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Hello! I'm Yankee. I like to think I'm a friendly person with almost no limits when it comes to writing fiction.
I'm usually down for pretty much anything: action, adventure, romance, horror, taboo, comedy, smut, SOL, etc.
I like comic books, cartoons, and videogames. I'm also very into cosplay and art.

I work a lot, so my preferred posting pace is at most once per week or less.
I like to have fun while writing, so I prefer relaxed partners who don't take things too seriously.
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Hey there, welcome back!
Hey there, welcome!
Looks nice, gonna read the handbook now. Any tips regarding finding a face claim?

HP: 510/510 - MP: 500/500 - SP: 450/450
Ari's explanation of the game's death mechanic was surprisingly... lackluster. Huh. I would have thought you'd be teleported to the underworld or something. Meet the grim reaper. Weird. Oh well, Ames got her answer and so she supplied Ari of her own: "Some shops take the ore chunks but there are some exchange places over in the market area," she explained. She was happy to hear that both she and Mags wanted to hit up the marketplace, because Ames also wanted to do that. The rishi was burning a hole in her proverbial pocket. A hole in her item pouch. "I wanna shop too, gimmie a sec and I'll join you guys."

She went over to the Keystone, placing her hand on it and getting some more class queries out of the way. She wasn't too far from the rest of the group so she overheard Amulak's plan and furrowed her brows. What the hell... "I don't think you should be killing kids, even if they are NPCs. That's like, really bad karma!" Ames called over her shoulder. Business with the stone done, she walked back over in time to hear the end of Lew's spiel and see his departure yet again. She looked at Amulak. "I'm in for the tunnel thing too, but seriously recommend against the kid thing. If you do it, do it really far away from, okay? Okay, shoppin' time! Let's go!"
in collaboration with Erode
Once everyone hit the market, they mostly split up with a promise to meet again as soon as they were all done getting what they wanted. For Ames, the first stop was the clothing district. The starting clothes were kind of lame, she wanted something... well, better looking. She also had a very specific question in mind that she wanted an answer to: was transmogrification in CaCo? The search for fashion was one that was brutal and harsh. While certainly craftsmen created things that looked good, or even great, they were still physical objects, things that had to replace one's current equipment to visually replace them too. Some accessories, however, looked to be large enough to at least cover up the red-headed warrior's mismatched outfit. There were cloaks, loose fitting outer robes, and even fursuits (which looked suspiciously like some copyrighted characters...), but as far as equipment which cast an illusionary attire over its wearers, no one had any clue, and the Riens didn't even think it was possible.

It looked like, for the time being, Ames would have to settle for coordinating carefully or purchasing paint and customizing her equipment the old-fashioned way. It was disappointing, but she supposed it made sense. Realism and all. Ah, wait... if she bought something nice and it got torn up she'd feel bad. Then maybe one of those cloaks to cover most of it up? Yeah, let's go with that. After a few more minutes of perusing Ames picked up a rich red colored cloak an put it on, enjoying the swish of it. Okay, what's next...? The red head thought for a few moments, standing off to the side of the street. She wanted to unlock a bunch of classes, open a lot of options for her next class. So... probably something to help with that. In her most recent class search, "bard" came up. That class intrigued her, so she began wandering toward the specialty shops.

Compared to illusionary clothing that only exhibitionists would wish to wear, instruments were much easier to find, and Ames found himself at the storefront of a rather promising shop. Unlike many of the other stalls at the marketplace, this was a proper brick-and-mortar establishment, run by a young man with dark green hair and a wide, easy smile. Though merely a Rien, he had constructed many of the instruments that Immortals were familiar with, as well as an array of musical instruments that Ames was less familiar with. Crystal-powered electric guitars were a popular item, and more than a dozen other humans were milling about the shop when Ames entered.

The price tags on the more 'modern' instruments were quite hefty though. Traditional instruments, such as erhus and shakuhachis, thankfully only cost around 15,000 to 20,000. It was pricey still, of course, but the quality was priceless.

Ames entered, keeping an eye on the shopkeeper as she milled about the store. She couldn't help but think he was kind of cute. Still, she was hear as a customer, not a suitor! After a few moments perusing the wares alongside the others in the store, Ames approached the cute shop keep. While browsing, it was clear whenever Ames' gaze landed on something that piqued her interest, only for the sparkle in her eyes to dim a bit at the price tags. It wasn't so much the price itself, but the fact she'd be basically out of money afterward. But before that there was something important Ames had to find out.

"Hello," she said to young man, offering him a smile. "You have some really nice pieces. I was wondering if you let customers try out an instrument before purchase and if you do... Uh, do you have anything for beginners? I wouldn't want to... I mean. Just in case, haha..."

"You break it, you buy it," the young man replied in a lilting tone. "But yes, feel free to experiment! For those just wishing to start on their musical journey though... hm... you are a warrior, yes? Are you the type that moves around a lot, or the type that stays in one place?"

"Ah..." Yup, Ames expected that traditional shop keep philosophy, and it made his smile quiver a little.

"Yeah, I am a warrior. So far I've been moving around a lot."

"Hm, perhaps ankle bells then? Though not necessarily pure instruments, a performative art is wonderful to witness too." The shopkeeper pivoted, then pulled out a red leather strap, from which a multitude of small bells were attached. They rang as he shook them slightly. "Other than that, I can imagine that a smaller instrument, able to hang from your neck, would work. Perhaps a lyre, flute, or taiko drum?"

"Oh, neat! They're cute!" She handled the bells carefully, thumbing over the metal. She placed it on the front counter and looked back at the man. "A drum might be good too. I'm going to give some of the instruments a try before I decide, but what are we looking at here as far as price goes?"

"Simpler instruments like these would only cost 10,000 rishi per. Though if you're looking for something of finer craft to make your artistic debut with, that'll run you up around 50,000 or more."

"While that would be nice, it's not really in my budget," Ames chuckled. "Thanks, let me try some stuff out."

With the shopkeeper's blessing, Ames picked up one of the string instruments, the lyre the man had recommended. In real life, Ames could barely play the few childhood songs she remembered learning on her family's piano. She put all her energy into sports, so she couldn't handle an instrument at all. However, in CaCo... was it possible to use her "stylish" mode to play one? It helped her in combat, would it help her in other situations too? Gingerly she picked the lyre up and plucked some of the strings.

"..." She plucked a few more, attempted to actually play it and... found that she couldn't. Some of the patrons gave her a skeptical look, and Ames sheepishly returned the instrument to it's place. Well, that answers that question... bummer.

In the end, Ames paid for the ankle bells and put them into the item pouch alongside the halberd that magically fit inside. Speaking of, she opened her menus and sent a message directly to their giant friend Klein. If he wasn't interested in it, she could probably sell it and get some chump change. Maybe put it towards some healing potions that Amulak was berating them over party chat for not buying.

Word Count: 733 (+1 exp)
Level: 6 - Total EXP: 16/60
Location: Edge of the Blue

Although only a few of the group took up the fishing challenge, it didn't lessen the Cadet's enjoyment of it. After hauling up the mass of bass with his net - and being thoroughly pleased with himself about it - he switching the rod that Brineybeard was kind enough to lend them. He didn't get many chances to improve his angling skill back home, let alone here in the mishmash-ed world. Although soon enough the school of fish dispersed, especially after Junior's thunderous plan, but the hunter didn't have many more catches after switching over to the rod anyway. He kept his line in the water regardless until Shippy pulled into port. Then, the Cadet set his eyes upon the city.

"Wow, it's huge!" he exclaimed, swiveling his head about to take it all in. It was maybe twice the size of Port Tanzia, his only real frame of reference for big seafaring cities. Limsa was definitely taller at the very least. Much, much taller. The white brick of the city's construction made it hard to look at coupled with the shining sun and the reflection of light in the water around it.

Ace Cadet was excited to explore the place. He packed up his fishy haul, inspecting them a bit more closely to see if they could be of practical use... besides for eating, that is. Were their spines particularly sharp? Were their scales sensitive enough to violently burst apart? ...didn't seem like it. Just fish for eating then. He pulled two of the bass from the pile and presented them to Briney - who'd been appointed judge by Kamek, apparently - with a bright smile. "Here ya go. Thanks for giving us a ride."

It was weird that there were no other ships around at all. The captain said as much earlier, but it was still so strange, what with the place completely surrounded by water. He hadn't seen any airships around either, come to think of it. How do people get around? Ultimately he didn't take much time thinking about it. He was just eager to see the city, even if they wouldn't be able to leave it very easily.

Peach flagged down some strange looking girls, and Cadet was glad she did otherwise the whole group would be totally lost with where to start. They claimed to be ships but... well, they were the cutest ships he'd ever seen. "They kind of remind me of Poppi," Cadet thought aloud as he watched Shropshire zip away. Now, to commit what she'd said to memory... or at least the important stuff. Bulkwark Hall led to the Admiral's office, where they would find the woman in charge. Hawker's Alley and Seventh Sage for shopping... and a Hatchery would sounded like it could be pretty cool.

He waved Junior and Kamek off as they left, Cadet himself not very interested in where they housed the fleet of "ships." He had a bunch of fish that were gonna be stinking pretty soon after all, so his plan was to pawn them off for some spending money, maybe pick up some cool new items! He was about to do just that when Sakura piped up about responsibility. The Cadet folded his arms and nodded to himself. She was right, it might be better to meet with the Admiral as soon as possible, even if part of the group had already broken up. After all, they could explore to their hearts' content once they had to go find people to feed to The Maw...

...but then Geralt spoke his plan of heading to Hawker's Alley, and the Cadet's eager curiosity won out.

"I want to check out Hawker's Alley too!" Cadet said, raising a fist straight up into the air. "And the import place. I bet there are all kinds of stuff there that could help us, can't be too prepared right?" He smiled at the ladies. "Since Kamek and Junior already went on ahead, it's probably better to look around rather than wait an hour for them to get back, so we don't have to repeat anything we learn from the Admiral to them."

The Cadet was about to invite everyone to come along with him, crowding poor Geralt's shopping trip, but a sudden thought came to mind when he thought about meeting back up with everyone.

"Maybe we should find out where Bulkwark Hall is first though, heh."

Word Count: 416 (+1 exp)
Level: 2 - Total EXP: 1/20
Location: Sandswept Sky

Off they went, half of the group flying directly towards the towering camel while the others sat ready and waiting inside the car. The vehicle carried them straight underneath the beast, making harsh turns when needed. By now Primrose was getting used to the bumpy ride, and she clutched her seat tightly as they drove forward. When she could no longer see their flying companions from the car's window, Primrose looked at Fox, letting her eyes linger for a moment before she nodded. "Copy," she replied to him.

Primrose stood up, keeping a firm hold on the seat's back. Although at the moment she still suspected she would be of little help, she had to consider all of her options. Morgana... the car was a living being. Perhaps her Panther Dance could speed him up and help them all keep out of harm's way. On the other hand, a boost to attack power or defensive might also serve the group well——

A sudden jerk of the steering wheel very nearly knocked Primrose off of her feet. She quickly gathered herself again and bit her lip, clenched her fist. This was no condition to be dancing in.

If I had my magic... she thought to herself, glancing out of the windows at the camel's hooves and the weaknesses the keen Fox pointed out. Even the teens were doing their best to battle Naboris. Primrose tightened her fist. If I...

A familiar feeling spread from between her fingers. At first, Primrose though she'd broken through the skin of her palm with her nails, but as she slowly brought her hand up to look she realized what it really was. She loosened her fingers one by one, and dark swirling energy unfolded from around them. Whether it was the influence of the others or the danger of battle, her magic had returned to her. A small smile spread on the dancer's face and she moved to the back of the car.

"Not quite as useless as I thought," she murmured to herself. Magic gathered in one hand, and with the other knocked on Morgana's interior. "Open the back," she instructed of the feline thief. Once open the hot wind hit Primrose, but it was nothing she wasn't used to. She focused the dark magic in her hold until they were close enough to one of the machine's hooves. "Here, my Moonlight Waltz!" She thrust her arm out letting loose the bolt of magic, and shot forward toward her target.
Whew that's some text, but I'm here to support, Chuuya 💪

The man Till's explanation seemed honest for what it was worth. Even with Oscuro's stand pointing a gun to his head, he gave his breif backstory without hesitation. All right, so his story was most likely true - but that did little to lessen Taras' suspicion of him. Coupled with the fight they'd just had against him and his own stand, all it really confirmed was that the fucking Nazis had made him into mind slave somehow. Further, he still could be enslaved to their will. Though he was conscious now, functionally, he could very well be a sleeper agent. And that didn't sit well with Taras at all.

"He's fine now," Taras said, leveling his eyes at Yonaka. "That might not always be the case. His mind is now vulnerable. Who is to say when he is taken control of again?"

Taras blinked at Till, the Russian's face an unsympathetic wall. However, Lindemann still lived, so that was something. "We will keep a close eye on him." Ideally Taras would love to drop the man off at Stalingrad, pass him along to the covert research department and let them handle it. Sadly, they were still far from the motherland.

He was about to tell Yonaka that Lilliane was going after the escaped enemy when another obstacle presented itself, though this one was much less dire. A poor civilian or some such, if she wasn't she would probably already have shot.

< She does not speak French. I do not know about the other two. > Taras reiterated to the woman. His own French was fluid, but his Slavic accent made it clear he wasn't a native speaker - if his imposing size and Russian features didn't make that obvious already. < Put your weapon away. The threat is already gone. >
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