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WEEK 07: A writers inspiration for character ideas can come from many places. Many times, we find our characters influenced by our experiences and preferences. Whether that be favourite published works or perhaps a situation you wish had turned out different. In character, even our characters have inspirations, Batman was inspired by Zorro (who no doubt influenced Bob Kane during his creation). What inspired you to make your character? Whether it be their personality, backstory or powers, this week's discussion is all about your influences.

I'm a big reader of DC and a big gamer and a lot of my inspirations come from the various stories found in both of those medias. For Elwood in particular, those who know me know I have a long history of bestial/monstrous characters, and those who know me better know a lot of my characters come from the basic concept of duality, something I love to explore in all its ways.

The Wendigo specifically is my own fascination - my girlfriend and I are big lovers of Cryptids and supernatural creatures, and the Wendigo is my favourite example of either. It took a while to figure out Elwood, but after I'd chosen Rami Malek for my faceclaim, the Wendigo idea fell into place.

A lot of the time, I think of a story before I think of the character that fits it. I conceptualize an arc, refine it, and then think about the kind of character needed to play the necessary parts in that arc. It's a double-edged sword - I actually found writing a character for this RP really difficult, because my existing arcs and attached characters at the time didn't really fit into the format. However, when Elwood did finally click for me, he became one of my strongest sheets, along with a few past concepts I still hold onto in my heart.
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I nearly-always follow through.
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B E L L E D ' V O I R E

Belle bristled at Kit's slimy, sarcastic dismissal. The windows panes of the room tapped as a few wasps banged and bumped against the glass. She had never felt anger or indignation like this before...she felt as if Kit had intruded on a great destiny, steered her off course. Kit had appeared from nowhere and shaken her nest, and Belle felt a deep, innate desire to punish him for his transgressions. And yet...he wasn't their enemy, at least not directly. He seemed willing to teach them, even if it was apparent he favoured the stick to the carrot. Conflict dwelled within her - conflict at Kit's purpose, conflict at new, violent emotions that grew from her core, conflict at what her direction was to be now, what the class's direction was to be. Jonas had laid out his plan for her and her peers, but Kit would never be so...plain. Subterfuge against his own erstwhile-wards seemed counterintuitive, and yet she expected no less.

All the same, she headed to the cafeteria as instructed, stepping her insects down and calming herself with quiet mantra and still thoughts as the group made their way across campus. A brisk September day seemed to instill new vigour in them, and she relished the time away from Renard. He felt like an invasion upon her mind, weighing on her psyche, as if sticky finger filtered through. There was no hiding from Kit Renard - or, at least, that was how he wanted you to feel. Belle instead focused on herself; she watched ants busy-about, observed the last few bumblebees and butterflies supping the last of the season's nectar. The presence of the insects comforted her; in them, she had a domain in which she was Queen, absolute and irrevocable. The whirlwind her life had become - magic, superhuman abilities, vast enemies and impenetrable allies - was whisked away by simply commanding a ladybird to fly to her finger, or a spider to rest upon her ankle, or a beetle to watch the world from her shoulder.

Ahead of them, the sliding doors of the cafeteria quietly slid open as the last few students left; 'Social Conscience' was the last period of the day, and those enrolled were either in other classes or had finished their day. As the group entered, they found the kitchen closed, and the hall empty. A sizeable space that they had to themselves; Belle wondered what Kit had hoped to use such an area for. She looked around at her classmates, the odd, but steadfast bunch they had become. Did any of them know what was to become of them?
In Crestwood Hollow 22 Apr 2017 1:06 Forum: Casual Roleplay
I think you just need to join less RP's.

I don't think it's done? Day off tomorrow so planning to get a post in.
@RomanHow are you guys getting on?

Pretty good, thanks. You?
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