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19 Dec 2015 19:17
Current End term is truly such a pain ><! My time got cut off a lot, at least it's almost near the end! After a few more days, I should be back to normal!


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@PrivateVenturesGood decision there xD
@PrivateVentures Even if it fell it's never completely crumbled. There are pieces that hold another pices, openings in the ruin that could have become saving place for those burried and now imagine ellis stepping on top of those opening and everything crashes down.... xD
@PrivateVentures I meant the supports holding the rubble xD
@PrivateVentures wont he cause loose supports that are barely hanging to give in xD weight and all xD?
@Leos Klien Well Salissa actually might spend most of her time at hte crumbled building helping to unbury the missing people. But I suppose she can go for a drink also.
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