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Credit to mah boy @REKAIGAN for the badass mask he drew for me. You da real mvp.

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Are you telling me my mans immigrant father who came to japan several years before the incident and name his japanese born son with a westerners name ill fitting? How daaaaaare you.

Yeah I can rename him whenever if you feel its needed.

A day like any other day. Wake up, brush your teeth, take a hot shower, towel yourself down, get dressed, go to school, go to work, go home, sleep. Wake up and do it again. Every. Single. Day. Was this the life Ryoko had always wanted as a little girl? The future seemed so much brighter when papa was supporting her fully but now it was like they wanted her to suffer. Homework, stress, financial requirements, there were a dozen balls to juggle in the air and it was starting to make her arms ache almost as much as it made Ryokos back hurt! But what else could one person do.

Bills had to be paid and papa was right. It was her responsibility to understand life was not always going to be easy. There was nothing left to do but buckle down and get it done! Ryoko was tired but their determination to see the job done trumped any feeling of exhaustion lingering around as they stretched leisurely. The apartment was cramped but it was only twenty minutes from the University grounds and the coffee shop was just down the street, which made it ideal. Rent was also very cheap! Papa took care of the school fees and expected his daughter to pay her rent and manage enough finances to pitch in on school costs, for the most part it wasn't that difficult.

Just meant less meals some days.

In five years time it would all be a dream, a bad one sure, but a dream. An empty belly once in a while wasn't a bad price to pay considering how much tuition costed. Just had to work harder, get more hours, live a little more frugal. Sewing taught online was helping with the clothing issue when anything got a tear, Miss Fuji at the shop was also very supportive and pitched in where they could for the young med student. Maybe they were alone in the apartment but Ryoko knew deep down they had people watching their back! Disappointing them wasn't an option.

"Ok.." Staring at herself in the mirror, Ryoko saw the bags under her eyes and ignored the zombie staring back at her. "A new day. Friday. Work needs you in early! Uniforms on the counter, you have enough to get a small lunch today, wear the big jacket. Don't mess up. We can do this. You and me, me! We're a team. Mind and body as one." Pepping herself up was an important routine in the mornings. Without it they would be nothing but a ghost going through the motions. It broke the endless nothingness permeating the room.

Dressing in her usual attire, white longsleeve undershirt, blue vest, blue skirt, long socks and comfortable running shoes, her great big puffy coat, their hair was done as the alarm went off.

"Right! Time to seize the day. What could go-" Something was on the floor! Glancing down at her feet was a ring of some kind, a massive one! glowing with light it was like it was- IT WAS SWALLOWING HER! "-WRONG! WRONG WRONG WROOOOOOOONG!" Down the hole went Ryoko. To where was anyones guess.

I just added in a section to more clearly explain that it was the savior that people call em a liar about, as requested. Hopefully its all clear.
Ill update my cs here later. Promise.
Word. Downplay the liar about the fight and focus more on his savior. I can roll woth that. I'll edit his backstory accordingly.

I'll keep it clean.
I'll join but only if my buddy Stern Algorithm can be my Digimon.

Tsuda Ryoko

Age: 20 | Crest: Hope

Appearance: Think of any girl you've ever seen trying to make an honest dollar and slap that girl in a waitresses outfit. School isn't cheap and her father won't let her get a free ride unless they continue understanding the value of hardwork. It shows in everything Ryoko wears. Immaculate clothing, thick coat, bland colors. They believe in the power of plain appearances.

Bio: "Hard work, sacrifice, managememt of your time and assets. That is the only way you can achieve your goals. The power of prayer is nothing to you but fantasy and will not make a block of wood into a statue. You can only put your trust in your own hands." -Tsuda Alistair.

Words to live by. Spoken to her every day since Ryoko could walk. Her father always stressed that from the moment your eyes first open in the morning to the instant they close before you sleep, a person should be in motion. Always going forward to reach a goal. You relied on yourself and what you could do.

Naturally this meant Ryoko was a loner. They attended school, did their homework, then began studying for what they wanted to be. For Ryoko that was a doctor. A surgeon. You needed to be a cut above to be a medical professional and at first it seemed like Ryoko had the drive to achieve it.

On the cusp of medical school, working as a cafe hostess, getting no sleep and working themself to nothing, it seems easy to understand her disposition. It is only a matter of days at this point before Ryoko achieves her goal now. This is someone who understands their capabilities to the fullest and understands when you've won or lost sometimes before a fight has ever began. A realist with nihilistic tendencies just trying to find some meaning through it all.

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