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A drow ran through caverns as if his life had depended on it because at this moment it did. The lone drow was originally in a party of 4, his role was the spellcaster, a sorcerer to be specific. The plan was simple wait around the ruins and wait for a monster that looked worth it to appear. What the party has seen was a very large man in old but magical looking armor, it was steak on a mousetrap, opportunity too good to pass up. It carried a strange almost revolting looking staff, at first he wondered if the skull at the end of it was real now is he ran for his life, it was more worried that his skull was going to replace it. It wasn't fair, how the hell were they supposed to know that the merchant was on the move.

A 8 foot figure in black took one step after the other toward his target. From an outsider's perspective it almost has looked as if the figure was taking a stroll. There was no need to hurry after the drow, for what living thing could outrun death? The party's was inevitable at the moment they had decided to attack him, he made quick work of the other three, however this one was special. He stopped moving and stood absolutely motionless waiting, a struggle could be heard farther up as two low ranked undead under his control brought him his prize.

Knull bent downward to study his quarry, the drow had a look of fear that almost made it's naturally dark complexion pale. It began to plead to Knull even offering all it's equipment, but this request fell on deaf ears. This drow was a sorcerer, and a sorcerer's magic was tied to their blood, further study would be required. Knull grabbed the drow by it's neck, it's struggled and attempted to beat its way free but only did more harm to itself. Black arcane energy spread from Knull's hands to the drow and within seconds all like disappeared from the drows eyes, only a husk remained. He order his undead to bring it back to the ruins for more research. After that Knull continued to walk forward looking for whatever life he managed to come across one

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Awesome! I'll move over to the character tab then
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Name: Knull

Race: Skeleton Mage(Giant Varient)


(In case the image doesn't show, Knull is an 8-ft tall bleached white skeleton with very thick looking bones. Clothing wise he wears a set of leather battle mage gear under a black cloak. He wears a white mask to fool people about his identity.

Role: Adept: The character fights with rudimentary magic and is knowledgeable in scholarly pursuits.

Biography: In unknown time in an unknown area of the world, there existed a great lich. This lich like many others was overcome by a greedy hunger for knowledge. However the lich was soon overcome with a different desire. It desired a kingdom but not just any kingdom, a kingdom a liches. It desired to rule over its own kind. To make this desire a reality this lich made an army of skeletons with only two purposes, the first to gather the magical knowledge of the world around it, and the second to grow and conquer, and become a lich. After wandering aimlessly for what seemed like decades, a nameless skeleton had found a source of great magical power, it's creator was overjoyed at it's discovery it gave the skeleton a great gift, a name: Knull. Knull's master had order him to grow and conquer the dungeon. Over time the inhabitants of the dungeon began to call him a different name "The Merchant" due to Knull's order to collect knowledge, and sparing whoever was unfortunate enough to cross his path if they provided something of worth.
- The Merchants Grimoire: a grimoire given to Knull upon his creation. Originally it only contained basic magic principles but over time Knull has remained loyal to his orders and has collected a variety of magics from the local denizens of the dungeon but many of them are only basic due to the skill level of said inhabitants.
- Staff of Knull: A staff crafted from the bones of a wizard that had died in the dungeon, the skull at the end of the staff is always shattering so he often has to find replacements.
- The merchants bag: a magical bag that works very much like a bag of holding, all the loot that Knull collects is place in this bag
- Component Pouch: a small pouch filled with herbs and other components needed for Knull to spell cast
-Journal: Many have pleaded and promised Knull something of value in exchange for their lives but could not pay at the moment. Knull keeps a small journal on who owes him debts.
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Oh okay I'll go check that out
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Just one, is there a specific theme to the dungeon, like humanoids? Or can I play any monster found in a dungeon
Hey by any chance is there room to join?
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"Will show later...still have many things to show..." Vox stated before Brenden made his leave. He had indeed learned many things over the course of the past summer, like how to make tallow from the fat of animals, how to extract bone marrow food and for oil, even ways on how to cook the bone marrow inside the bone. He even learned of a bizarre strange food that looked like a brick that was made from meat dust, and how to make bone dust to feed the soil. With this knowledge not one part of the animal would go to waste thanks to Vox.
Siwa had given birth to a whole litter of young ones, that was incredibly rare for a goblin, then we need all the food that they can get to survive the winter. It was his duty to make sure that they do survive.
As Breden left, his direction turned to Twig "Time for the first lesson teacher?" as he sat down and faced his mentor excitement in his eyes.
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