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It's not about who tagged who...

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B e l l e D ' V o i r e

This was a lot of information, and Belle felt like she'd been lead astray by Jonas, coaxed into hidden trials and secret challenges, tests of character and skill that she was at an innate disadvantage for. She felt somehow used, manipulated - why bother with several weeks of fake curriculum? - but she remembered the dance, and how utterly outmatched they had been - Jonas himself only just fighting off their attacker. If this man desired power, and could drain it from their very bodies...there was very little they could do to defend themselves alone. But together, trained and co-ordinated and tactical, they may stand a chance.

“Exactly. What’s in all of this for you? Surely you have some better reason than simply being a part of some humanitarian organization? Because frankly, I have a hard time believing that you’re just some do-gooder, so what do you get out of all of this?”

"Protection. It's protection, isn't it? You can't force him to leave the city by yourself, especially when he's backed up by those beasts - so you gather us, train us, make us stronger, more in control of our abilities, and then we help defend you as a byproduct of defending ourselves." Belle focused on Jonas, a quizzical and accusing eyebrow arching up at him. "But that can't just be it, that's too simple. There wouldn't be such a...charade, otherwise. It's got to be bigger than that - this... 'Draoi' has a practical army. We're caught up in something bigger than all of us, aren't we? Wrong time, wrong place? What exactly do you plan onpreparing us for, Mr Lehrer?"
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B e l l e D ' V o i r e with FantasyChic as Winter Carlyle

The two girls had been drawing closer to what they had presumed to be their opponent's base camp for several minutes, carefully skirting the edges of the fire that marked Aiden's new lease of life. Belle's insects amassed behind her, trunks and branches teeming with centipedes and ants and beetles while a low hum of beating wings seemed to emanate from her very person. She froze as Sebastian's voice exploded from the darkness, a frustrated yell that startled her - but not as much as the response it prompted, as a clump of flies and wasps flew past her and towards the noise at a furious pace, with bugs on the ground drawing closer to her feet in some kind of protective stance. She shook off the faint feeling of dread and instead looked back at Winter, giving her a determined nod as she tried to encourage the duo forwards.

There was a light breeze and the grass and brush parted for some invisible force that came at them, flashing past before circling and hitting them on a second pass and throwing them to the side. Belle hit the ground hard and pain skipped through her arm as she landed awkwardly on her shoulder, anger overtaking her face as another, larger clump of insect flew off in the direction that the blur had gone. Sebastian. Belle thought, her inner monologue hissing the boy's name back to her. They must be getting closer. She hoped Evander was alright back with the flag.
"Winter? Are you okay?" She asked as she picked herself up, bugs dropping from her clothes as she left the ground.

Winter stood up and dusted herself off. The breeze and knockback could only have been Sebastian, and it just confirmed what they already knew. Aiden wasn't playing a game anymore. She looked over to Belle and nodded, "I'm fine. Are we still going to find the flag?" She asked purely because this was all insane. The forest was burning down around them, it was clear that the others weren't prepared, and Mr. Lehrer was not stepping in. Did he want them to use their powers in this situation?

And what could she do? As far as she knew, she could view memories and that's it! She didn't have time to play around with her powers. She kind of hoped that, if what her suspicions told her, that Mr. Lehrer would have helped her recognize her gifts and help determine what else she could do? Instead they took a trip to the forest and were now putting their lives on the line, not to mention the lives of the animals and plant life in the forest. For what purpose? Aiden needed to be stopped.

"Whatever you did to me, you need to do to everyone else, because whoever that man was, he was on some dark business, and we are severely outmatched." Belle replied, taking a breath to re-establish herself and plan the best way to proceed. "But otherwise...I think 'capture the flag' is an easy way to get us in a competitive spirit, and obviously there are some people in our class who are willing to give themselves an edge."

Belle felt a gust of heat burst from the treeline, and behind it, the orange flickerings of Aiden's recklessly-induced bushfire roared. Whatever laid beyond that wall was lost; the fire was impassable, and the smoke beginning to drift through grew thicker and thicker with each passing second. Whether it had been Aiden's intention or not, he had brought the game to a close.
"We need to leave. Back to the camp!" Belle yelled, her voice nearly getting drowned out by the approaching blaze.

The intensity of the fire grew too quickly and, finally, it seemed like the game was over. Belle had the right idea, they needed to get back to Evander. Aiden was likely making his way over there, and if the breeze as any indication, so was Sebastian and, maybe, Brynn. She followed Belle's lead and made her way back to the camp.

As she ran, she thought about what she could do, and she had an idea. If she could get close to Aiden, perhaps she could use her abilities to help him. Was he bent on revenge? Was he angry? Or was this just something he was doing for fun. He wasn't a bad guy - and Winter wanted to remind him of such.
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