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Current I love when an RP suddenly comes back and the plot is allowed to take some unexpected twists.
7 Dec 2016 16:56
I've never wanted to RP as much as I do now when I should be prepping for exams.
31 Aug 2016 2:05
Insanity in individuals is something rare - but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.
15 Aug 2016 22:50
Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary!
4 Aug 2016 0:21
The problem is not the problem; the problem is your attitude about the problem.


▼ A B O U T M E:

Welcome to my profile!

I go by the username Lord Wraith, but most of my friends simply call me Wraith. I've been roleplaying since 2007, originally getting my start on Sprites Inc Forum. While I keep memberships to several different roleplaying forums, this is by far my most frequently used one and I have been an active member of Roleplayer Guild since 2010 before the event known as 'Guidfall'. I categorize myself as an aggressive roleplayer, meaning that when I post I proactively work to advance the scene opposed to waiting on a GM to direct my character or plot.

In terms of writing, I bounce between casual and advanced. My posts are rarely shorter than two paragraphs, but I don't consistently post at what some might consider an advanced length. I'd like to think my spelling, grammar and sentence structure however is consistently at an advanced level although I am liable to make mistakes here and there like most people. I enjoy a decent pace in an RP posting on a weekly or biweekly rate however with the right RP and/or players I don't mind posting at a more rapid rate.

In terms of genres I enjoy fantasy and science fiction but I have a particular fancy for superhuman based RPs. There's numerous sub-genres I enjoy however ranging from slice of life to romance to thrilling heroics. My characters do tend to fall into certain moulds, often being of above average intelligence and possessing leadership qualities. As an engineering student, I enjoy playing tech savvy characters ranging from engineers to gadgeteers. Although I also enjoy playing medical focused characters at times. I don't mind playing support characters in a group setting but I can also play bruisers if needed or if the whim strikes.

I'm not a fan of huge character sheets but I do understand the need for the a lengthier one. I enjoy fleshing out a history section along with skills and abilities. I don't believe in personality sections on character sheets however as I've always personally found that I need to write with a character to flesh out their personality no matter whether I had to prepare it ahead of time or not.

While I prefer original settings, there are numerous fandoms which I enjoy creating characters within or even acting out the part of a canon character. These fandoms often fit within my favourite genres, and as such there's a pretty long list of them. It's easiest perhaps to start with science fiction. Among my favourite science fictions are Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate and Firefly. Firefly perhaps of these four takes a special place in my heart as it does in the heart of most Browncoats. While I've only seen a handful of Firefly RPs, I'm generally a sucker for them. Star Wars on the other hand is probably the most common science fiction fandom that I've seen on the forum but I admittedly rarely join them. I enjoy Old Republic settings primarily especially those inspired by the Knight of the Old Republic and its spin offs. In these RPs I prefer to play either Jedi characters or pilots either smugglers or military. Star Trek Rps like Firefly are also rare but when they do happen I prefer to play medical or engineering staff members although I am prone to apply as a helmsman or Captain from time to time. Lastly there's Stargate although admittedly I've never actually seen or created a Stargate RP so thus far it's really only an ideal in my head.

When it comes to fantasy RPs, I find original settings far more appealing than those of fandoms but there are several fandoms I enjoy. The first of these would be Tolkien's Middle Earth, the setting of the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit. Although I have yet to play one of these, the scale of these epics is highly appealing. That leads me to the world of the Elder Scrolls which has a similar appeal. In this setting I prefer to play a Bosmer or Khajiit character. Usually I play these characters as an archer, thief or swashbuckler, the latter of which being my favourite archetype for a fantasy character. Assassin's Creed is another fantasy fandom I'm rather fond of along with the world of Dishonored. An idealized RP of mine has always been one based on the world of Brian Jacques' Redwall but I have yet to attempt one or even come across a well done one.

Lastly and my preferred fandom genre is superhuman. Notably I generally only participate in Marvel and DC based games with a hard bias towards DC Universe games. The Batfamily are my favourite group of characters with Nightwing being my favourite canon character to play as. Although I do like playing the roles of either Batman or Superman if I have the chance. At times I have played the Flash, which while short lived has been a lot of fun. When it comes to Marvel my favourite characters are Spider-Man, Daredevil and Nightcrawler, although thanks to the release of the MCU movie, the Guardians of the Galaxy have a special place in my heart. I have in the past participated in games which mix the comic universes and while fun, they tended to be too reliant on independent plots for my liking.

Within these games I also enjoy those which allow for original characters, particular X-Men or Teen Titans/Young Justice based RPs since both feel more lore friendly to original characters than other teams and organizations present within the Marvel and DC Universes.

As much as I enjoy participating in roleplays, I also greatly take pride and joy in managing and running a roleplay as a GM. I categorize myself as a 'World Building', meaning that if you're coming into a roleplay I've created, particularly an original universe, then you'd best be prepared for a lot of lore and setting details. I almost have a sort of addiction to fleshing out cities and history as though they're their own characters. In addition to this, I try to provide my players with as many aids as possible including a character skeleton and a handy list of frequently asked questions. If possible I also provide graphics and other visual or auditory aids in order to round out or emphasize the information provided in the thread.

I often take the role of the sadistic GM, giving players choices which aren't always the best looking. Though there's always one player who manages to take 'the third option', it's guaranteed it will be taken in good sport. Notably, it's highly likely that if your characters are stuck in violent or dangerous situation, I will light something on fire and/or blow something up. That said, I always have a story I want to tell with my players and I aim to guide them through it while leaving enough room for every character to tell their own stories as well. When GMing, I will always have at least one main character of my own, but you can count on me playing several notable NPCs as well sometimes with those NPCs becoming more prominent than my own character as the story calls for them to be more fleshed out. The other character I generally choose to play as is the setting, often infusing a sense of sentience into the city or ship that the story happens to take place in.

You can bet my RPs are going to come with a long list of daunting rules but these are really just a process of weeding out players who can't commit to the ideas I have in mind. Honestly although my rule lists are long, most of them are basic RP etiquette and common sense. Along with these rules, I provide a character skeleton with predesigned code based on whatever formatting I fancy at the time. You'll come to learn that I appreciate a well designed OP and character sheet. This sheet can be somewhat long in length but it's only to ensure I'm acquiring the players I want.

Like you, as a GM I just want to have fun and play a game I'm invested in.

▼ C O H O R T S:

Over the years that I've been roleplaying, I've collected quite the group of friends and associates who either frequently participate in my roleplays or who I can always count on to bounce ideas between and catch up with on Skype. While users come and go this particular group of people have remained consistent in my life and have been there through both good times and bad times. Some names on this list I've RP'd with for years while others I've only met within the last couple of weeks, the impression they make on me remains the same and I'm happy to count them among my friends.

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In Crestwood Hollow 15 Feb 2017 17:53 Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Lord Wraith Is he a Draoi that has turned good?


Edit: It's worth noting that what Jonas is, has been name dropped in the IC but never elaborated upon.
In Crestwood Hollow 15 Feb 2017 17:49 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Evander placed his hand on the back of his neck and clicked his tongue. Well wasn't this annoying? "Then let me ask, who exactly are you? Are you a part of a group that..." He paused, thinking of the right word to say. "...protect Hyperhumans from these Draoi?"

So close, yet so far.

"Mother had a saying, something about how sometimes a favourable outcome requires a few ill-advised actions."

J O S E P H E D W A R D T H O R E A U 0 2 / 0 8 / 1 9 9 5 ( 2 2 ) M A L E H Y P E R H U M A N
▼ A P P E A R A N C E:

"Yeah I know, I don't look like a Thoreau."
◼ HEIGHT | 5'-10"
◼ WEIGHT | 164 lbs
◼ BUILD | Athletic
◼ HAIR COLOR | Deep blue outer iris with an inner ice blue iris
◼ EYE COLOR | Dark brown with hints of ruddy auburn
◼ ETHNICITY | Caucasian
◼ SEXUALITY | Heterosexual

Joseph has a slender frame that is covered in compacted muscle built up from years of exercising and toning his body. His torso and legs are built like someone who regularly competes in marathons and free running competitions while his arms and shoulders are built more like that of a boxer mixed with a martial artist. Joseph prides himself on being more balanced in his physique and as such has kept his flexibility and somewhat slender frame despite his well chiseled biceps and abdominal. Joseph is especially known for his keen piercing blue eyes. Deep blue with flecks of icy blue strewn throughout, Joseph's eyes are known for being able to look right through someone as though he is staring into their soul. Joseph has deep brown hair with strands of gold and auburn acting as natural highlights, these are most visible in bright light where as in dim and barely lit places, Joseph's hair can seem to be almost black. He keeps his hair anywhere from a short to medium length, often grooming it into various ways.

Joseph's general attire ranges from long sleeve mock tees to hoodies usually. Always paired with straight leg or boot-cut, dark-wash jeans. In collaboration with these, Joseph prefers to wear semi loose fitting tops in an effort to hide his more chiseled physique so as not to draw too much attention to himself. To that end he often will wear a t-shirt paired with a hoodie and jacket, or a long-sleeved shirt adorned with a hood and a jacket. Depending on the weather though Joseph may wear just a t-shirt, or a rolled up long sleeved mock tee. His outfit is almost always complimented with a leather jacket.​

▼ B I O G R A P H Y:

"Words don't define us, actions do."
During the height of the Mavericks' career Joseph's grandfather, Forrest Emerson Thoreau was a officer with the Larissa Lilith Police Department, often providing support to the Mavericks themselves. Proud to call himself an ally to the Mavericks, Forrest often told a young Joseph tales of the daring heroics the vigilantes had once brought to Larissa and its surrounding areas. However, Joseph's father, Silas Edward Thoreau didn't see eye to eye with his own father and while Forrest had been aiding the Mavericks, Silas had been away at Harvard earning his law degree and developing a deep rooted seed of hatred against those who took the law into their own hands. Upon Silas' return to Larissa, the ambitious young lawyer set his eyes on the gross abuse of the law he considered the Mavericks to be. Appealing to the local district attorney, it was Silas who instigated the city's zero tolerance policy towards vigilantes and ultimately caused the Mavericks to vanish from history. Due in part to his contribution to the city's new anti-vigilante stance, Silas became a valued asset with numerous law firms trying to recruit the young hotshot. Having his pick of the crop, Silas settled in with Campbell and Reid quickly rising to partner over three short years. Eyed by the District Attorney's office, Silas was scouted to take over the position of state prosecutor. Settling into his new career with ease, Silas eventually met and impregnated a young woman by the name of Samantha Russells. Desperate to keep the bastard child out of public headlines, Silas married Samantha in a private civil ceremony. Nine months later, Joseph Edward Thoreau was born to his loving mother and career driven father.

Growing up distant from his father, Joseph spent most of his time with his mother and grandfather. His mother provided the love and care every growing boy needed while Forrest filled the void left by Silas and taught Joseph many numerous life skills. Drawing upon his years of experience as a former police officer, Forrest taught Joseph to listen to the beat of the city, to hear its voice and learn its rhythms. Due to the teachings of his grandfather, Joseph grew to a strong set of street-smarts, taught to remain constantly aware of his surroundings and how to read those within them.

But Joseph found he had trouble connecting to the city, especially on its crowded streets. Constantly overwhelmed, he found the only time he could clearly hear the rhythm of the city was from high above the street. Looking down on the world, Joseph learned how to pick apart the details and eventually found his groove. The city became his playground and Joseph would sneak out of the house to play among the roof tops. It was from this height that the corruption growing in Larissa first became clear to Joseph, he could see the city was sick and that the illness was only spreading. It was here that the idea to follow in his grandfather's footsteps was laid in Joseph's head, within him a fire had lit and the flames of passion ignited a need to help the people of Larissa, a need he wouldn't act on until quite a few years later.

Originally traversing them by climbing fire escape after fire escape before eventually growing bold enough to jump from roof to roof. From there Joseph's skills only continued to expand as Joseph learned to move more efficiently from place to place, learning the city from a whole new angle. At least he would have until his mother, Samantha caught Joseph sneaking in through a window one dark Larissa night. Never before had the boy seen his mother so scared as she checked him over for any sign of injury, acting as though he had been out re-enacting the stories of the Mavericks. Making him swear to never use the roof tops again, Joseph was literally grounded from that point on. But he learned to adapt, find new ways to hear the city as he moved through the crowded streets and eventually behind the wheel as his grandfather taught him how to drive and he succeeded in gaining his driver's license.

Despite never being the brightest in his class, Joseph never struggled through school. Maintaining above average grades and achieving honors upon graduation, Joseph had a wide selection of post-secondary institutions to choose from along with several sizable scholarships. However money had never been a concern for the Thoreau's thanks to Joseph's distant father. Deciding to take inspiration from his grandfather, Joseph turned his back on the numerous high brow institutions that had sent him accepted letters before deciding to pursue his education at the local community college. Enrolling for EMT certification, Joseph completed course after course until finding a career with the Larissa General Hospital as a paramedic. Never had Joseph felt so much pride as the day his grandfather shook his hand to congratulate the young man upon his first assignment. Silas however was disgusted with Joseph's career choices, his attitude towards Joseph causing friction between both Joseph and himself as well as Samantha and he. Combined with his constant distant behavior, Silas' negative attitude towards Joseph was the straw that broke the camel's back and Samantha and Silas divorced.

Having moved out during his time at college, the split did little to upset Joseph's living arrangements. His mother however relocated from the Olympus district to a country home in the more rural district of Mount Nysa. Making time to visit his mother over the weeks that followed, Joseph was rather confused by how little the divorce seemed to bother her. Silas on the other hand was working hard to keep the divorce out of his public image least it reflect poorly upon him.

▼ M O T I V A T I O N / O B J E C T I V E:

"The city is hurting, it's time someone helped her."
What is driving your character? What makes them tick? Why do they act the way they do.

▼ A B I L I T I E S / S K I L L S:

"Time to level the playing field."
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▼ N O T E S:

"It's the people waiting for me at home that keep me going each and every day."
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In Crestwood Hollow 14 Feb 2017 19:40 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Just call me, Mr. Exposition.
In Crestwood Hollow 14 Feb 2017 19:38 Forum: Casual Roleplay
J O N A S L E H R E R:

6:21 PM, Friday Evening | Orlaith Valley Trail and Park

"It would likely be best if I started at the beginning." Jonas began, "For some reason Crestwood Hollow has recently come to the attention of a powerful individual whom I can only identify as a Draoi." Pausing, Jonas rubbed his shaved head realizing that the students before him had no idea exactly what a 'draoi' was.

"Actually, I need to explain further." He stated. "Each of you are what is called a Hyperhuman, a human born with a mutation that upon puberty grants you abilities beyond those of your peers. What you need to realize is that before 1967, there was no such thing as a Hyperhuman." Jonas looked around at the six students before him. "Long before Hypes, magic was brought into the world. In approximately 200 BCE, a druid, or rather a draoi discovered a way to leave this world. Finding a great oak that had been uprooted doing a storm, the draoi wandering beneath, finding himself in what we have come to call the Tree of Life and Death."

Pausing for a few seconds, Jonas resumed talking. "The draoi eventually escaped, taking within him a seed and from that seed grew a new variety of tree. A white oak." Jonas searched for a reaction among the group. "The very same variety that the 'Hanging Tree' that sits in the middle of Crestwood Hollow is. These white oaks are a tether to the Tree of Life and Death, as such they provide a significant boost in magical energy in their immediate area."

Taking a deep breath, Jonas let out a small sigh before continuing. "Allow me to cut to the chase, in October 1967, in the middle of a coronal mass ejection, a cult of draoi cast a spell seeking to boost their own energy. What they did instead was create you." Jonas said as he looked each member of the class directly in the eyes. "Hyperhumans are not a natural mutation, you were created by magic."

Standing up straight, Jonas took a few steps forward before continuing.

"As a result, each of you contain raw magical energy inside of you, energy that a draoi can harvest and use to enhance their own abilities. Energy that can be manipulated and corrupted turning each of you into unrecognizable monsters. As Winter can attest, a being I recognized as a draoi attacked the dance two weeks ago. He was searching for Elroy Bain, although I have yet to discover why, but what I do know is that he was able to turn Aiden's powers against him, unleashing flames far more powerful than even Aiden himself has yet to produce. Several suspected Hyperhumans around Crestwood Hollow have gone missing and in response I formed this group not only to protect each one of you, but to train you to protect one another and those you care about. Make no mistake, you're all targets and as long as this draoi is out there, none of you are safe." Allowing a minute for everything he had just said to sink in, Jonas waited before answering the rest of Winter's questions.

"As for this weekend, I needed to see how each of you would react under stress. I couldn't have you breaking down, and that fact that most of you didn't try to kill one another is a pleasant surprise. Despite being put into teams, ultimately you came together as a group to confront me and that's exactly what I need you to do the next time the draoi comes for one of you." Without faltering, Jonas continued to speak.

"None of you were ever truly in harm, the flames could only singe your skin, the dinner you all ate contained an ancient elixir used to protect warriors in combat. It would have taken a lot more than a forest fire to hurt any of you. Additionally," He paused, holding up the ancient gauntlet. "I was hiding in plain sight, directing the flames. While I did test some of you," He stated sending a knowing look towards Sebastian, "I directed the fire away from those who weren't able to escape it on their own." Turning, Jonas locked his eyes directly on Winter, before continuing further. "And I'm afraid to inform you Miss Carlyle, the only one who allowed yourself to go 'insane' is you. There are going to be many times in this life where you see something that no one else can ever understand and you're just going to have to grin and bear it."
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