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I have been writing for a few years, but admittedly I'm not the best. I've spent most my time on sites such as Bebo, Facebook and even Roleplay me; but forum Roleplay is new to me, so I do beg of you all for some patience 👏

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@Odin it honestly isn't all that good, back in the day when it was very busy it was great but unfortunately it is starting to die out :(
Thank you and I hope youre right :) and I shall thank you again ♡

The title literally says it all, I've been role-playing for a few years now, but it was only on Bebo or Facebook never on forums. So this is entirely new to me, I'm a tad rusty at writing so please be kind. I do have certain characters, for Harry Potter and Skyrim but that's about it 😂
So hi
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