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RPGC #1: Inspired by a song
Choose any song you want and write a story or poem based on or inspired by that song.
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The contest is now closed to submissions.
We need your help to determine the winner.

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OoTrillionoO 3 Jul 2015 21:25
I typically listen to metal, classical or rock, but here I have found myself listening to a song called "drop pop candy" on repeat for about an hour. I've changed and I don't know if I like it.

AoStar 3 Jul 2015 20:27
I'm back dududu

leverage 3 Jul 2015 20:23
I'm free for approx 2 months. Let's make the most out of it.

lavulman 3 Jul 2015 19:17
Remember that one time when a snake with a moustache just randomly appeared in the hub area in Dark Souls?

Rae Zer 3 Jul 2015 19:16
Just spent the last four hours bringing sheetrock into my house and helping my father place it on the ceiling and walls of one of our rooms. Everything hurts.

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My Lovely Search (Female looking for a male)
by LovelyBlackLights 3 Jul 2015 21:38
1x1 Slice of Life Romance Fantasy School Casual

RP actions/occurences
by Shade 3 Jul 2015 19:57
Advanced Casual Free

I'm back! (Ignore post count!)
by Erklings25 3 Jul 2015 18:37
Fandom Romance 1x1 Free

Verthaven Advertisement Thread (Superhuman/Realism/Character Driven)
by Mr Allen J 3 Jul 2015 16:57
Slice of Life Sci-Fi Modern Large Group Advanced

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Two Kings
by TJByrum 3 Jul 2015 20:35
Military Nation Historical Large Group Casual

Roll to make the game Roleplayer Guild edition
by hiddenleafguy 3 Jul 2015 19:51
Tabletop Large Group Free

Shimebukuro Senior High
by Aline 3 Jul 2015 17:07
Anime/Manga Slice of Life School Small Group Casual

永花城学園 - Nakkashiro Gakuen/ Castle of the Eternal Flowers Academy
by Spriggs27 3 Jul 2015 15:19
Anime/Manga Slice of Life School Large Group Casual

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