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Current The Truest and Most Ultimate Showdown has beguneth. Goofykins V.S. SpongeByrne!
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4 mos ago
Does anyone know where I can figure out how to unfabricate memories? Asking for a friend.
12 mos ago
Check out our new and improved thread. Just an interest check for now, but oh boy is there so much more to come!…
3 yrs ago
Oh Bleach RP oh Bleach RP where art thou oh quality Bleach RP. Why hast thou forsaken thee? Seriously though, WHY!?!
3 yrs ago
Man i'm bored. Arena, someone fight me or something, I don't know....


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ThE ClaSHing that Rent The Twelfth Aisle; The DiscORD Gone From the Side without EdGEs; UnFELT By The Kids, Gotten, Begoaten, Getted, Without G3T; fATHer of the LAST Primale; HE whO WaLKs wITHout LEGS--THAT MARCHETH to the ENDTIMES.

Cursed. Never use this spot. It belonged to [REDACTED]joy.

Suggestion: Go to the Character tab and read both "The color Yellow"'s CS and Goofykins' CS (The Ineffable Prisoneror.
Welcome one, welcome All.

As a bo ve so be lwo. Let it be known that ye all whom entereth here are endowed upon with the darkest of deepest curseth that yine can imagine...(eth). For those seldom few of you who are joining anew OR returning welcome--and welcome back--or something.

Disclaimer: Exposure to any of the above or below (known as the Kiddverse) may result in permanent loss of entire brain--but not cessation of life. You have been WEARNED.

Summary of Creation and Events: At the beginning of time there were the FOUR CHILDBEINGS, known as Transient, Neutral, Gracious and Infernal. From the joint auras of these beings arose the rest of existence, first of whom were the Pillars of Color--and their children--who from then on gave substance to existence itself (and were in turn given substance from it). Time went on and the other entities realized that the Infernal had treacherous thoughts among its consciousness...and so the Pillars and the other THREE CHILDBEINGS sealed IT and THEMSELVES within the Chamber of the Prodigal Son (the womb, egg and seed of existence) to allow their creation to persist. However, they had been fooled for even sleeping the INFERNAL CHILDBEING cast its terrible influence into the world where it began to snatch up and GET GOT the children of the many races.

Realizing what was going on the mortals fought back alongside the few divine entities which escaped the Great Deletion of '93. However, before they could gather and train their forces in earnest RED escaped the Chamber of the Prodigal son and wrecked havoc upon the world, sowing the corruption of the INFERNAL with its very existence. Soon after the Warriors of Kidd--that mortal force which fought back against the INFERNAL--disbanded and went into hiding. However, now, with the Chamber's Seal broken and the only forces holding back the final G3TTTENING in a deadlock with the INFERNAL, it leaves Universia, and the mortals within it, no choice but to band together once more and ROW ROW FIGHT THE POWAH, becoming again the Warriors of Kidd.

Remember, only youTM can GeT KiDD. Following the second--or third G3TTTENING, the world has attempted and succeeded marginally and MARGERY to rebuild. Infastructure has returned and while terrible monstrosities and the hivemind of the GOTTEN roam largely unchecked, things are better than they were prior. Cities are pastions and bastions of safety, while the wastelkaands and wildernooses serve as deadly no-man's land in which some men have land, but most men and women in fact would rather not.

Meanwhile, the Chamber of the Prodigal Son is no longer sealed and all that hol;ds the INFERNAL CHILDBEING from laying corruptiong--and waste--upon all of existence's many planesworlds is the strength of the other three Childbeings and some measure of the power from the Pillars of Color. So now it stands to Mortality and those ALL OF THE GODS--and some few child-entites who can still spare the time, presoonts and energy to assist--to stand against the forces of INFERNAL and GET ALL THE KIDS (Back).

BTW This is a sequel to Get Kid and its 1.5 version pseudo-sequel THE G3TTTENING, not to be confused with the GOTTENETH.

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