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Hi both, thank you for taking the time to respond!

I did a few experiments and while I figured I must've typed the wrong password once or twice -- it was a repeated problem, so I'm guessing that's not the issue.

I don't have any interfering browsers or blocks that I can think of, although I haven't had the problem in a few days so maybe I'll leave it as is? :)

If it pops up again, I'll check it on private & will see if it's something installed. Thank you again, much appreciated!

Every time I try to log on with my password I recieve an error saying 'invalid creds' and I have to create a new password.

Then once I try to use that, the whole cycle starts again. Does anyone know how I might solve this?

PM sent :)
I know we've roleplayed, like, a million times - but your 'theirs' RP idea is so interesting!
The person above had a male icon on their profile - but you're correct, they could be lying. It's just what I'm comfortable with, and I wasn't implying it was a logical rule (it also has nothing to do with writing ability). It's silly, but it's a rule all the same. I'd prefer that we didn't discuss it on my thread.
Sorry, I only RP with females at the moment!
(Had some interest, so it's closed for now :) )
Closed for now
I only roleplay with females - sorry
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