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25 Mar 2017 2:40
Current I am back early! Woooo!
24 Mar 2017 7:38
I will be busy the 24th and 25th. Will try to reply when I can. Take care!
24 Mar 2017 7:37
TFW you put the wrong dates..
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21 Mar 2017 4:01
I return! For the night. Woo!
20 Mar 2017 23:55
Heading out, will be back in a few hours! Until then!


...I'm crazy. Got a doctor's note and everything.

Been role playing for over fifteen years, no stranger to forum rp'ing, as that is the way I learned to roleplay.

I don't bite, so don't be afraid to say hi.

I mostly prefer 1x1's, and am on PST. (Hello from the West Coast of the USA.)

If you are interested in rps, really, don't be afraid to say hi!!

Or if you just wanna talk, I'm usually very open.

For those of you still here, have some Pusheen!

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Pm'd ya!
In Titans Dark 11 Mar 2017 6:12 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Cassie was glad that whatever force was on their side helped make sure their story was verified, but she had a feeling the Hellblazer might have his hand in it, that or her own Mentor, or any one else in the magical community. However, no matter what power was on their side, they were now involved in this case, whether they liked it or not. What was worse was that they were now pretending to be Federal Agents and she had no idea how their protocols worked at all. Most of her life had been devoted to magic studies.

As thy were questioned, she answered honestly, that they had just stumbled upon the body. However, while they were talking, she was drawing runes in the sand, trying to see if she could get any read on the scene. Anything that could help the four of them figure out something, maybe even about the reason why they had been sent there. When spotted, she kicked her feet to hide what she had been doing, as she figured it would be odd for the police to be drawing rune in the sand.
I know I need to work on a post... *shames self*
Just PM'd ya!
In Titans Dark 8 Mar 2017 6:17 Forum: Casual Roleplay
@SirSqueakalot91 We alive here?
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