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My name is Cattileona but you can call me Catt for short! I'm looking for a partner to roleplay with off site on Discord that is OC x Canon.

I am/ I do:
- Semi-lit
- Write in 3rd person
- Detailed 5+ paragraphs each reply
- Can be a little delayed on replies but I do try and get them done within a week, two latest.
- Loves to OOC chat, and talk about plot or characters.
- I always do the double. Meaning I can do OC x Canon or Canon x Canon for you.
- I can do MxF, MxM and/ or FxF pairings

All I ask in return:

- Reply at least a paragraph
- Are 18+
- Comfortable with very mature content
- Are patient and understanding

Cravings, Fandoms and Pairings:

( 💗💗💗 ) Devil May Cry (OC x Vergil)
( 💗💗 ) Final Fantasy 14 (OC x Emet/ and or Aymeric)

May be interested in more later.

You can contact me here or on discord!
Look for: Gothic Squid#1798
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