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17 Mar 2015 23:59

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RPGC #1: Inspired by a song
Choose any song you want and write a story or poem based on or inspired by that song.
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The contest is now closed to submissions.
We need your help to determine the winner.

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Latest Status Updates

RoflsMazoy 2 Apr 2015 9:36
I'll be playing Warframe, all night long! If you wanna add me just search for RoflsMazoy! :D

Komamisa 2 Apr 2015 6:25
Hell, glad that's all over and done with.

WeepingLiberty 2 Apr 2015 4:52
Don't you just love music that has the ability to reduce you to a sobbing mess? Yeah, I'm looking at you Wolf Children!
1 like
Hood 2 Apr 2015 4:37
UD&D Page 4 is up for your enjoyment.

Mr Allen J 2 Apr 2015 4:08
The wood that scares me, saved my life. Lesson learned after twice.

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Latest Checks

Seeking a partner.
by Smarties 2 Apr 2015 6:43
Casual 1x1 Modern Romance Slice of Life

Wolf RP
by Family Values 2 Apr 2015 5:22
Casual 1x1

Anyone up for a case of the Feels?
by WeepingLiberty 2 Apr 2015 4:51
Casual 1x1 Sci-Fi Romance Anime/Manga

Stupidly OP Vampire Lords - a free rp
by Wraithblade6 2 Apr 2015 4:16
Free Large Group Modern Military Fantasy

Stupidly OP Vampire Lords
by Wraithblade6 2 Apr 2015 4:14
Free Casual Large Group Modern Military Fantasy

Latest Roleplays

Miso City Secondary: Escapades and Dramas?
by TheWindel 2 Apr 2015 0:39
Casual Large Group School Slice of Life Anime/Manga

Deep Ground
by TheWindel 1 Apr 2015 22:12
Casual 1x1 Sci-Fi

by my Lalia 1 Apr 2015 22:09
Casual Small Group Fantasy Steampunk

[High Casual]The Ruins of Hogwarts
by iSuspect 1 Apr 2015 20:41
Casual Large Group School Fantasy Romance

The Queendom of the Amethyst Femur (Ontos and Chey)
by Ontos 1 Apr 2015 17:39
Casual 1x1 Historical Fantasy
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