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18 Mar 2017 21:40
Current ... the top of my head feels... chilly.
3 Mar 2017 21:14
Make America Adorable Again 2017
20 Feb 2017 22:38
61 degrees, time to bust out the shorts, for it is finally summer.
13 Feb 2017 21:06
Is officially spring. I can see the grass on my nieghbor's front lawn.
13 Feb 2017 6:09
That feeling you get when you go to the kitchen at midnight only to get a chunk of shattered glass in your toe because you thought it was warm enough this winter to resume going barefoot.


-There will be delays in replies. Largely due to working overtime, voluntary obligations; other RPs and online-things may compete for my attention.

'Bout me:
Started RPing (badly) back in '05, mostly doing nation-RPs with an emphasis on technology and strategy, later edging out to character-espionage and military-tactics before doing "less serious" character roleplays that were outside of the 2005-2008 continuity.

That's when I went to Dead-Frontier, and found the RP community there, joined a clan, did some pretty good roleplays and pretty much loosened-up my online-personality. When the clan-leader decided to move her RPs here, most of the clan followed.

Took a course in technical-writing back in '08, so now I may sometimes use the semicolon correctly.

In 2010 I dusted off the old nation-RP continuity I had, doing a few hetelia-esque RP-shenanigans there..

RP-Habbits: I tend to geek-out on little technical-details, and sometimes infer how those details would impact the background of the roleplay. Great for world-building, not so great when you had a perfectly good plotline and I just MacGyver it off the rails (though I usually er to the side of amusement, sometimes it creates very grim side-stories).

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We just post.

Very slowly.

Especially me.
Oh, right.

Typical load of 57mm rockets (flechettes), drop-tanks, and various AAMs (A pair of R-60M, and a quad of R-27s [2x ER*. 2x ET])

*The two R-27ERs are able to be directed by the MiG-31 to target, under Xi's launch-authority.
In Another World's War 23 Apr 2017 20:47 Forum: Casual Roleplay
<Snipped quote by Foster>

Any aircraft can be rough field rated if the pilot is brave enough. (Aka, I'm not entirely sure)
Though they were purpose built to operate from reinforced roads and highways if the situation called for it.

Well, I know the Viggen was rated to touchdown snuggly-soft for a landing, lest its wheels put craters into the highway.
-That, and remain within a 500 meter rollout.

Late model Drakkens had a takeoff-roll of nearly a kilometer.

But there's one thing the old bird could do that the Russians couldn't... for awhile...
-The swedes called it the "erect superstall"
-Personally, I liked the F-4 Phantom tailslide manuver

Goes to the salles brouchure
Being Swedish, is Draken rough field rated?

>Sees draken pull up behind his MiG on taxiway.
<Forgot about the CFTs.

>Makes a note to pick on Mr Tibbs for not reminding Clem to factor those CFTs in endurance-estimates.
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