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Current Don't bow down to a world of hate from your cradle to the grave.
17 Apr 2017 5:08
You can blame bad luck, but you were asking for it.
3 Apr 2017 22:28
Ain't no reason going on if not with you.
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25 Mar 2017 23:47
I'm sorry to anyone who knows me.
20 Mar 2017 19:18
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I am the owner and co-founder of a public Discord Queer-Straight Alliance server. You can find the server here.

Current RP's:

  • Drown Me | 1x1 | High casual PM
  • Give Me A Reason (I Wish You Would) | 1x1 | High casual PM
  • My Demon's Keeper | 1x1 | High Casual PM

People I'm currently RPing 1x1 with:

Join Date: February 2015
Location: North Carolina, U.S.A.
Birth Date: February (18)

Yo. You can call me Dave. Some people call me Ember. I'm just a guy from North Carolina, I'm majoring in robotics, I'm a cashier at Taco Hell Bell, and I enjoy writing and role-playing. In fact, I aspire to be a bestselling author one day, then again, who doesn't? The genres I typically like to write and/or role-play are: fantasy, sci-fi, slice of life, drama, romance, post-apocalyptic, and medieval. Or any combination of those. I'm a sucker for angst and MxM.

I consider myself a med-to-high casual role-player, but I can also do free and try a bit of advanced. I currently only regularly role-play with two people, and usually keep my role-plays in PM because of the reason below this paragraph. Hit me up on Discord.

Something else about my RPing: when things do head south in the angst, my writing can and will get pretty graphic and detailed unless you tell me you're not comfortable with it. I'm fine with fade-to-black scenes in every situation, not just sex.

Happy RPing!

Contact Information

  • Tumblr:
  • E-mail:
  • Twitter: @gfdi_dave
  • Discord: turntechGodhead#9017

Hey Shout-outs!

Big UP!s to:

She's been there for me through thick and thin, and I couldn't ask for a better girlfraaand. :

She's so positive and nice and knowledgeable!

He's my lil bro and I'll do anything to protect him and make him happy.

She is like a huge parental figure. We call her aunt Rica. <3

DEFINITELY my RPG Mom. I love her to death and I'm so grateful for her.

She's a very sweet and pure person. I am so proud of her.

Very responsible and very beautiful inside and out.


Besides having an angelic voice, he's got a great sense of humor and a cute face to boot.

He's so kind and caring and protective and sweet. He deserves so much more love and recognition than what he gets. He deserves the world.

Cool guy. A+ science geek. Best person to talk to about futuristic technology.

A very sweet, very loving lil' lady who's really awesome to talk to. :

A dude I didn't like for some reason at first but come to find out he's really awesome and keeps it real! Kinda my lil bro, kinda my son.




Did you want a shout-out? Did I not list you? Don't feel bad!
or do, I really don't care
Just send me a PM or hmu on the Discord!!!

Most Recent Posts

@DemonMiyu Sure hmu!
@Neurovoid this is harassment im calling the mods
Hi, I'm Dave.

Formal introductions out of the way, let me jump right in and tell you what I'm looking for.

Any pairings are fine with me. MxM? Sure. FxF? Why not? MxF? Let's gooooo!

Most settings are fine with me. I'm willing to come up with one or do one that you have in mind.

Collaboration is key with me. I can pull most of the weight, but communication is going to be important so I know what you're okay with, what your character is okay with, and so that I make sure we're on the same page.

Realism is important with me. To a degree. I'm not saying we can't have transgender asexual elves with three legs, four arms, and two sets of wings as characters, I'm just saying that they have to react in a reasonable way that correlates with their personality traits.
I want balance. Everything cannot be positively peaches and cream all the time, just like everything cannot be negatively thorns and needles all the time.
Comedic relief. Most beings' natural reactions to tragedy is to make a joke out of it so it doesn't seem so bad. Case endpoint.

Plot, plot, plot. Is the role-play slowing down? Let's not get bored and just drop it. Let's either find a way to continue on the plot, or create an ending.

I will include small details. If it seems like I'm throwing something in there for no reason, there's a reason. If I'm repeating something from a previous post, it's either significant, or you didn't acknowledge it in the way I wanted you to.

Currently, I role-play with two other members of the Guild. One is my girlfriend, and one is my mom-friend. I have two active role-plays with my girlfriend and one active role-play with my mom-friend.

I may not be able to get a post in every day. I work full-time and also help my ill mother around the house, as well as occasionally babysitting for my aunt and/or sister. I will definitely try to get one post in every day, at least, but if I can't, I will make sure to talk to you regardless so that you know I'm not just dropping it.

Thanks for reading!
"God. Okay, whatever," he groaned, pulling the collar of his shirt over his face as a kind of nervous habit. It fell, and he blew out a breath. It did nothing to help his nerves. The absolute emotional torture he was going through at the moment. "I'll just- just f-find something to burn my mom, then."
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