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Just as humans grow and change with time, interests change as well. I wish I had the urge to roleplay like I used to...

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@Cyclone Second time 'round. Let's see what fishes we catch.
There's been a lot of overlap in many characters thus far so nothing is off the table imo...
@Cyclone@Antarctic Termite

Speak of the devil and he doth appear. Nice seeing ya here :)
check me in on this
As I said, unless the goblins outnumber the humans 10 to 1 then I don't see why there would be any reason for treaties between races that have traditionally been enemies in literally every fantasy setting. I actually appreciate the change here, however. It allows for more leeway to how a goblin's thoughts/inner monologue/conversations with others can be written.

Considering that you say in the OP that the village has a "peace treaty" with the humans... Any kind of treaty would mean the two parties are able to have peace talks, which in turn means they both accept that they are at the same level of intelligence... else what stops humans from just contracting some mercenaries to raze the goblins' village...
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