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19 Dec 2015 19:17
Current End term is truly such a pain ><! My time got cut off a lot, at least it's almost near the end! After a few more days, I should be back to normal!


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"Frankly I don't really give a damn about the village and it's fate." Scilla stated to the vampire with annoyed voice. This creature was getting on her nerves, she preferred these thigns when they were more mindless and quiet with their thought processes. There was also the other thing that it just stated... the village had sent the girl as a living sacrifice to this Fleder. If there was something she hated a lot in this world was this type of people." Look at the girl, she certainly doesn't seem like a WILLING sacrifice to me." She stated, noting the increased presences that were converging at this location. She sensed troubles brewing. So many people of their vocations gathered at one place by chance was an unnatural thing. Something else was indeed going on here.

"Bah..." She snarled as yet another person joined the fary. Looked like hte next obvious muscle bound witcher, especially judging by how he spoke. She pulled hte reigns of her horse slightly, making it go some steps backwards to move away from the upcoming fight. She vaguely considered bombarding the fleder with kinetic blasts from above, but decided against it at the very moment.

"Child, tell me, did you want to be sacrificed?" She asked, the girl. The only person's opinion everyone here seemed to be ignoring so far." This... thing here stated something, but I want to hear you opinion on the subject."
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Clarice Rosefort

Location: Mess Hall

Clarice smiled as she was given green light to take seat and quickly obliged, sitting on the seat opposite to Cassandra. It was a nice thing to see her future teammate was rather friendly and the British accent gave her a very adorable feel. It's not that she had not met people from Britain in her time, she had, but this woman was from now on going to be around her a lot. The feeling of her voice was nice, it seemed she lucked out with people assignments. For now they were going to be 3 people team, since there was a shortage of personnel and people were needed to secure the city, before they can redirect more manpower towards offworld missions.

“Nice to meet you, Cassandra. My name's Clarice Rosefort.” She introduced herself, reaching an arm for a handshack across the table. The Mess Hall was still filled with people and discussions could be heard about technology theories, discoveries and all manner of other random subjects. All the scientists sure were having a fieldday since they arrived, Clarice's immediate attention was more focused on the wraiths though...

“Well yeah, I already received all the briefing for today's mission. I was going to explain everything later at the official briefing, but might as well tell you now.” Clarice smiled and took a few mouthfuls of meal before swallowing it and smiling.” We are being dispatched to P3X – 514. It's a small planet with orbital stargate so we are taking a jumper. Our task will be a wraith cruiser that has just landed on the planet. Intel suggests it's severely damaged, so we shouldn't have much difficulty getting to it and do our job. Primary target is any data we can steal, secondary is to find what damaged the ship.”
I personally will be posting a little while later today.
@mnkee Don't worry that's on the menu too. If both of htem survive the upcomign souless assault that I'm sure will happen before long, she's taking him afterwards to drown the sorrows. If he doesn't want to do so in pubs, they can do it at her place. Her father's alcohol collection will do the trick xD
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