investigate the fading servant on behalf of the the tactical advisor."
I'm like 98% sure it wasn't covid. I went out to dinner but I wore a mask, and got my two shots. I wasn't having trouble breathing so it was just a cold.
Alright like i said i'll see what i can get up on Wednesday, or Thursday depending how I feel. I'm mostly better. Still a bit stuffy but I've been dealing with a lot of issues the past two weeks or so. Felt dizzy for a few days which stopped and immediately transitioned into a cold. I'm hoping to not relapse into anything cause i'm tired of feeling sick.
I'll see if i can post by the end of the week still no feeling great.
Alright i'm hoping to be rid of this cold by Wednesday, hopefully, is everyone still here?
I'm not feeling well posted as well in my statuses.
@Kyuujin We're in the middle of a singularity if this rp survives past the first then you can try to apply afterward. There's no solid way of introducing you at the moment so i'll abstain from properly reviewing this app.
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