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Current Got a bad case of the "don't wanna"s. Dozen things I should do, but I don't wanna.
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Offered a job .. because the civil service list is stale and the people they wanted to hire withdrew. Do I really want to be the person that they settle for?
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That's cause the coward has 80-90 years to work on those extra deaths, while the hero gets knocked off at 18.
2 mos ago
Wondering what modern genres could be considered "pulp," IOW written quickly for profit, sold cheaply in mass numbers. Romance is a long running good example. Seen a lot of military scifi ebooks.
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Furiously packing. Oh, for the days when everything I'd need for a week would fit in one backpack.


Mid-forties. Old enough to know better, yet here I am.

Falling out of love with dice as I get older. Getting tired of putting effort into scenes only to have them fall apart because of a bad roll.

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If you want an inventor hero, I think this calls for more of a Doc Savage type. Someone with useful gizmos on his utility belt.

Giant robots are more "The Spider," and I don't do the right kinds of drugs to RP that.
Chesa gave a tight nod of approval at Pierre's display of Gallic elan.

More gently now, she turns towards Alcander. "And you, professor? I will take the front and Pierre will have your back, but we will need your eyes in the middle. There's no telling what language this journal will be in. We will need to find it and get out as swiftly as possible."

"Little chance of that, Opportunity," Chesa replied calmly. "Ten years ago, scouting the McMahon Line, your uncle made me swear that if something happened to him that I would keep an eye on you."

Opportunity waved the reminder away. "Nothing happened to him. You both made it back fine."

"An oath is an oath, Opportunity. Something happened to him, and so here we are."

Her dark eyes unreadable, Chesa produced a mass of silken line with a metal weight at the end. "Open the bay door. I'll cast the line and slide down first. After that, it will be hand-over-hand down the airbag to the gondola. You think you're up for that, soldier?" The last was thrown over her shoulder towards Pierre.
Junia looks Anna up and down, taking in the sunglasses, torn jeans and canvas shoes. "You still look a bit rough, Anna. You want me to make excuses for you? Trust me, I can prattle on until our dear leader is bored to tears and she's forgotten you were ever invited."

"I'm fine, very fine, great even," Anna insisted halfheartedly, carelessly abandoning her breakfast burrito onto the nearby counter.

She waved a hand wearily, but gratefully, shaking her head slowly, "I hate the morgue, but I hate angry Eleanor even more. Let's just get this over with..."

Stumbling to her feet Anna managed to catch herself against the other woman, "Say, you wouldn't happen to have any forbidden, possibly dangerous, books about liches hidden away in your library? I need to do some research."

Junia's eyes go blank as she goes into 'answering reference question' mode. "Liches? We've got a bit. Most of it's medieval and I wouldn't trust it. Monks came up with all sorts of ideas while drinking homemade wine at 3am ."

"We've do have a couple of books on recognizing and destroying phylacteries and horcruxes. They're tricky to work with, though. The Group found them during a cult raid, and they're bound with skin. I can't tell what kind of skin - something with micro-scales - and that's a preservation nightmare. I have to keep them chilled, so they're in the cold room with the film. "

" ... and, well, I know most people hate dealing with microfiche, but we've got some good shots of the Greek Magical Papyri. There's a whole section on spells to detect the different kinds of intelligent undead. Which seems kinda silly, since most of the greek undead were half-rotted and had to eat human livers or something. Seems like a tip-off. The original papyri were destroyed and the Church has them banned on the ultra-secret, slit-throat-after-reading list, but someone took some good photos."

"Tell me more about this Greek paper, it sounds promising" Anna said, pulling Junia lightly towards the door. "No doubt it will be less disgusting than whatever Eleanor wants me to take a look at."

Junia allowed herself to be pulled along. "Well, Greek Magical Papyri is a collective scholarly name for ... uh ... Hellenistic ... " Junia reevaluated her audience, "... a bunch of magic stuff written on old reeds. Anyway, there are a number of spells for locating angry spirits that are refusing to go down to Hades."

Junia noded towards a security guard as they passed through a hallway checkpoint. A left turn, a right, and they were headed down towards the morgue.

"Problem is, I think it's all goetic magic, you know? You're basically summoning a spirit and demanding that it point out any cranky dead people. I don't know if Eleanor would allow it, 'cause our track record for summoning stuff around here is kinda crap."

"It's my professional opinion that we can always ask Eleanor after we have summoned said spirit to lead us to cranky dead people with centuries of forbidden arcane knowledge," Anna quipped. The smile that teased at the edges of her mouth despite her tattered state, made it obvious that she relished the chance to perform future mischief.

Junia smiled uncomfortably. She was happy to see Anna starting to come to life, but not thrilled with the notion of pissing off the bosswoman. "I just don't want to see another repeat of last time, where we summoned a spirit that we couldn't get rid of. It got tiresome having blood drip down the walls every time we had a staff meeting."

She rolls her eyes, "Although, I guess we could just tell Clive that it's a ghost. I'm sure he's itching to use that proton pack again."

Junia's mouth snapped closed as they suddenly arrived at the door to the morgue. Two large metal doors led into the morgue, looking something like the doors to industrial refrigerators. There were security bars, locks and latches all around, but - Junia shuddered - most of them seemed positioned to keep something from getting out rather than from getting in.

Junia reached for the heavy handle ...
Just a head's up. I will be on vacation from Tuesday until Saturday. Can't be sure what kind of connection I will have, so communications will be sparse.

And, yes, I will be driving through New Hampshire. For maybe 15 minutes.
Just a heads up. I will be on vacation most of next week (Tues-Sat). Communication will be sparse.

@Penny Nice find! But yeah, it's amazing how brazen it all was.

But yes, it makes sense for Chesa to have been a native guide (or possible intelligence minder) for Percival during one of his tours through Tibet.

Re: Madam Blavatsky. I wish I could remember where I read it, but apparently, British intelligence was very interesting in HPB. She was a Russian national wandering around in places like Tibet and India. We can confirm at least a few of her travels because the Brits were watching her.
Alright. This is a rough draft of Chesa. I'll willing - nay, eager - to discuss connections and engagements with other characters, and I'm willing to tweak the backstory to make things work.

OK, so, I'm 800 words into my character and I don't even have ap application yet. I may have a problem.
It does seem like a missed opportunity to be doing the pulp-era instead of the earlier Penny dreadfuls. 😄
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